Frozen Yogurts: Nutritional Information And Health Benefits

One of the most popular choices to meet the affectionate and desire of dessert lovers all around is – Frozen Yogurt. This dessert comes in a variety of flavours, thus becoming a favourite part of everyday life. Along with being super delicious, this dessert is also considered to be a ‘superfood’. It comes loaded with […]

One of the most popular choices to meet the affectionate and desire of dessert lovers all around is – Frozen Yogurt. This dessert comes in a variety of flavours, thus becoming a favourite part of everyday life. Along with being super delicious, this dessert is also considered to be a ‘superfood’. It comes loaded with nutritional benefits in each serving.

Many people choose to have a frozen yoghurt machine home so that it becomes part of their daily lives and meals. Frozen yoghurt offers much-needed respite on hot days, thus becoming a popular substitute to its unhealthier counterpart- the ice cream. It can essentially replace the host of harmful ingredients and countless calories that one serving of ice cream has. Are you curious to know why a serving of frozen yoghurt can reap you long term benefits? Read more to find out.

How nutritional is yoghurt?

Integration of yoghurt across diets in various cultures dates back to ancient times. It is made with fermented milk in conditions of ‘live culture or active bacteria’. The nutritional content of a yoghurt serving is depended on the ingredients that are used in its preparation. With frozen yoghurt machine home, you can ensure that you use the right ingredients with the right quality. Pick the toppings, fruits, sprinkles according to your choice.

A half-cup of regular yoghurt can have 120 calories, 4-gram protein, 2 grams fat, 17 grams sugar, 22 grams of carbohydrates and 150 mg of calcium.

It is recommended by experts that at least one serving of yoghurt should be had each day. Or at least try to have it as often as possible. Frozen yoghurts are a delicious way to make this serving a part of your diet. Use a frozen yoghurt machine home to ensure that you get the everyday nutritional benefits you wish for.

Health benefits to consuming yoghurt

#1 Probiotic culture or ‘good bacteria’

Yoghurts contain good bacteria which is essential for the stomach to digest and absorb the food properly. They aid with most kinds of stomach issues like indigestion, constipation, pain or diarrhoea. It can also lower the blood pressure and improve the functioning of the immune system. Thus the good bacteria is essential for the body to be able to fight the bad bacteria. Multiple research finds that they can also impact the overall mood of a person by keeping sadness and distress at bay. The number of probiotic bacteria can vary with each scoop. You can ensure that your yoghurt serving has the right amount of good bacteria by choosing to have a frozen yoghurt machine home.

#2 Rich in calcium

A frozen yoghurt treat contains 178 mg of calcium in just half of its serving. Calcium is an essential mineral for the body as it has positive effects on the bones and teeth. Not only does it upkeep the strength, but it also prevents the risk of colon cancer. Without calcium, a person may run into the risk of developing osteoporosis, wherein the bones become highly susceptible to injury or breakage. Yoghurt can also serve as a substitute for calcium as people who are intolerant to lactose can also enjoy it. Quickly whip up frozen yoghurt machine home to ensure your body needs the requirement of this essential mineral.

#3 A low-calorie treat!

This is why yoghurt is a favourite amongst people who are diet conscious. For calorie watchers, this is a dessert treat to have. Everyday keeping a check on your calories can be tough and frustrating. The frozen yoghurt machine home ensures that yoghurt remains a low-calorie food, even when flavoured. Choose to top it with delicious fruits or nuts, and there you get the perfect treat. For those wishing to add on a few calories healthily, just add banana and honey to your serving and enjoy your yoghurt.

#4 Rich in protein

Seldom do desserts provide any protein content? Since traditional dessert options are full of carbohydrates and fats, there is little else they offer nutrition-wise. Proteins are essential to your body as they build the bones, muscles, skin, hair etc. Yoghurt is one such rare standout amongst desserts since it is full of protein content. It also makes you feel full for a long time, satiating desire for snack or sweet. This is why workout enthusiasts keep a frozen yoghurt machine home to fulfil their energy requirements from this delicious snack.

#5 A dose of Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is an essential requirement for the body as it forms the blood cells, improves brain functioning and aids in DNA synthesis. Vegetarian people especially run a risk of not getting the adequate dose of this important vitamin as it is otherwise found in meat, fish or eggs. Frozen yoghurt machine home can provide the much needed daily dosage of this vitamin as you wouldn’t have to step out of your house for frozen yoghurt.

#6 Improves sleep

Just put your frozen yoghurt machine home to work and have a serving before bedtime. A scientific nutritional  study proves that important amino acids in yoghurt can even improve sleep. It helps to release essential hormones in the body. A serving of yoghurt after supper or before sleeping can ensure rested sleep.

Frozen yoghurt is a far healthier alternative than ice cream or other popular traditional dessert options. With endless benefits that this tasty dessert brings, you can rest assured that this superfood is here to stay. Today the markets are flooded with mind-boggling variations in yoghurt choices. Sadly even the most premium brands fill the yoghurts serving with artificial sweeteners, making them an unhealthy choice. Remember if frozen yoghurt is marketed as ‘fat-free’ the fat is substituted by other harmful alternatives like thickeners or emulsifiers. Also, while visiting a yoghurt shop, avoid filling your yoghurt with sprinkles and toppings. Bring a frozen yoghurt machine home never to find yourself relying on these market-based options. Daiquiri Hire you can get plenty of machines as per your requirements. Enjoy your event with the quality machines and ensure that everyone enjoys a great time.