Family problems? How common are they?

Not all “yes, I want” last forever. And there is more to see the data that the statistics show. The number of separations and divorces that have been registered in our country in recent years has not stopped increasing. In particular, the divorce rate has experienced a growth of almost 500% in the last two […]
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Not all “yes, I want” last forever. And there is more to see the data that the statistics show. The number of separations and divorces that have been registered in our country in recent years has not stopped increasing. In particular, the divorce rate has experienced a growth of almost 500% in the last two decades.

It is a rising trend that has suffered even a rebound after the economic crisis, as opposed to what happens in the countries around us, which get to maintain stable and even reduce this percentage every year. Spain, for example, occupies the fourth place in the ranking of European countries with more divorces, surpassed only by Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

Know that no marriage is perfect, but that is no reason to stop looking for perfection. Each of us is able to maintain a healthy marriage and to learn each day to better treat our partner. Knowing how and where to discuss disparities, having a lot of life experience and having many years of marriage does not mean that if you have learned everything, every day new lessons are learned.

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Divorces, increasingly common

In recent times the judges have indicated a greater intention on the part of the spouses to reach an agreement and end, in the least painful way possible, a life in common; giving priority to the welfare of the children. And it is that this is a long and complex process that can be softened if the couple collaborates and puts all their effort into minimising the effects.

Once the decision to end the relationship is made, the spouses usually go to the Courts to be the Judges who mark the guidelines and conditions in which the marriage will be dissolved, without taking into account that the process is expensive, which entails an important physical and emotional exhaustion and in which the parties accept the decision without taking sides in it.

But they have at their disposal a much more advantageous and simple alternative whose objective is to reach an equitable agreement that satisfies the interests of the parties involved.

Family Mediation, the expected solution

But what does this method consist of? In what cases can you resort to it? What are its characteristics and benefits? As we have already mentioned, it is an extrajudicial method of conflict resolution in which an impartial third party – the mediator – acts and mediates between the parties so that they reach the best solution to their problem. The mediator, from a neutral point of view, listens to the parties to become aware of the conflicting points and conflicting interests to later approach positions and facilitate negotiation.

In this sense, the work of the mediator is essential to reorganise the situation, identify the points in common and reach an agreement that satisfies both. Help in the management of the conflict, giving a voice to the parties, facilitating dialogue and recognition of the other and granting them the responsibility of being themselves to find the solution to the problem, for mutual benefit and in total freedom and confidence.

Family Mediation is applicable to any dispute that arises within the family, from a divorce, separation or matrimonial annulment to problems of communication between its members, intergenerational discrepancies, economic disputes or lack of understanding with adolescents. Although in all of them the agreement is not legally binding, it does commit the parties to comply with the established terms.

Advantages of family mediation

Perhaps the most indicated advantage of Family Mediation is to ensure the child’s interest, and that prioritises the benefit of children over that of adults. The agreement reached has to guarantee their welfare in any case. This reduces the risk of parents using their children, bearing in mind that they can even decide about their future. The creation of an atmosphere of cooperation already benefits the smallest ones.

But there are many other advantages to go to this process, among which are saving time and costs and less emotional waste, without forgetting that the basis of any agreement is always the minor. It is also worth mentioning the intimate and private environment in which the controversy is managed, a tense climate suitable for communication and negotiation, the freedom of the parties, the improvement in their relationship and a firm commitment to comply with the agreement, since it is they who freely and voluntarily have committed themselves to do so.

And another of its main advantages is that the power has its own partner: this is the one that controls the process and makes the decision, and not a judge alien to their personal circumstances and way of life. In this way, the agreement reached will be adapted to the particular needs of each family.

Training in Family Mediation

To specialise in this area, a Master in Family Mediation is necessary. Thanks to it you will know the specific competences and aptitudes that a family mediator must possess as well as the functions of this position. They will show you the different types of conflict that can occur, the factors that favour them and the most effective resolution methods to reach a lasting agreement that satisfies everyone.

If you are going through some of these delicate situations or have a family problem that you do not know how to solve, mediation is the best option. Even if only for the smallest of the house. Do not forget that a process of separation or divorce does not have to be traumatic for them, although the way it is managed. It is time to create a climate without tensions or reproaches that allow dialogue and consensus. Because there is nothing more valuable than the peace and harmony of the home.

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