How to accelerate the growth of your eyelashes naturally while wearing vegan lashes

Here we show you how to grow lashes and keep them strong and hydrated with natural treatments and without leaving home. Eyelashes are beautiful when they are long and well cared for. They frame the eye very well, and give it much more expressiveness. Not everyone is lucky to have long eyelashes, but there are […]
Eye lashes

Here we show you how to grow lashes and keep them strong and hydrated with natural treatments and without leaving home. Eyelashes are beautiful when they are long and well cared for. They frame the eye very well, and give it much more expressiveness.

Not everyone is lucky to have long eyelashes, but there are a number of tricks and home remedies to grow eyelashes naturally, although then we touch up with some mascara or makeup that lengthens them longer. But having longer lashes is possible, thanks to some easy tips and tricks to do at home. Let’s see.

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How to grow eyelashes with homemade tricks

Although genetics, health, age or hormonal changes can influence the size of our eyelashes, it is true that we can take care of them and achieve longer, healthier and stronger eyelashes. These cares are necessary not only for aesthetics, but also for health issues.

A healthy and balanced diet contributes greatly to growing eyelashes and preventing them from falling out, although it is true that eyelashes are the hair that grows the least. There are very effective natural remedies that work very well. Olive oil is one of them, since thanks to the contribution of vitamin E, it contributes to hair growing healthy and strong. To make your lashes look longer, and have more volume, you just have to put a little olive oil in a cotton disk (always cotton that does not release particles) and apply it to the lashes very carefully.

Aloe vera, green tea or lip balm are also very effective ingredients for growing eyelashes, and their application is similar to that of olive oil. Although it is a little uncomfortable, try to sleep with any of these ingredients applied to your eyelashes, and rinse well with warm water the next day. Repeat the operation at least twice a week, and in no time, you will notice the results.

We already discussed how to remove dark circles and eye bags, with cosmetics and skin care, as well as some aesthetic treatments, now we will see how to grow our eyelashes.

For the growth of eyelashes, the fundamental thing is a good diet

A balanced, healthy diet, low in fat and rich in vitamins and iron, is always the most recommended, not only for growing eyelashes, but for the whole body in general. There are a number of vitamins and nutrients that promote the growth of healthy and strong hair. For example, vitamin H helps metabolize fats, and promotes overall hair growth. It is an essential vitamin for people suffering from alopecia because the hair can grow more easily.

This vitamin is found in foods we eat frequently: egg yolks, legumes, or nuts. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for healthy hair. Consuming blue fish will promote healthy hair and help the growth of our eyelashes.

On the other hand, foods rich in antioxidants are very healthy and also promote hair growth and keep it strong and healthy. Eating antioxidant foods helps the body in many other aspects, very positive for health, how to maintain healthy and shiny skin, and fight aging very effectively, providing oxygen to our cells. Fruits such as blueberries, cherries or apples, legumes in general, green leafy vegetables, green tea or olive oil, are simple foods to consume and very beneficial for maintaining long and strong eyelashes.

Some tips to grow lashes

To grow eyelashes and keep them healthy and strong, in addition to applying some ingredients directly to the eyelashes and maintaining a healthy diet, there are some routines that promote eyelash growth:

  • It is very important to remove make-up every night, since the rest of makeup will not only damage the skin, but will end up damaging the eyelashes, which will fall off easily.
  • Brushing the eyelashes is also a very effective method. Just like we brush our hair, we can brush our eyelashes daily with a small brush of worn out mascara. There are also special eyelash and brow brushes available for purchase.
  • Massaging your eyelids with olive oil on the fingertips is very effective, since it activates blood circulation in this area, and favors the oil’s nutrients to easily penetrate the scalp.
  • Do not abuse the eyelash curler, as its continued use over time can break them.

Although it is true that the growth of eyelashes is very difficult to calibrate, since they grow much more slowly than eyebrows or hair, being constant in certain habits will eventually make you notice the results. It is just a matter of having a series of beauty habits, which at the same time are very healthy to maintain strong, shiny and healthy hair. And you will also notice that your eyelashes grow and are more abundant.

3 tricks to get long and voluminous eyelashes

  1. One of the maxims when it comes to getting longer lashes is to create a shading both on the upper part and on the lower part. Start by outlining the inside of the upper lashes, from the end of the corner of the eye (inside) to a little before the tear, where your birth ends in that area. What do we achieve with this? Fill all the internal holes by filling holes and consequently making an effect of much more depth.
  2. Outlining at the top of the lashes is another key to achieving the longer lash effect. Make an ultra thin line, practically imperceptible throughout the upper lash line, from the root. It is not necessary that you make a corner or that you notice, the objective in this step is to fill in the holes of the upper tabs as we have done on the inside.
  3. Once the gaps are filled, there is an extra step that you have probably never done, but we assure you that it shows, a lot. Using a pre-base, Lash Sensational primer is going to enhance the result of the mascara. Makes the result more intense while preparing lashes from the root.

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