How to Increase the Sale Value of a House

  Small renovations at home to raise their resale value. If you are thinking of selling a house, you can make small changes that will give you another image and increase its value. When you buy or build a property, you do it based on its resale value. Even if you do not consider selling […]


Small renovations at home to raise their resale value. If you are thinking of selling a house, you can make small changes that will give you another image and increase its value.

When you buy or build a property, you do it based on its resale value. Even if you do not consider selling it or disregarding it in any way, you should consider this value before possible occasions and, also, to ensure you form a valuable and lasting property. And it is not an impossible venture: there are simple and small renovations to increase the resale value of your property that, at the same time, will give a special touch to your future home.

Whether you are building with a view to selling, or want to make a special home in every detail, we invite you to pay attention to these simple tips that you can put in place to make your property much more attractive and comfortable.

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Details to increase the value of a house

If you have windows without blinds, consider placing decorative wooden blinds to improve the view of the front and exterior of the home. Paint the frames in a light color, and add narrow, fixed blinds, that is, always remain open. You can get them in used or second-hand stores, taking advantage of blinds with four narrow sheets for every two windows, since they are not closed and you do not need to cover the entire surface of the window.

Remove the damaged insect screens, to repair them, or simply to leave the door without them. Paint the entrance door with adequate varnish, and replace the door handle with a decorative bronze-like one. A good front door is a fundamental detail for the best sale and appreciation of the property.

Avoid accumulating elements, either pots at the entrance or any type of elements. If you plan to sell your property, better clear leaving open areas. This will invite interested parties to plan their own intentions with these spaces, and will increase the resale value.

Finally, go around the house inside and outside and think that, if you were their buyer, how would you prefer to see her. Keep the mind cold and objective, and you will be able to make the necessary changes with great ease.

A home by itself increases its value over the years. However, there are factors independent of the real value of the property that intervene in the goodwill. Let’s take a look:

Location: according to the comparative market appraisals, the greater the commercial development present in the area, the better the value of the home.

Accessibility: the ideal is that there are more than two communication channels hat allow you to reach the property.

Services and infrastructure: it is considered the quality and maintenance of the services of the area such as paving, drainage, sewerage, lighting and public transport; the efficiency of water supply, electricity; the risk of the zone before diverse environmental conditions and natural disasters, as affectations by rains or telluric movements.

Development: future constructions such as shopping centres or roads, favour the value of the properties in the area.

Maintenance: although the current condition of the property largely determines its value, maintenance and improvements made before offering it to the public allow raising the final sale price.

In addition, we must bear in mind that a remodelling significantly decreases the age of the property and increases the useful life, thus favouring the value that is dictated in the commercial appraisal.

Although most factors depend on the area where the property is located, as a seller, you must concentrate on making the necessary physical adjustments that allow you to increase the value of your property.

Details to make a garden more attractive

When planning the design of a property, the orientation and translation of the sun in the sky must always be taken into account. This allows you to locate windows, openings and points of natural lighting. Take advantage of this concept to plan the garden, ensuring that you have an illuminated pool, plants in the shelter, and shady sites in the second half of the afternoon. From this notion, you can design the rooms of the garden, making it suitable for multiple uses.

Keeping the lawn well slanted or pruned is essential to improve the appearance of the outside of the home. It prefers lower maintenance lawns, adapting the irrigation system or the species to the climatic conditions of the region. Once formed the garden, complete with flowerbeds, planters and plant areas with flowers, preferably perennials.

In the garden, decorative details such as wind elements, a fountain or a lamp or lamp, will add much value and functionality, without major expenses. Place them towards the centre and the rear area so as not to obstruct the passage. Keep in mind electrical outlets and wiring from the time of construction, to avoid the need to patch in the future.

Keep the paths and sidewalks of the garden and the front outside always clean and in conditions. A bad day can mean the bad appreciation of the whole property, even in your eyes. Paint once a year with protectors against climatic incidents, and keep the roads clear of elements.


Before starting the remodelling process, quote with different suppliers the cost of materials and labour, make a comparison between the potential value of the property with the remodelling and the cost of remodelling. In this way, you will also know if it is viable to make all the changes or choose only the indispensable ones.

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