global situation skyrockets the benefits of businesses that invest in online marketing in Melbourne

Unlike what we usually do, we must have a strategic vision of the future, and we must not forget that this crisis is seasonal and, sooner or later, we will get out of it. For this reason, understanding behavior patterns and their implications are key to developing a digital strategy in times of uncertainty. Finding […]
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Unlike what we usually do, we must have a strategic vision of the future, and we must not forget that this crisis is seasonal and, sooner or later, we will get out of it. For this reason, understanding behavior patterns and their implications are key to developing a digital strategy in times of uncertainty. Finding a qualified team with expertise in online marketing in Melbourne will consistently change your results in the upcoming years, helping you recover from this crisis and double your business’s value.

Here at MLK Marketing we offer the services of a qualified and professional team of experts who understand the importance and best practises in online marketing in Melbourne.

The impact of Covid-19 on the digital ecosystem

As in all wars, and this one continues to be one, there are sectors that are benefiting and others that are severely affected, but the answer lies in how to invest in online strategies and tools. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business specialise in online marketing in Melbourne, so you can count on us for this procedure.

Demographic studies demonstrate that the categories closest to the stage of confinement are those that allow us to know the last hour of the virus and, on the other hand, those that make life easier in times of confinement: Media and News (35%); Finance (30%); Food (22%) and Health (15%). On the contrary, the business sectors with the highest number of losses are: Tourism (47%); Construction (18%); Advertising (17%); Manufacturing (16%); Transportation (15%); and Real Estate (15%).

Regarding advertising, the same sectors stand out in benefit and harm, but with a clear commitment to the beauty and personal care sector by 41%, while the retail sector, although it was harmed during the start of the health crisis by uncertainty economic behaviour and labor, these days of confinement have made their searches rebound and have tripled. For that reason, it is essential to have superior online marketing in Melbourne.

In times of crisis, the Internet does not understand age or gender

If our shopping habits had already started to take other directions, due to the immersion in our lives of companies like Amazon or Ebay, as the new Coronavirus sweeps the world, consumers are now forced to dramatically change their consumer behaviors. and purchase, thus depending on digital connectivity to carry out practically any management. Superior online marketing in Melbourne is excellent to achieve positioning among the first results for search engines.

According to Alibaba, the number of grocery orders placed by users between the ages of 50 and 60 has been four times higher during this time of crisis, and Miss Fresh, another online retailer in China, claims that its users over the age of 40 have increased by 237% during the period of confinement by Covid-19.  So, online marketing in Melbourne has become more than an option for businesses that want to stay among the competitive positions.

With these figures we cannot look the other way. For markets with developed and developing e-commerce, the scenarios created by the spread of Covid-19 are important indicators of what this can mean for their businesses.

Experts have identified six stages of consumer behavior directly related to concerns about Covid-19 and the reasons why online marketing in Melbourne is required:

  1. Proactive purchasing (food and health oriented)
  2. Reactive health management (protection with masks and hygiene products)
  3. Pantry Preparation (Large Food Purchases)
  4. Preparation for life in quarantine (increased consumption and online purchases)
  5. Restricted life (stock limits and search for alternatives)
  6. Going back to normal (back to normal, but with more hygiene restrictions)

We went from phase 4 to phase 5 in less than a week, and consumption trends were aimed at covering three types of needs: food; health (sports equipment); comfort (equipment for teleworking); and entertainment (contracting platforms, children’s games, video games or digital programming). Understanding all this is required and there is no better way to do it than with professional online marketing in Melbourne.

Digital Marketing in Melbourne, a necessary bet in times of confinement

The business opportunities in this new digital ecosystem are endless, and it is only because of having new users learning to use online tools and companies that are forced to look for alternatives to traditional advertising, this opens an immense door for agencies specialised in digital marketing in Melbourne.

If, in addition, we adapt our strategy to retain this new client, we can earn it for life, but how?

  • Display Ads: Due to the need to know the last hour, the ads in digital newspapers offer us much more visibility than before.
  • Promote themselves on social networks: due to the confinement their use and consumption is increasing, now more than ever we must bet on them.
  • Develop more video content and use YouTube: by initiative or by sending between people and groups, curious videos are trending. If they are done minimally well, you can ensure great visibility and significance.

Analyse website performance to understand how users behave during this time and update forecasts and reports.

Evaluate paid (SEM) and organic (SEO) coverage over the next few months to understand how the two can be balanced as part of an overall marketing strategy in response to the impact on your business. You can achieve this using our online marketing in Melbourne to achieve your goals successfully.

Take advantage of the long-term nature of SEO to ensure a website ranks well for high-volume, high-competition keywords expected to peak in the fourth quarter (Holidays 2020). Your business can be here if you choose our digital marketing in Melbourne.

Consider having a page or section dedicated to the Coronavirus, it may help you increase awareness as a good practises for online marketing in Online. If your business is essential or this pandemic affects you in a major way, seriously consider dedicating space and time to capture all the traffic relevant to this topic and thus effectively link to key areas of your website.

Here at MLK Marketing we will define the most suitable strategy to ensure your goals are achieved and conversion rates skyrocket by driving more traffic to your website through superior online marketing in Melbourne. Contact us today!