Differences within commercial photography

  Factors such as globalisation, technological access in emerging countries and the high competitiveness of the world of work have led us to all professions and trades to coincide in a universal truth: we live in the era of specialisation. Photography cannot be the exception, and here we are not talking about those who are […]
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Factors such as globalisation, technological access in emerging countries and the high competitiveness of the world of work have led us to all professions and trades to coincide in a universal truth: we live in the era of specialisation.

Photography cannot be the exception, and here we are not talking about those who are presumed to be professionals by putting 20 likes on Instagram, but the huge branch that today reaches the photo in all its forms.

In photojournalism, for example, publishing groups could hardly bet that their red note specialist could cover the source of the policy, or that those dedicated to raising images for the supplement areas would work just as well as sports photographers. Art photography has also found its diversification, just like the fashion photo or the commercial photo.

It is often a constant confusion for a large number of companies, who are not sure how to name what they are looking for or not knowing what they really need. Product photography and advertising photography are not the same, although both fall into the category of commercial. Let’s explain the differences:

The product photo is one that is made to feed catalogues, that is, in which the product is the only protagonist and in which it is intended to show the design of a bottle or, simply, to inform about what is being sold. under a 2D representation.

We mentioned that it serves to feed catalogues because it is the main reason for this kind of sessions (according to my experience), but they also work on other platforms. The product photo is basic to deliver as press material in launch campaigns (although it is not the only type of photo that is required) and, of course, it is very useful for social networks.

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Technology and how advertising photography works

The technological means have boosted the product photo considerably, and not only at the level of networks, but the e-commerce forces the brands to generate records of this type on what they offer to the market. Let’s say, then, that this type of image is basic for any item, from an ice cream that can cost $ 20 pesos to a perfume or a car of hundreds of thousands of pesos.

Advertising photography should have the essential rule of knowing how to tell a story. To be an advertising photographer it is not enough to know how to frame or find good angles of a product, but it also implies creativity and recognition of a target market.

The single advertising image may not have the product as a protagonist but must know how to tell a story capable of taking it to that place. Later we will go deeper into each of these categorisations. The important thing, as photographers, is really to recognize the client’s needs and know how to guide them towards the type of image they are looking for and that they can receive from us as photographers.

On the other hand, photographers have the task of expanding the fields of expertise, not leaving the dominated side, but follow the practice and go for more. It is passion, true, but also to develop the creative part, to enter the storytelling and develop the skills to know how to sell our work.

Advertising photography

All that this type of photography is used to try to sell different types of products. Commercial Photography is also known as advertising photography. There are different types of commercial photography such as fashion, glamor, crime scene, still life, food, editorial, portrait, wedding, landscape, wildlife and paparazzi. This type of photography is used for different types of advertising, such as magazines, menus, brochures, and more. Commercial photography helps sell products and promote business. When commercial photography is used to sell a product, the photographer takes pictures of the best part of the product that is sold. When photographers take photos of promoting companies they focus on construction and architecture. Most of the time when the image is based solely on the product and the background is generally flat.

Now, let’s make a quick summary of the different types of photography that we can offer you with their corresponding definitions:

  • Commercial photography: sell a product.
  • Fashion photography: sell a lifestyle.
  • Editorial Photography: sell a story.

Just keep in mind that the boundaries between different types of photography are fluid and may not be as different as we have described here. However, we are sure that this text will help you easily distinguish between them. First of all, let me say that fashion and commercial photography are usually summarised in the category of Advertising Photography, Editorial Photography, while it tends to be a category of its own. The reason is that both commercial and fashion more important try to sell a certain product, while Editorial Photography is more concerned with a story.

Commercial Photography

As mentioned above, commercial photography predominantly sells a product. Therefore, the emphasis of the session is on the product. That means that the lighting, the style, and the background are usually very simple (not in the bad sense). Think of buds catalogue where the models are placed in front of a white background or of a whitish colour with perhaps a light above the camera and a little on each side of the camera, and very natural looking up.

Fashion photography

Contrary to commercial photography, the emphasis in fashion photography does not reside in the garments, but in the mood and style of the image. Garments are nothing more than an accessory to convey a certain lifestyle. Therefore, the whole image is much more complex. Generally, you will not see plain white or almost white backgrounds in fashion photography and the models are usually a very spectacular style with thick eye liner, dramatic eye shadows, etc. With the increase in complexity in the style also comes an increase of the complexity in the illumination so that the image has a more dramatic aspect. While many commercial photographers only stick with one light for the model, fashion photographers tend to use a wide range of lights and lighting fixtures. \

Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is very similar to fashion photography, in the sense that editorial photography is not usually about the sale of a product, but something bigger. In fashion photography is the lifestyle, in editorial photography it is the story or the theme. As with fashion photography, proper lighting is of paramount importance. Let’s say you’re pulling an editorial about a traveling girl. If the story is about joy and happiness, then, of course, use a very kind and open lighting to insist on this state of mind. If on the other hand the story is about the dangers of the trip, the lighting would be much more dramatic and instead of a beach on a sunny day, you can opt for a dark alley.

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