If The Shoe Fits: The Dummies Size Guide

  Whenever you put your hands on a clothing piece or accessory item, make sure it fits you right! Owning a statement outfit or a trendy pair of Diana Ferrari sneakers is not of much use if you can’t carry it well. And, to be able to carry it well, you need to make sure […]
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Whenever you put your hands on a clothing piece or accessory item, make sure it fits you right! Owning a statement outfit or a trendy pair of Diana Ferrari sneakers is not of much use if you can’t carry it well. And, to be able to carry it well, you need to make sure that it fits you perfectly well. Well, how to pick the right size of footwear?

With multiple brands doing rounds in the fashion market and each brand having its own specifications, figuring out the right fit size can be tough. Yes, there are standard sizes available, and the charts can surely help you pick the right one. However, is that really enough? Read on to find out!

Make sure you refer the right shoe size chart

When it comes to buying your perfect pair of Diana Ferrari sneakers or any other footwear for that matter, don’t just refer to any shoe size chart and make an approximate assumption about your shoe size. That is definitely not a very wise thing to do.

The key is to look up a trustable shoe size chart which has all the different sizes mentioned in a tabular format. This table should contain the comparison and relative sizes of different size charts. That is, UK size, US size, EU size, AU size and other (if any) should be specified alongside each other.

Look through the sizes and their respective foot lengths mentioned to pick the right sized Diana Ferrari sneakers of your choice and stay in style!

What is the right way to measure the foot size?

The idea is to keep your foot comfortably and completely straight on an even surface. Make sure you keep your heel against a straight edge too. Next, place a clean and accurate ruler or measuring scale right next to your foot.

The measuring scale should start right from where the heel is kept against the straight edge. Generally, the measurements specified in the shoe sizing chart are in millimetres. Take note of the length starting from the heel up till the longest toe. (Caution: You longest toe isn’t necessarily the thumb of the foot!)

Measure your foot size and place an order for the fashionable and comfortable Diana Ferrari sneakers today!


Half sizes available for a better fit too!

Over the course of time, the fashion industry has really advanced, and the brands have come up with more feasible and comfortable options for the customers. Not every foot is meant to fit in perfectly well in the regular ‘whole’ shoe sizes.

For people with foot sizes other than the regular ‘whole’ sizes, Diana Ferrari sneakers have shoes available in the half sizes too. One can find sizes like 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 AU sizes in the brand with ease. Various other fashion brands like Clarks and many others offer similar sizing too. This has made the fit more comfortable and better for the customers, thus, enhancing the overall brand sales too.

The ideal width fitting is equally essential

The footwear brands these days have a few categories in the footwear styles as per the width fitting of the shoes. One can see shoe width fitting measurements mentioned as B, C, D, E, EE, etc. Each of these carrying a specific fit.

For the Diana Ferrari sneakers collection available in stores at showrooms as well as online, there are two types of width fittings on offer. They offer a width fitting B, which is the standard width fitting for the shoes. The other width fitting is C. This type offers a wider fitting shoe.

For other shoe brands available in the industry, the variations in the width fitting include Narrow Fit, standard Fit, Wide Fit and Extra Wide Fit. Decide on which type will keep you more comfortable and opt for the shoes accordingly.

Why does the same shoe have a different fit in every person’s feet?

The answer to this question isn’t very difficult. Every person out there has a different foot style! It depends on a person’s body structure. Little variations are bound to be there. However, for quality footwear like Diana Ferrari sneakers, the shoe sizes offered are fairly consistent and cater to a range of foot styles. They are designed in such a manner so that they can flexibly fit in well on most of the feet.

Apart from the foot style, the material of the shoes also plays a role in sizing. A person might find a canvas material shoe of AU size 6 to be perfect for him/ her. And, the same person might find a leather shoe in the same size to be tighter and less comfortable for his feet.

Hence, this is another example where the width fitting of the shoe comes into play.

Do flat feet or an instep make a difference too?

Having flat feet can be an issue. However, they do not make much difference in the shoe size you would be opting for. As an additional perk for you all, the Diana Ferrari sneakers are made to give extreme comfort and facilitate ease of walking. Thus, for those of you with a flat foot, the collection is perfect for you! It will help you stay in style at the same time, keeping a tab on your foot health!

For those of you with a higher instep, a shoe type like loafers or any open footwear would be a wise choice. Or, you could buy any closed shoe with adjustment facility available, be it Velcro or some stylish buckles. Again, Diana Ferrari sneakers would offer you the adjustment you have been looking for to cover up your instep comfortably.

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