How to take care of your garden if you are on vacation

The watering of plants is important throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor. But it is in summer when water is of vital importance for the growth of plants. Also, it is necessary to know how to take care of the garden in summer and to have some factors in mind so that the irrigation […]
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The watering of plants is important throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor. But it is in summer when water is of vital importance for the growth of plants. Also, it is necessary to know how to take care of the garden in summer and to have some factors in mind so that the irrigation is not harmful instead of beneficial.

Today we give you a series of tips so that your garden does not spoil during your vacations. The holidays are coming and there are many doubts that arise about how to maintain the care of the home during our absence. Gardens and terrace are the most committed spaces and those that we should best take care of.

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  1. Where to start

The eternal question: do we have all the necessary material for our garden and terrace to look after our vacations? Go to your local hardware store and an expert will tell you what are the tools you need for watering, pruning, and meticulous care of all the elements that make up your terrace or garden.

  1. What irrigation programmer should I use to water during my vacation?

There are many doubts about the type of programmer that is best to use and the frequency with which you have to water the plants according to the amount of water they need. In your specialized shop you will find programmers with up to 15 pre-set programs that are selected according to the irrigation needs of your plants and that you can activate and deactivate if you need to be at home.

  1. How can we prevent the care of vegetation before we go on a trip?

Before going on a trip and / or vacation, add nutrients to the soil to give the necessary minerals to your plants and trees and make them look nicer and healthier when you return! Choose between different types of fertiliser that are used according to the type of tree or plant and let yourself be advised by your trusted ironmonger

  1. Do you have to prune the plants during the holidays?

There are some plants that you have to prune in summer to avoid the presence of insects that usually arrive with heat. The pruning of plants has to be carried out with total cleanliness and making clean cuts with sharp saws or scissors. Acquire your necessary tools among a wide variety of references for all types of plants or trees in your nearest hardware store.

  1. How can I make sure there are no insects?

It is common that insects appear in summer that can cause great damage to our vegetation. To avoid this, you can choose between a great variety of insecticides in different formats that will allow you to eradicate any type of pests while you are on vacation.

  1. A terrace or garden is the best place to leave the plants during my holidays?

There are products designed so that the heat does not affect the vegetation. However, if you do not have any of these products and the location of the terrace or garden can affect the temperature of the vegetation choose to move the plants to the wettest place in the house. One of these spaces -as long as it has natural light- can be the bathroom. It is one of the wettest and freshest places in the house and can help keep the pots in better condition.

  1. How can I protect the furniture of my terrace or garden?

Rain is a common element in summer. To prevent water from spoiling the furniture of your garden or terrace during your vacation we must protect it. Consult the catalogue of your reference establishment and acquire covers and other types of protectors to find your rest space as you left it before going on vacation. It is also important to apply an aerosol to help the colour of your furniture remain the same colour as when you bought it.

  1. What specific care does wood furniture require?

Experts advise us that when we buy wooden furniture for our terrace or garden it is important that they have a silicone base to protect the wood. In your hardware store you will find lots of references of wooden furniture for the outdoors that incorporates silicone. In this way you can clean with a polish furniture so that the wood remains intact and perfect for use and enjoy your favourite space.

  1. Is it advisable to store it during our absence?

If your holidays do not allow you to take care, at least weekly, of your furniture it is preferable that you cover it or store it. In your local store you will find a large reference of booths of different sizes that fit the space you have. They are also made with quality materials that will allow the total care of the objects and tools that you deposit inside.

  1. And after the holidays, what is recommendable to do?

Check the functioning of all the mechanisms used for the care of your garden and terrace during your absence and make a revision eliminating the weeds and dry leaves that may have arisen. Choose between the different scarifiers and get your plants face the rest of the year in excellent health.

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