Facebook VS Instagram: The Battle of Social Media Royalty And Which To Choose

In 2012 Facebook did something strange. It bought Instagram a photo and video sharing app which wasn’t even popular back then for around 1 billion dollars. Why may you ask? Facebook had been trying to come up front with the mobile users, and Instagram seemed to be the way. And although Instagram has been kept […]
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In 2012 Facebook did something strange. It bought Instagram a photo and video sharing app which wasn’t even popular back then for around 1 billion dollars. Why may you ask? Facebook had been trying to come up front with the mobile users, and Instagram seemed to be the way. And although Instagram has been kept independent, we’re surprised to see it give a hard competition to its parent app. They may not be there yet in user statistics or web development Melbourne yet but that day isn’t far either.


By 2020 Instagram will easily take over Facebook in user statistics and even web development Melbourne. Facebook may have more users now, but both these apps will soon be head to head. When it comes to making a choice between the two, there are a few things that can be compared and considered.

User statistics

Like discussed before Facebook easily has more users than Instagram. After all, Facebook did have a head start. You’ll probably find more of your friends on Facebook than on Instagram if you’re above the age of twenty-five. The reason is that Facebook recently saw a decline of 2.8 million active users in the United States alone which is a shock in itself. Australian statistics of web development Melbourne too give the same data. Things only seem to be going downhill in the near future too. While Instagram, on the other hand, has reported an increase in users in September 2018. 200 million users increased in a year alone since December 2017.


While Instagram is mainly used by the younger population, Facebook is used widely amongst all age groups. So, advertisements on both these platforms can be made accordingly. Facebook is highly enjoyed and appreciated by the older generations. They understand it more than they understand Instagram and use it quite thoroughly. Web development Melbourne has also spent a great amount of time studying the demographics of the 2 sites.


When it comes to privacy, Facebook definitely provides more options regarding that. Privacy for your posts, status, activity anything can be easily changed. You can even change timeline privacy settings. On Instagram, you have the option of making the account private, public or business. But there are no privacy settings for individual posts.

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Advertisements and selling ads

Facebook was the front runner when it was time to integrate e-commerce with the website. It’s common knowledge that while these social media accounts are created free of cost for everyone, income in these companies is generated through ads. Facebook didn’t have much success because it went too far with the idea.

An average Facebook timeline looks more like a page of ads and puts off a lot of the millennial and Gen Z who don’t like the idea of being sold something like that. Instagram, however, has somehow managed to be more seamless in its e-commerce integration. It’s more sophisticated in its approach and has mastered the art of selling stuff online.

Devices and mobile friendliness

Facebook can be used on any device and Instagram can be used on tablets and mobile devices. Both of these can be accessed via apps and Facebook through the desktop version. Instagram does have a site that allows you to open it on computers and laptops, but there are again some restrictions. But today, mobile friendliness has become the key to social media platforms success.

Since so many users are active through their tablets, iPads and smartphones, Instagram does have an edge. With its humble beginnings and easy mobile interface, its drawbacks when it comes to computers and laptops don’t matter much. Facebook, however, will be the first as per web development Melbourne.

Algorithm Techniques

It’s commonly known that Instagram and Facebook both use very strong and advanced algorithm techniques. This makes the content provided on each platform unique to the individual. It can easily chart out the best content and approach for you.

In Photo and video content Instagram easily has one up than Facebook. Since Facebook ads have started appearing more and more a lot of users have expressed irritation. If Facebook could bring this web development change, it could attract back a lot of lost users.

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Interface and user-friendliness

The interface of both Instagram and Facebook is quite easy. Even with so many features and options which can seriously get confusing Facebook manages to keep its interface quite simple. But that could also be the habitual use of it that most of us find it easy to use. While Instagram doesn’t offer as many features as Facebook, its interface according to a mobile app is also quite easy and approachable. Since it’s just a photo and video sharing app, the basic purpose and options are obvious.

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The Vibe of the platforms

It’s not very justifiable to include vibe as a point, but there are some major differences that can be discussed. Trolling has been a part of Facebook since forever. Cyberbullying also isn’t a new word for Facebook. On the other hand, through some stroke of luck or by design Instagram is much more sophisticated.

People don’t tend to make a big deal out of small things here and tend to have a more pleasant experience. Instagram is strict with content and comments, and while Facebook is up there, it still needs to pull up its socks.


The final comparison

We can see not only the differences but also what makes both Facebook and Instagram so alike and likeable. Both have a huge user base and Facebook clearly more so than Instagram. While it boasts a ringing 2.20 billion active users monthly, Instagram’s 800 million active users monthly are hardly anything.

Instagram, however, does manage to give a pleasant and enjoyable though not through a long shot. Advertising and marketing through both these platforms are always good for businesses. Instagram ads are there to quickly grab your attention with its attractive photos while Facebook is a gradual build giving you details and suggestions. In Melbourne itself, Facebook is easily more popular. But it’s the age group above 25 that uses it more.


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