Handling documents in companies:Must to Know

  The number of documents that can be encountered by a company after a few months is overwhelming. For this, it is necessary to mark a strategy in terms of document management of the company. A good management of all the information and documentation that your company possesses, will allow you to be more efficient […]


The number of documents that can be encountered by a company after a few months is overwhelming. For this, it is necessary to mark a strategy in terms of document management of the company.

A good management of all the information and documentation that your company possesses, will allow you to be more efficient and optimal in the allocation of resources. You will notice very short-term results and it is a relatively easy and inexpensive task to implement in the company. It does not require great efforts or excessive economic investment.

Having all the documentation properly organised and applying a good method, greatly speeds up the search in the future of any file. This not only improves business productivity; it also reduces stress and anxiety.

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What is document management?

Document management is a means to share, distribute and manage the documentation of a company in digital format. This is achieved:

  • Improve the management of information.
  • Automate processes
  • Reduce costs in the company, times and space.
  • Improve the management of resources.

Document management is carried out through a software or application that will allow the company to manage all its documents in an efficient and orderly manner. In this way, a logical order is made that allows the work team a good documentary storage and a quick location of any file.

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The goal of document management

It is clear that, on the one hand, we emphasise efficiency and speed when it comes to storing and locating documents. However, another important element is the saving in resources (such as paper, since everything is computerised).

Keep in mind that document management can be done both on paper and automatically in a computer system. However, it is already common to see that most SMEs are organised through the use of powerful ERPs where they efficiently store, unify and manage all the data and documents of their company.

Through document management, a company is more efficient and improves the allocation of resources.

It is important that companies design a powerful document management plan, which allows them to improve processes and increase productivity, with work teams being much more efficient. For this, it will be necessary to set some criteria when storing and archiving the information.

Advantages of document management

Apply a good document management in your company, has a number of advantages:

  • Logical and organised storage of the documentation of each of the departments of the company.
  • Computerisation of all information.
  • Savings in resources: material, space and time.
  • It increases the security of the archives, being these under certain keys to which a few have access.
  • Cloud storage, which avoids file loss and documentation deterioration.
  • Sharing information with people who need it is easier than ever.
  • Quick location of documents, have the seniority they have. By having a system of organisation and logical organisation, we will find what we are looking for very quickly.

If your company is of recent creation, program already a good document management plan. In this way, you will be obliged to order and manage all documents properly. Likewise, there will be many headaches that you avoid, as well as the search times of an invoice that a couple of months ago you mixed all papers, for example.

It seems that no, but a good documentary management is a way to gain competitive advantage against other companies in the sector, so do not leave it aside. Therefore, we recommend that you know how to improve the management of your company easily. In addition, here you can also find the documents for most important companies for the creation and management of a business.

The files in the company

Papers on the desk? Letters, brochures, legal documents, commercial, financial documents, resumes, sales projections etc. …

That’s nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of files you have on your computer in different formats; and emails coming that become dozens of different documents because we do not debug, this without counting the CDs, DVDs. and the popular memory cards, where we have duplicated thousands of these … the question is: who organises all this?

For about ten years we have been talking about knowledge management and corporate memory and it continues to happen that when a company official leaves, they leave with hundreds of details such as: where is certain information? Which of the documents is valid for the process?

Day to day we absorb and store as many files as we have available capacity in storage media, if there are misclassified, repeated, outdated files or junk documents we do not care. We are more careful when one document is the support of another, but if the process is not organised and supported by a computer system, the supporting documents may be scattered and the procedures delayed.

The effectiveness of the company is at stake because of our informality in the organisation, flow and storage of key documents for processes and for business. We are not strategic in the care of documents, even those useful for various projects or those that are the basis for decision making. This is a call to reflection, the flow of documents does not stop and grows like a big snowball, therefore we must put the order in order or we will have great chaos.

Legal custody of documents

The increase of documentation in the companies, and the need to physically preserve some originals such as contracts, deeds, policies, etc., induces to consider alternative spaces to the offices with much lower prices, since the cost of the square meter, especially in the centre of the cities, supposes a high expense.

To solve this problem there are companies that have a high quality custody service, ensuring a delivery time of the required documentation, between 2 and 24 hours, according to the client’s needs to offer the information custody service based on the storage of documents, both digitally signed and / or encrypted, as well as unsigned and / or encrypted and guaranteeing that the custody document maintains the same legal value over time.

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