How you should drive your car for your car’s clutch health?

The change of the car clutch is among the most expensive breakdowns of a car. Do you want to avoid an important financial outlay? In today’s post we stop to share with you tips to take care of the car clutch through proper use in driving. You will avoid having to go to the workshop […]

The change of the car clutch is among the most expensive breakdowns of a car. Do you want to avoid an important financial outlay? In today’s post we stop to share with you tips to take care of the car clutch through proper use in driving. You will avoid having to go to the workshop and enjoy your vehicle for much longer. Take pencil and paper because we started.

If we made a list of the most important elements for the operation of a car, the car clutch would undoubtedly be in the top positions of this particular ranking. Thanks to the clutch, the connection between the engine and the transmission case is produced in a manual vehicle.

Given its relevance, it is important to take care of the car clutch and treat it as it deserves because we will prevent surprises in the form of breakdowns and costly repairs.

We must remember that the way of driving a car influences the deterioration or not of different parts, depending on whether we practice a smoother driving or with some roughness.

For example, proper use of the clutch favors fuel savings, while preventing deterioration and extending the life of an essential component in every vehicle.

Because, do you know when to change the car clutch? This part has a specific lifespan and, in vehicles with many years on the road, it will be necessary to replace the clutch sooner or later. In addition, the price of the clutch change is around 1,000 dollars.

If you want to avoid such an economic effort, learn to take care of the clutch of your car with the utmost care by following these tricks and tips offered by Claxon mechanics.

Keeping the car in good condition will help you travel with greater safety in addition to allowing you to drive the car for much longer and someday sell it. Remember to contact the experts, JB Euro Auto Service to provide you with top maintenance services and keep your car running at full potential.

How to Treat Your Car Clutch Well with Correct Use

Two are the main symptoms that the car clutch is worn:

  • The clutch slips: If you drive with long gears at a few revolutions and accelerate strongly, you will check that the engine revolutions rise but the speed does not.
  • The clutch pedal is very hard: This is the sign of the great wear of the clutch disc. Go to your trusted workshop to check the condition of your car’s clutch.

After this preamble, we take action. Discover how you should take care of the clutch so that it lasts much longer following these recommendations.

1 – Do not drive with your foot on the clutch pedal

It is a custom that accompanies many people in driving. Why is it not recommended? If we rest our foot on that pedal, the clutch collar gradually deteriorates.


Avoid this vice by placing your left foot on the footrest while you are driving with your car and it is not necessary to use the clutch. Not only is it an ally in the face of breakdowns, but it improves driving efficiency.

2 – Do not brake reducing gears

Many drivers wonder if it is bad to stop the car by reducing gears. Specialists recommend avoiding this practice and always use the brakes to slow down.

Another important aspect to take care of the car clutch is to avoid the changes of very sharp gears. For example, if we go from fifth to fifth directly, the radial depreciation of the disk will be impaired.

This type of behavior converted into habitual driving practices can lead to the change of the car’s gearbox. Therefore, analyse how you use the clutch.

3 – Are you going to change gears? Step on the clutch pedal all the way

Surely it is not the first time that you have heard a dry noise from the gearbox when you change gears without pressing the clutch pedal all the way down. This sound is the signal of not having left room for the clutch disc for the entry of the new gear.

What is the consequence of doing the gear changes wrong? The gearbox will deteriorate little by little until in the end, with the misuse, your replacement is necessary and a strong financial outlay in the repair.

4 – At the traffic lights the clutch pedal is not pressed

When you stop at a traffic light, do you have a habit of keeping the clutch pedal pressed while the traffic light changes color? We are sorry to tell you that it is a bad practice.

We advise that in those cases you always put a neutral during the wait that does not harm the clutch system of the vehicle.

5 – Do not drive with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear lever

In the day to day we do not realise but it is very common that, while driving, both hands do not remain on the wheel, but one of them we support on the gearshift.

This extra pressure harms the life of the vehicle, which is why this vice should be avoided while driving.

6 – Pay attention to the maintenance of the gearbox

In a car with a manual gearbox, you should check the level of valvulin, the lubricant that keeps the gears of the gearbox greased.

Although each vehicle has a recommended time for replacement, professionals recommend that every 80,000 kilometres change the lubricant.

Now that you know how to treat the clutch well, we encourage you to take care of it to the fullest given its importance for the proper functioning of a vehicle. You will enjoy your car more without taking surprises in the form of uncomfortable faults triggered by price.

Keep in mind that here at JB Prestige Euro Automotive Service we take pride in providing the best services for European cars in our area.