How to change the car wiper blades

How to change the car wiper blades? To change the wiper blades of the car you must pay attention to the length of the rubber and the type of attachment of the wiper. Then, follow the guidelines below. Although in winter it is also a time when rain is frequent and we must bring the […]
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How to change the car wiper blades? To change the wiper blades of the car you must pay attention to the length of the rubber and the type of attachment of the wiper. Then, follow the guidelines below.

Although in winter it is also a time when rain is frequent and we must bring the windshield wipers in perfect condition, in the spring showers are also frequent and, in addition, pollen usually causes the water to contain dirt, so it is a time ideal for putting new wipers in the car.

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Why change car windscreen wipers

90% of the information that our brain needs to make the necessary decisions to be able to drive it is received through the sense of sight. It is the only one whose lack prevents a person from driving. A driver with a 100% loss of hearing, with a disabled or amputated limb and even certain spinal injuries are not incompatible with driving, as long as the vehicle is adapted to the disability. However, a visually impaired or visually impaired person is under no circumstances authorised to drive a vehicle.

Seeing (and being seen, don’t miss our report on how to correctly use car lighting) is a must to be able to drive safely. Although we have a perfect view, it will not help us if our windshield does not allow us to see what is in front of our eyes, so it is very important that the car’s brushes are in good condition.

If this argument does not convince you and you are one of those who hurts your pocket, you should know that a bad brush in bad condition ends up scratching the windshield, an element that has a cost that can be 100 times higher than that of the brushes, so I also don’t recommend that you leave an old brush to save money.

Why do brushes break down?

The wiper blades are made up of a metal frame with an anchor to the wiper arm, a rubber with a sharp edge that sweeps the glass, and metal sheets that keep the rubber stretched and with some elasticity to adapt to the shapes of the windshield. The most normal thing is that the rubber of the wiper blade itself fails, but also the anchor to the wiper arm wears out and causes it to vibrate and clean poorly, so we must also change it even if the rubber is in perfect condition.

The three main enemies of car wipers are:

  • The sun: radiation and heat cause the rubber to dry out and lose elasticity. This causes it not to adapt well to the surface of the glass and leaves areas without sweeping. Furthermore, its rigidity scratches the glass.
  • Micro impacts on the glass: the salt of the roads, the sand … produce micro-impacts on the windshield that make its surface not smooth. An old windshield causes premature brush wear.
  • Chemical products: some soaps that are added to the windshield washer water, the waxes of the car washes, the oil and the contamination that other cars splash with their wheels on rainy days … all these chemical elements accelerate the wear of the rubber of the brush.

Keeping the brushes clean and washing them with water and a mild soap from time to time lengthens their life. Do not use oily products or waxes. It is also not good to make them work on dry glass, which accelerates their wear (and that of the mechanism).

Occasionally check the condition of the rubber. If it has lost color, is dry, has pinches or if it is coming off, change them.

How to change the car wiper blade

Unfortunately, there are some car models on the market that need a diagnostic machine that places the wipers in a specific position so that the brushes can be changed, but in 90% of the cars it is a task that you can do yourself in just a minute. To know which is the brush of your car you must pay attention to two things:

  1. The length of the rubber: if you buy a very short brush you will leave a lot of glass without cleaning. If, on the other hand, it is too long, it can rub against the glass frames and damage the windscreen wiper mechanism.
  2. The type of wiper attachment: Unfortunately, car manufacturers sometimes do not know what they are thinking and there is not a single hook mechanism between the arm of the mechanism and the wiper blade. Make sure the brush you buy has the same type of anchor. Typically, replacement brushes have multiple interchangeable anchors.

Once you have verified that the brush you have is compatible with your car, changing it is very easy:

  • Carefully lift the squeegee and place a cloth or cardboard on the glass in case it escapes, so that the arm does not hit the glass due to the action of the spring that keeps it pressed against the windshield normally.
  • Release the clip that secures the brush to the mechanism arm and remove the old brush.
  • Put on the new brush and make sure that the fixing clip is firmly attached.
  • Remove the rag or cardboard from the windshield and gently rest the new brush on the glass.
  • Check that the new brush cleans correctly by pouring water on the glass, do not make it work dry.

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