How to do a thorough gym cleaning?

Gyms are spaces in which a large number of people exercise daily. Gym cleaning must be thorough. This process is essential for the development of the activity of a gym, it is not only a matter of hygiene or health, a lack of cleanliness in a gym can have an economic impact on the accounting […]
Gym Cleaning

Gyms are spaces in which a large number of people exercise daily. Gym cleaning must be thorough. This process is essential for the development of the activity of a gym, it is not only a matter of hygiene or health, a lack of cleanliness in a gym can have an economic impact on the accounting of the company.

In this article we explain the importance of cleaning thorough gyms, physiotherapy centers or other sports centers. The frequency with which you must carry it out depending on the type of gym and finally we will talk about the parts or areas that constitute a gym and the cleaning actions that must be performed in each of them.

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Importance of thorough gym cleaning

Its importance lies in the need to maintain a hygienic and healthy environment for all those who transit this type of installation. Due to the type of activity that is carried out in gyms, the risk of transmission of viruses or skin diseases is greater than in other facilities. Therefore, the importance and thorough cleaning of gyms is essential.

In addition to knowing how to perform thorough cleaning of gyms, it is necessary to be clear about the importance of carrying it out periodically.

A gym is a space that must remain clean to avoid the bad image of it and the health problems that can be caused by the lack of it. But how often should sports facilities be cleaned? And what does it depend on?

Influx: The periodicity of cleaning of this type of facilities may vary depending on the influx. The number of people who work or use the gym will be decisive to know how often it should be carried out.

Use of the facilities: Another factor that determines the periodicity of this process is the use of these facilities: machines, rooms, toilets, showers, etc.

To know how often cleaning sports facilities should be carried out you should know their influx and use, but generally, this type of cleaning is usually done daily and more than once a day.

During the day it is important to perform a superficial cleaning (machines, etc.), but when closing the doors in the gym, it is essential to carry out a deep cleaning since the cleaning of toilets and showers is also necessary to preserve hygiene.

Sports facilities, regardless of their size, usually have certain areas in common. The gyms have machine rooms and collective classes, changing rooms and shower areas, swimming pool, etc.

How to clean the changing rooms and showers of a gym?

Make the cleaning of changing rooms: The changing rooms of a gym are one of the busiest areas. You could say that it is an area through which all gym users pass, a mandatory stop after sports. In this environment it is essential to preserve cleanliness as people who just made a physical effort and sweat are mixed. Therefore, in the locker room it is not worth with a general cleaning, it is necessary the total disinfection to prevent the appearance of fungi and other contrarieties.

Inside the locker rooms you must also take into account the ticket offices. These accumulate dust and dirt from used, wet garments, etc.

For the disinfection of changing rooms, the use of specific and safe products for the health of people is required.

Do the shower cleaning: After the physical activity or the performance of some sport the users of a gym go through the showers. Eliminating sweat and body dirt is essential to continue with your day to day. This helps to make it one of the areas where cleaning and the most important and careful should be.

It is one of the areas that should be cleaned more carefully. Shower cleaning should include cleaning of faucets, screens, shower trays and other items. Disinfection is required.

Both changing rooms and showers are ideal for the development of fungi and bacteria, since this is an environment that comes into direct contact with water, humidity and high temperatures.

Thorough gym cleaning: Collective rooms and machine room

Cleaning of sports halls in gyms: The machine rooms or classrooms in which the collective classes taught by the monitors take place are spaces in which a large number of people perform physical exercise at the same time and therefore the dirt spreads. To properly clean these rooms, dust and surface dirt must be removed through the sweep. To remove sweat and stains from other athletes it will be necessary to scrub the entire surface.

Cleaning of machines: The cleaning of the machines in this room must be carried out in addition to preserving hygiene and being exposed to microorganisms, to preserve the machines. The machines of a gym have a certain useful life that can be extended through proper cleaning and maintenance.

When to clean gyms in big cities?

The fairly economical price of these, together with the fact that more and more gyms are being opened, makes approximately 25% of the population of a large city a user of gyms, some even take advantage and go more than once a day depending on the schedule of job.

The cleanliness of the facilities will depend on the person in charge of carrying it out. Generally, all sports facilities are usually cleaned at closing, since otherwise odors and humidity accumulate in the environment.

Not only do you have to clean the gym daily, but it is likely that in the same day you will have to do it more than once.


As if that were not enough, they are usually completed with locations in places of high traffic, such as shopping or leisure centers, but that is not why the companies themselves are responsible for cleaning and maintenance.

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