History of Cake Decoration

  To decorate a cake What do we need first? The cake! It all started when the Romans made a version of the fruit cakes made with raisins and nuts. Later in the 14th century AD, Geoffrey Chaucer made mention in England of surprising and giant cakes that were created for special events. These cakes […]


To decorate a cake What do we need first? The cake! It all started when the Romans made a version of the fruit cakes made with raisins and nuts. Later in the 14th century AD, Geoffrey Chaucer made mention in England of surprising and giant cakes that were created for special events.

These cakes were made up of approximately 13 kilograms of flour, butter, cream, eggs, spices and honey. Many years later, in the XXI century D.C. when Elizabeth I exercised her reign in England, it was heard in the west about the cake filled with fruit, since the queen demanded that the traditional and known meat filling be replaced by boneless and candied cherries.

During the nineteenth century D.C. in the year 1840 there is an advance in everything that was used to create the cakes since the chemical agent is born gasifying that we know today as sodium bicarbonate and it is also when the ovens are invented with temperature control that later would facilitate the process of realization of the cakes.

After that came the baking powder, which is the mixture between sodium bicarbonate with a mild acid and which ended up replacing the yeast over time.

From the beginning until the middle of the 20th century D.C. in many homes great skills were seen to make good cakes and many of the recipes of their preparations were transmitted as a legacy from generation to generation, of such importance that they were not shared with strangers to the family.

This situation eventually diminished but even with the resounding fall of the custom of making homemade cakes in the mid-twentieth century decorated cakes continued to be part of the most important and relevant celebrations.

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The Decoration of Cakes as Art

Surely we have once been surprised by the design of a decorated cake, which more than cake looks like a work of art or a sculpture to be more precise.

This is because at the moment many of the creators of cakes have artistic formation or in the creative field like the humanities, the design, among others.

Cake Decoration Step by Step

There are many ways to decorate cakes step by step but the first thing we need is a cake that allows us to decorate to taste and hold whatever we put on it. The sponge cake or biscuit as it is known in Spain, is in the pastry a dough used to make cakes and spongy cakes.

The basic ingredients that make up the sponge cake are: wheat flour (nowadays it is also used for almonds and others), whole eggs (both white and yellow), sugar after being sifted (as well as sieving). flour) and / or a touch of salt as baking powder.

Also depending on its extra components that are added to the dough its denomination can change to vanilla cupcake, chocolate sponge cake, among others. Taking all this into account on how to make a good cupcake and the extra components, we should also know that as such they are divided into two large groups.

Tips for Making a Biscuit Ideal for Decorating

Smoothie: to obtain a well-integrated mixture, it is recommended to beat with an electric machine (if it is a much better pedestal).

You start by mixing the sugar with the butter and / or eggs until you whiten it and turn it into a soft cream where the sugar granules are almost imperceptible. We will do this for approximately 15 minutes or until the mixture is doubled without adding more ingredients.

Then we put aside the blender and sieve the flour with a sieve and then incorporate it into our shake; it is necessary that the flour is added little by little and in small quantities to our mixture and with enveloping movements with a large spatula. Butter paper: once we have our mixture we will cover the mould with butter paper cutting first the exact measure of the bottom and apart from the sides.

The butter paper will prevent the sponge from sticking to the mould or getting dirty. When we are going to decorate cakes, it is essential to have a surface as flat and perfect as possible so as not to create unevenness with the cover.

Baking: when putting our cake in the oven, we must first preheat the oven, this is done in order to level the temperature so that our mix is ​​cooked properly because otherwise the changes of heat will make or pass cooking or that it dries.

Another important point is to regulate the oven to an ideal temperature that will depend on the size, shape and material of the mould but what is certain is that we have to make sure that it is not too hot to burn or too low to dry the mixture; with this we achieve that the mixture does not sink and light properly.

Take it out of the oven: as we can see it is a little complicated to know the temperature and the time it can take us to have our cake ready, despite what the recipe says we must be aware of when is the right time to withdraw our preparation.

There are two well-known techniques to know if it is ready both inside and outside.

The first is to insert an orange toothpick, the ones used for skewers, or the tip of a knife, and if it comes out with pieces of cake it means that it is not ready yet, it will be ready when it comes out completely clean. The second way is to touch the centre of the cake, if it recovers the shape it is because it is ready but if it remains sunken it means that it still needs cooking.

Unmoulding: to unmould our cake we must have enough patience to wait for it to cool down for about 15 minutes, in this way it will come out easier without falling apart.

Decorating: after having demolded it, we will place our cake on a grid and let it cool completely.

It is very important that before starting to decorate the cake it is very cold because the heat could damage the consistency of our cover. In the same way it must be cold if we want to cut the cake in layers to fill it.

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