How to keep your house in good condition?

Structure, water, gas and electricity. These are the four fundamental elements of a home. On that basis, we offer you this practical guide to prevent problems in the best place in the world: the one where you live in house. The maintenance of our house has a key word: prevention. All home care must have […]

Structure, water, gas and electricity. These are the four fundamental elements of a home. On that basis, we offer you this practical guide to prevent problems in the best place in the world: the one where you live in house.

The maintenance of our house has a key word: prevention. All home care must have that purpose. A house is a living machine. As such, it wears out. Nobody doubts, for example, in complying with the service of the car. However, it is not so common when it comes to our house.

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Here we offer a practical guide so you can keep your house in good condition.


Having the plans of your house at hand is the first preventive measure to maintain it. They show everything that is not seen. And they are a guide against any mishap.

The ceiling

Once a year, check your status. A broken tile or a worn membrane are sources of moisture. If that is detected, it is also advisable to see how the insulating material is. We also attended to the presence of mould and climbing plants: they can hide leaks.

Exterior walls

Look for cracks or fissures at least once a year. If they are less than 1.5 mm, they can be solved with sealant or endued. If they are older than that, we turned to an expert. As for the painting, it is advisable to wash the face every two or three years.

Interior ceilings and walls

Clean the walls twice a year with a damp cloth and check for cracks or fissures. If there are, the same rule applies as in the previous point. According to the orientation and climatic factors, it is advisable that you paint every three years. But in bathrooms and kitchens it is better to do it every one or two years, due to the exposure of these environments to fungi, moisture and fat.

Doors and windows

Oil them twice a year. And once a year protect them with paint or varnish for outdoors. Otherwise, doors and windows should open and close easily. If not, they will require an arrangement. In addition, in spring it is important to check the condition of the mosquito nets and before the autumn, that of the weather stripping.


It is also advisable to verify at least once a year that there are no uneven floors, balconies and terraces. If you detect them, it will be good to determine the cause with an architect.



Periodically check the anchors, inserts and screws. And when the time comes to paint the house, do not forget this space.


With the previous point you will save many headaches related to leaks and humidity. However, water can be a problem if it is not attacked in time.

Water tank

We advise you to hire a water tank cleaning service annually. It is fundamental for the health of everyone who lives in your house.


Every six months check the drain elbow of the kitchen sinks, the bathrooms and the laundry. There accumulate fat and debris that clog-and sometimes even break-the circuit.

Bobbins and grids

Periodically check that the taps do not leak or lose water in the joints. These are elements that suffer a lot of wear. And to avoid clogging and bad odours, regularly clean grids of sinks, floors, showers and bathtubs.


Discarded leaks and humidity from the roof can still be recorded. One is the case of the one produced by condensation and lack of ventilation in bathrooms and kitchen. The control here must be daily: air is the key. To monitor the situation of the pipes, it will be enough to check daily that the pressure and the functioning of the appliances do not suffer alterations. Also, pay attention to any moisture stain that is not due to condensation: it may come from a break.

Swimming pool

If you have one, it is advisable to change the filter sand every three or four years. If the pool is only used in summer, before its entry into service, corroborates that the clock that indicates the pressure is correct.


We must be attentive to the normal operation of gas-operated devices. All must have a safety valve, approval plate and installation of a registered gas supplier. In addition, ventilation is key and prevent flexible driving is rubber.

Artefacts and appliances

The stoves must be of balanced draft, that is, with exit to the outside. And they do not have to cause dizziness, sleep, or headaches. If this happens, the external gas outlet does not work well. Before the first cold of autumn, perform a maintenance service of the heaters. Water heaters and hot water tanks, on the other hand, must receive their corresponding service according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In all cases, these tasks are only performed by registered gas companies.

Test. Every five years a licensed gas supplier must perform a specific test of the entire gas installation in your home. It will verify the state of the pipes and connections, and the quality of the pressure.

Gas keys. They must turn perfectly. If this does not happen, do not use lubricants, which are flammable. Consult your registered gas supplier. To avoid breakage, do not use them as a clothes rack or swabs.


Like gas, energy is a service that, without preventive maintenance, can be very dangerous. All electrical installations must have a javelin, a thermal box with circuit breaker and a ground cable in each outlet.

Circuit breaker. Every 45 days manually activate the circuit breaker. This element saves our life in the face of a leak or electric shock. Activating it manually is a way of corroborating that its operation is correct. If activated alone, whatever the reason, call the electrician. A power outage of the house has a cause, but it must be determined by who knows.

Outlets. The electrical outlets should not produce internal sparks. And the light keys have to activate the lighting without problems. If this does not happen, you will have to call the electrician and, perhaps, change outlets and appliances. It also avoids the overload in a single socket of several electrical elements.

Air conditioner. It must be connected independently and by an installer authorized by the brand. Each refrigeration appliance has its own specifications, which must be respected.

Adapters and artefacts. If triples or adapters are used, they must be branded and have visible certification. The same applies to appliances, outlets, cards and extension devices. If you have plugs with two cylindrical legs, they must be replaced, according to the current regulatory framework, by three or two flat legs. Your electrician will be the best advisor on the subject.

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