Gastronomy adds value to an Events

Both in the important meetings of the business world and in the presentations of shows or in the vernissages of the plastic exhibitions, the catering service is used to entertain the guests. “Catering” refers to the food service provided by a specialised company that is responsible for preparing, presenting, offering and serving meals in all […]
Healthy dietary

Both in the important meetings of the business world and in the presentations of shows or in the vernissages of the plastic exhibitions, the catering service is used to entertain the guests. “Catering” refers to the food service provided by a specialised company that is responsible for preparing, presenting, offering and serving meals in all kinds of events.

The celebration of any event should be cause for joy and well-being. One of the things that should be especially careful is the gastronomy, the food and dishes that are served will be key when it comes to satisfying the attendees of the event.

Gastronomy is becoming important in the event industry and the presence of a ‘food designer’ is common, which is responsible for designing and finding the perfect partners to execute the gastronomic proposal of an event.

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The goal is to add value to the events.

To create a differential gastronomic proposal in the event is to create an experience that will last in the memory of the attendees. For this, it is necessary first of all to have a great team and look for detail and personalisation.

For some time now, catering has ceased to be simply a food and beverage service to begin to include other elements, such as decoration, setting, staff hiring, and even entertainment.

Integral catering service.

Customers prefer a comprehensive service rather than a gastronomy service. That is, they want the catering to form the event in its entirety: from the selected menu, a good show, a reception to remember and details that stand out.

Creating a good welcome climate, such as a drink with the name of the company or a dish that refers to your corporate culture, is an option that stops in detail.

Companies seek professionalism, quick response to their requirements, adaptation to their needs and a good balance between quality and cost.

Global trends must always be observed; Investigate, taste, texture and quality of the components of the dishes is important, the presentation plays a fundamental role. Surprise guests by creating new combinations of flavours and colours.

The presentation of the food is key and the pleasure of eating begins when you see a pleasant, elegant and well-presented dish. The surprise factor is a creativity tactic that many take into account.

Looking for new flavours and aromas is a way to attract guests. Just as you should be surprised at the presentation, you should be surprised at the flavours. This set is one of the most important tasks within a catering company. Continually generate new options. The tendency is to play with the senses.


Changing dishes, raw materials, uniforms and design bars is implementing trends. You have to move all the time, both in flavours and aesthetics.

Can you eat healthy at events?

No doubt there were profound changes in the perception of food. Every time people are more aware of the importance of having a balanced diet; that fats, that vegetables, salt, if it is fried or baked. Contemplate Light options, for vegetarians, or celiac. Try to think of all the people who can witness an event and try to keep anyone out.

The importance of food and drinks in a corporate event

Most meetings and conventions have an important food and beverage component; Commonly, it represents a high percentage of the overall budget of a corporate event, as it can cover up to 50 or 60 percent.

It is a reality that budgets are tending to decrease and, on the other hand, the cost of food continues to rise, which represents one of the most interesting challenges for event organisers.

To assess if you can save on this item, you have to analyse what type of event it is, what time it is, where it is and who your guests are. If your target are VIP people, it is an element in which you definitely shouldn’t skimp. In a lower level event, especially during the morning, you could offer a continental breakfast; and if it’s mid-morning, a coffee break with coffee, tea, cookies and sweet bread.

The junk bars have become fashionable and give you the possibility of offering very attractive salty and sweet foods; The same with the coffee bars. In massive events where the organiser is committed to feeding the guests a box lunch can work, the truth is that this option is not elegant but it solves the problem of wonder in case you have budget limitations.

Food and drinks are factors that can reinforce the event’s creative event. By hiring a good banker and explaining the look and feel you are looking for, you can achieve presentations and flavours according to the concept that will generate interesting expectations and sensations in the assistant and you can even take advantage to integrate brand presence in packaging or even in some foods as, for example, chocolates that have engraved the logo or key messages of the company.

In the alcoholic beverage you can have a set of bartenders or bargirls with a personality, features and clothing that complement your concept. Drinks can have special colours and original and personalised glasses.

Trying foods from other countries

Try Mexican food! Currently, talking about Mexican food in the world does not simply refer to a taco, but to highly elaborated, well-seasoned and well-presented foods, which favours our meeting industry. Today, with a great chef and an original menu you can really surprise and delight your guests, who combined with a suitable and elegant place will achieve spectacular effects on the audience.

And, of course, we have a great variety of delicious drinks, from fresh waters full of colour, textures, aromas and flavour, coffees of origin and hot chocolate to the best tequila, mezcal and national and international wines.

Never forget that food and drinks are the basis of hospitality and that, finally, events are treated one hundred percent of a good reception. The organiser of the event, be it a corporate, an SME, an association or an individual, is the host of the event and the attendees are your guests, so you have to pamper them, make them feel comfortable and happy. The concept of hospitality refers to thousands of years ago when people opened the doors of their homes to receive visits, even to strangers, and to share bread, water and wine.

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