Cockroaches: learn to keep them away from your house

Habits and details that attract cockroaches: learn to keep them away from your house Cockroaches are a pest that affects people worldwide. There are almost no places in the world that can be safe from cockroaches, for this reason they have earned fame to be the only species that would survive to a nuclear disaster. […]

Habits and details that attract cockroaches: learn to keep them away from your house
Cockroaches are a pest that affects people worldwide. There are almost no places in the world that can be safe from cockroaches, for this reason they have earned fame to be the only species that would survive to a nuclear disaster. Having them inside your house is a true nightmare, for this reason it is important to keep them away in the first place.

Although sometimes it cannot be controlled because infestations have already taken place before we become aware of it, it is also true that there are some certain conditions that can attract cockroaches to your house. Among those factors there are 4 big reasons why cockroaches come to your house:

  • Food
  • Dampness
  • Dark places where they can hide and reproduce
  • Garbage and its smell

There are some special conditions that can also attract cockroaches such as cracks in the walls, debris and some others.

It is very important to battle cockroaches before you spot them in your food or personal belongings (just imaging seeing a cockroach walking on your toothbrush) Sot this articles will be focussed on the things that attract cockroaches in the first place and how to keep them away. It is important to take quick action because it is almost impossible to get rid of cockroaches once they have already taken over your house.

Identifying cockroaches, what they like and how to counter them

Before getting to know the kind of things that attract cockroaches it is important to know what they are like. Cockroaches have rather flat, oval-shaped bodies that allow them to hide even in the narrowest place you would never have thought they could live.

They have six long spiny legs that allow them to run quickly on any surface, including glass. Their sensors allow them to navigate and catch smells, since they are practically unable to see. Finally, cockroaches are a very resistant plague: once they have invaded your house it will be very difficult to get rid of them. But what is that you are doing that keeps them coming back to your house?

1. You need to stop feeding them

You probably do this unconsciously, but the first thing that attracts cockroaches is obviously food. It can be all kinds of food, from dry food to dog food or candy. Make sure to keep all food and substances sealed so cockroaches will not come close.

If you ever find cockroaches in your food you have to throw it away, keep in mind that cockroaches love garbage and they walk over bags of garbage, which have tons of germs and then walk back to your house and probably touch your food. Remember that even when your pantry and food storage space may seem sterile, this does not mean they are safe from insects.

2. Do not make your house comfortable for them to stay

The second most attractive thing for these insects, and actually what they look for is darkness. They love dark places because they feel safe, as well as damp areas where they can lay their eggs thing that this type of insects look for are dark and damp areas to hide and lay their eggs.

Many of these places are in garages, basements and other places people where people do not walk stay long time or walk so much. Leaving dishes wet in the pantry, leaving the bath all wet, etc; all these can be serious problems that attract cockroaches and they will never want to leave your house.

3. Look out for garbage

Finally, garbage will attract not only cockroaches, but also all kinds of pests. And when we refer to garbage, this also includes recycling. Cockroaches love cardboard and sugary wastes from glass bottles. Some types of cockroaches are also attracted by garden debris like rotten leaves, so make sure your garden and yard are clean and tidy.
However, if they have already infested your house, there are some tips you can keep in mind if you want to push them out. These are some suggestions that will help you get rid of a plague that should not have entered your house in the first place:

  • Do not try to crush them
  • Remedies with bleach are not good
  • And citrus sprays are not good either

Killing cockroaches by crushing them seems like a pretty straight forward procedure, unless you are part of those people with a terrible case of arachnophobia and need to stand on the top of a chair just the moment where you see a cockroach. But sadly, crushing them is not the best idea.

Crushing a cockroach will kill it, of course but you will most likely end up attracting more, if they are not already close anyway. Especially if you leave the corpse there, hungry cockroaches will find it palatable (they will also look for it in the garbage if you throw it away in the trash can near the kitchen). Maybe you did not know that cockroaches are cannibalistic and do not mind feeding on the remains of others of their species. Brute force is simply useless, it is way better to call an expert.

Home remedies? Not so effective either

Some people consider using bleach to get rid of cockroaches, because there is a popular myth that says bleach kills everything. This is a mistake.

Bleach can kill cockroaches if we can drown them in it or make them drink it. But its smell make it very obvious for them that it is a toxic drink and that they should not consume it. So, unless you find a way to drown all cockroaches with bleach without flooding your house with it, it will probably not work out.

Another common misconception is that you can win the war against cockroaches by using citrus-based sprays or products with citrus scents because cockroaches hate acid fruits. Although the latter is true and that can help prevent a pest, it is true that it is not a solution. This also applies to other types of home remedies like putting cucumber skins or bay leaves around the house. We know they do not like the smell, but we cannot forget that they are a very resistant and adaptable pest. Feeding cockroaches is never a good way to get rid of them.

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