combine shoes with convertible dresses to look incredible!

Fashion is becoming more and more free: for a long time, we are no longer surprised to combine dresses like a skirt with sneakers, something that was once considered daring. However, a series of unspoken rules still prevail, from which even the bravest stylists do not depart. At the end of the day, sometimes, clumsily […]
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Fashion is becoming more and more free: for a long time, we are no longer surprised to combine dresses like a skirt with sneakers, something that was once considered daring. However, a series of unspoken rules still prevail, from which even the bravest stylists do not depart. At the end of the day, sometimes, clumsily chosen shoes can not only ruin the most planned image, but also expose some peculiarities of the figure in an unattractive manner.

We compiled for you a series of recommendations on how to skilfully combine shoes and dresses, so that your image only attracts looks of admiration and, under no circumstances, mocking.

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  1. Cross dress

The crossed dress in the style of the 40s, stands out for its comfort and at the same time provides a very feminine appearance. But the choice of shoes is fundamental: this will depend on whether it looks like an elegant dress or walking clothes at home.


To advantageously emphasize a crossed dress, opt for flat sole footwear or with a heel of small dimensions: sandals, shoes or ballerinas. The most daring girls can experiment with canvas shoes.

What should be avoided:

Never combine them with flip flops, as they will make you a housewife, while shoes with a stiletto heel or sandals with a bulky platform can bring a completely ridiculous appearance.

  1. Shirt dress

Another success of the current season is the shirt dress. This model does not fit with bulky or rough-looking shoes. Lightness and grace are exactly the effect that is sought to be achieved with this tender and summery image.


With such a dress, the shoes of medium and low heels, sneakers, dancers, sandals with ribbons and gladiators will be harmonious.

What should be avoided:

Very often, the shirt dress is a comfortable and lightweight cotton set. It is not worth it to be heavy with shoes too sophisticated “out”: for such occasions, it is not appropriate at all. Give up high heels and platform. For the rest, this free model allows absolutely any type of footwear: the main thing is to combine specifically with your dress. To achieve this, pay attention to the density of the clothes and the colour of your shoes.

  1. Lightweight cotton skirt or dress

A light and at the same time feminine cotton dress, you should know how to skilfully combine it with the shoes, this is especially important if you want to avoid looking too presumptuous or, on the contrary, too simple.


Summer dresses look stylish if combined with sports shoes: sneakers or white canvas. Classic lovers can safely choose neutral sandals and dancers. An option for the most daring is bulky sports (but be careful: with a short stature, this combination can end up being ridiculous).

What should be avoided:

Stiletto heels and bulky slippers or sandals (especially in dark tones) are rarely seen by combining them with skirts and light cotton simple dresses. If you want to opt for a more elegant variant, take a closer look at platform sandals.

  1. Mini skirt and mini dress

Miniskirts and mini dresses, in combination with well-chosen shoes, can correct the imperfections of the figure and emphasize all its strengths at the same time.


With short attires, the elevated footwear looks spectacular: pay attention to the sandals with heels, wedges and elegant shoes. Women with medium and high stature can also afford flat sole shoes. With the mini dress or miniskirt, Greek sandals are beautifully combined, with ribbons and bows, ballerinas, sneakers, canvas shoes, classic heels, mules and, in the cold season, high-heeled boots, fine and rude, boots, as well as boots with wide or tight cane.

If you want to visually lengthen your legs, pay attention to footwear of the same tone as your skin. With light attire, it is always better to opt for shoes of perforated models of light tones, while for dense dresses it is better to combine with closed shoes.

What should be avoided:

There are no strict prohibitions regarding skirts and short dresses. But it is worth remembering that with the clothes that leave the legs free, it is not advisable to combine with shoes that are too open: the image may seem modest.

  1. Office dresses and business meetings

Nowadays, a dress to go to work or a business meeting can be combined with comfortable flat sole shoes, with a low heel or platform. The main thing is that the chosen shoes do not disentangle displacing the outfit of their official style.


These dresses combine well with shoes, not always uncomfortable, but incredibly beautiful high heels, as well as freer models with a medium heel or flat sole in non-striking tones. A perfect variant: classic heel shoes.

What should be avoided:

Renounce shoes with open toes, as well as models with too flashy tones or prints. These types of dresses can be combined well with canvas shoes, but at this moment the image is no longer official. By the way, this is a good combination if you want to go to a party immediately after leaving work: simply, you just have to change your shoes.

  1. Long evening dresses

The main thing in the picture with a dress going out, long to the floor, is the dress itself. Shoes here should be a harmonious termination of the global and not the protagonists of the image.


Open and closed shoes with high, low and medium heels, dancers in non-striking tones or with the same tone of the dress. For ethnic style dresses, wooden platform footwear will also look good.

What should be avoided:

Ideally, when you wear a long dress, others should not notice your shoes. But if everyone present remembered your shiny golden sandals that eclipsed the black dress, you made a big mistake. Do you want to highlight your shoes? Play with textures and materials: patent leather, satin, rhinestones…

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