Fire Protection The Sustainable Way

Nature is a beautiful thing; it is the phenomena of the physical world that includes plants, animals, the landscape and other features of the Earth. Anything that is not made by us is considered a force of nature. Water is a source that gives us life and sustains us, while on the other end, fire […]

Nature is a beautiful thing; it is the phenomena of the physical world that includes plants, animals, the landscape and other features of the Earth. Anything that is not made by us is considered a force of nature. Water is a source that gives us life and sustains us, while on the other end, fire cannot be consumed, but it certainly plays a crucial role in the natural changes that occur in the Earth’s ecosystem. Fire undeniably keeps us warm and cooks the food we eat. Fire has been on Earth for a very, very long time now and while we have had a profound influence on fire regimes sustainable fire itself predates us by hundreds of millions of years. We have adapted to fire and use it to our benefit. As technology progressively advances, we find new ways to control fire and use to it in ways that makes our lives easier. As fire is a part of nature, we as humans have the obligation to use nature with care and consideration. We have made the land we live on our own with our houses, roads other types of infrastructure that impedes nature to grow. Since we use up nature’s resources, it is only fair we treat it with the respect it deserves. Even though fire can cause havoc and destruction, it is a part of our ecosystem.

As the Australian population is increasing, more houses, roads, and other infrastructure will be constructed to accommodate for the rise in population. The more we produce and create, the more we contribute to global warming. Whether we like it or not, global warming is a serious issue we all face, not only in Australia, but around the world. The production of goods made by a company can significantly contribute to the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Now that people are becoming more educated and realise the impact of global warming, some of us have changed our ways to reduce our impact on the environment. As humans sharing our one and only Earth among each other, we can work together to reduce our carbon footprint. Small contributions that we can do in our own home can make the difference. Opting to save energy by turning off unused power points, choosing to use natural and organic products, using solar power, reducing water consumption by taking shorter showers, these are all different ways to sustaining the environment in which we live in. When you really think about it, every product you decide to buy would have had some kind of impact on the environment when it was produced. It could be paper bought from a company that fells trees in the process of production, or buying makeup products that are packed with chemicals and does animal testing, whichever the situation, we should all be mindful on the products we are buying. A lot of businesses nowadays have taken more consideration to the environment and aim to be environmentally friendly.
As fire is a natural source of our Earth, we need it to survive. But with that being said, we also need to be protected from it. For those of us who live in in areas with lots of trees and bush, it is a risk for our families and home when a fire breaks out. Not only do we have to be prepared in an emergency, but also be educated on what to do and where to go. A planned evacuation, combined with timely advice and alerts to people potentially at risk is one of the most effective ways to save lives from fire. Early estimation of the likely frequency of future bushfires, as well accurate hot-spot estimation of the locations that are most likely to be affected could provide great support to land managers, and assist in reducing the damage caused. If you want to have extra protection again the unexpected bushfire or fire outbreak in your home, choose fire resistant, environmentally friendly building boards. Fire safety and sustainability. The perfect combination. Accidental fires and malicious fires are bad for the environment and there are also the environmental impacts from rebuilding fire damaged structures. To prevent complete damage to a building, whether it be your house, or office, installing fire resistant building boards is important. Choosing fire resistant building boards that use eco-friendly building materials is a bonus, whereby you are choosing to also invest in a company that puts the environment as their top priority.

Here at FireCrunch, we are Australia’s leading provider of fire resistant building boards made from magnesium oxide and are environmentally friendly. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated and we acknowledge the absolute need for reliably and safe building boards for modern construction. Ultra-lightweight and completely free of harmful toxins, FireCrunch has become the number one choice when it comes to fire protection. We are highly conscious of the environment and we are committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes for all our quality fire resistant building materials. Providing home fire protection to properties in Australia is one of our prime motives. We have retained Australian NATA accredited testing authorities such as CSIRO to ensure our FireCrunch products are in fact fire resistant and fire tested in meeting the BCA levels of public and personal safety.

As our fire resistant building boards are environmentally friendly, they do not deteriorate and last for the many years to come. Not only are they fire resistant, but our range of FireCrunch products are resistant to floods, mould, moisture and bacteria, sound, impact and termites. Furthermore, we only manufacture environmental 60 60 60 fire rated wall and echo-friendly decking board products. Since we use the finest materials of magnesium oxide, bonders and fibre mesh composites, our building boards are super light-weight and is 100% recyclable. We use half the kiln temperature to produce FireCrunch products which therefore reduces our carbon dioxide emissions to half. With our ecologically designed fire rated building boards, it pushes the market to higher standards and we have successfully established a powerful and responsible image in the Australian market. With FireCrunch you can protect your home and help sustain the environment. Don’t compromise your safety and the health of the Earth when you choose FireCrunch today!