Everything you need to know about Security Blinds

Every day it is more common for people to acquire security shutters in Barcelona, ​​and that is that they bring some benefits that offer the feeling of tranquillity to the new owners. If you have thought about installing this type of blinds in your home, know everything you need to know about them. Remember that […]
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Every day it is more common for people to acquire security shutters in Barcelona, ​​and that is that they bring some benefits that offer the feeling of tranquillity to the new owners. If you have thought about installing this type of blinds in your home, know everything you need to know about them.

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What are security blinds?

Security blinds are governed by the concept of traditional blinds known, that is, consisting of a system of joined sheets, which is generally used to protect the room from sunlight.

But in the case of security blinds, these sheets are made of stronger materials, in addition their joining system between sheets is a bit more complex, since each sheet is intertwined with the next one, thus guaranteeing greater protection to these Accesses present in your home, but generally not given enough attention, such as windows.

Types of security shutters

The market offers several types of security shutters, being the most commercial blinds made of aluminium, and this metal gives greater resistance to attempts to access the home from outside. Self-locking elements can be adapted. The professional locksmith will indicate which improvements this type of blinds can receive.

Blinds with self-locking elements: They are those blinds that have been manufactured in conventional materials, but in turn incorporates a security system that blocks access from outside

This system consists in detecting that the blinds are being lifted from the outside, the system applies a certain force and pressure preventing access to housing.

If the thief has the right tools and exerts brute force, it is possible that the system can be violated, considering this possibility, you can check the level of security offered by the manufacturer.

Double sheet blinds: Ideal for protecting large surfaces, such as a garage door, or an entrance to the house with dimensions larger than traditional, since its manufacture doubles the access protection in which they are installed.

It is important to note that all safety shutter systems can be automated, due to their physical characteristics, such as weight, for example. It also facilitates the remote operation of the blinds in areas of difficult access to the house.

Repairs required by security shutters

Security shutters, like any other element that is frequently used in the home, can present some failures, which your trusted locksmith can solve without major inconvenience:


Broken slats: Although the slats of the security shutters are made of resistant materials, it is possible that some may break for some reasons: the attack of thieves when trying to enter the house, binding of some object between them, corrosion of the material, between others.

Binding of blinds by carelessness: The blinds can lose their adjustment when the springs lose tension, this wear occurs due to the use of the system. This is solved by levelling all the components of the system, so that the blinds run smoothly.

Failures in the strapping: This is a vital piece in the security system of the blinds, if the blinds do not move correctly, they will not be able to reach the end, so the safety lock cannot be applied, or it may happen that travels at high speed, running the risk of accidents.

Did you know that most breakdowns in blinds are fixable? We can fix your blinds in record time after an evaluation of the damages.

The diagnosis by a professional can save you a lot of money that you would have to invest in new blinds. A daily maintenance prevents repairs to be constant or that the item is unusable, so we recommend that you take care of your blinds properly.

As a customer, the easiest way to detect a fault is with use. When these items begin to fail when going up or down, an alarm is turned on for repair.

Problems that lead to repair blinds

Not going up

Whether it is an automated or mechanical system, it is the most common problem when we talk about repairing a blind. The problem may be due to the deterioration of some element, including the motor that drives the opening mechanism.

If it costs you a lot to raise the blind of your business, you are incurring physical overactivity that results in wear. That’s why we recommend that you solve the problem immediately.

They won’t go down

In most cases it is due to an obstruction in the element. A blind that does not come down at all, or that simply does not come down, not only translates into a problem of effort, but of security, because you leave a space for a possible thief to enter the premises.

Spring repair

The springs are the elements that guide when the set of slats is wound; the pulleys pass through there. If these springs are uneven, or worn, the process is affected, resulting in a badly rolled up blind, which in turn leads to problems for raising or lowering.

The replacement of springs is possible and must be done by true professionals.

Shaft repair

The axis of a blind is the central element where the slats are rolled. This is a very important element, any twist or wear makes it impossible for the blind to rise or fall. The replacement of this element is more complex because it requires that the entire system be demolished.

We know how to disassemble the shaft and replace it with a new one, if the previous one presents faults that cannot be solved. For this work you need true experts, because everything must be put in place making sure that it is well levelled for its optimal operation.

Pulley Repair

Pulleys are elements that guide the winding of the slats in the spring. These pulleys can break over time, depending on the material with which it is constructed. We, in our fault assessment, detect if this is the problem and proceed to solve it.

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