Dental Treatment. The Importance Of Getting Your Bite Back.

Dentist appointment , Dental Treatment. Yes, I know that some of you can feel your heart beating faster just by looking at those two words. I certainly do not blame you for it either, with all the movies showing big and loud dental equipment entering into the mouth of the person trying to get away. […]

Dentist appointment , Dental Treatment. Yes, I know that some of you can feel your heart beating faster just by looking at those two words. I certainly do not blame you for it either, with all the movies showing big and loud dental equipment entering into the mouth of the person trying to get away. Once upon a time, I was just like that myself. The very idea of going for a simple dental appointment would make me highly anxious and uncomfortable, with many of my friends having to convince me for hours on end to go on the day. I have always followed normal procedure when it comes to my oral hygiene.

Since I was younger, I was always aware of how to look after myself after my mother had drilled it into my head (she was a nurse, which meant in the very little time I got to spend with her, she would teach me about all the important things to do with my health, how to do things in her absence, all that sort of stuff). Not only that, but the invaluable lessons in health starting from kindergarten all the way through to the end of my high school years were definitely something that I paid great attention to. As many of you have probably also heard, your smile is your best accessory which is why I would do my best to maintain my daily routine when it came to brushing and flossing.

I must admit though, I would try extra hard to look after my teeth and gums at home to avoid (or at least delay) the dreaded dentist appointments. For many years, I had managed to keep my oral health in check, that is, the dentist would always give me the tick of approval and let me know I have done a great job at looking after myself (phew!) But it wasn’t until one day when my good friends and I decided to go get some fish and chips as well as some calamari at one of our favourite places near the seaside. The weather was great as it was a long summer night, which made our choice for dinner fit in perfectly after a great day at the beach.

Our food had finally arrived and was looking and smelling delicious as always. After I had my first bite, I had experienced a shooting pain from the back of my jaw that suddenly began to radiate around my ear and side of my throat. It was absolutely excruciating (it is making me cringe just writing about it!) However, a few day before hand, I was beginning to experience a much milder version of that pain, which was something I could bare. It made me slightly concerned as I had done everything right by my dentist and had gotten the green light after many appointments. I simply could not manage to eat anymore, the pain was starting to become too much. My friends are actually very caring people, but because I am known to be a bit of an exaggerator when it comes to pain they just told me to relax and take some light painkillers until it subsided. I was beginning to think that they were right, and that it was nothing to be too concerned about after the painkillers had worked and allowed me to have a good night’s rest.

Feeling assured and pain free, I had made my way to work and began the busy week that awaited me. About 2 hours later, the pain had decided to creep back to my jaw and make me highly uncomfortable. I had made my decision, it was time for a check up with my dentist to put an end to this. I made my appointment once again at Parkwood Green Dental, which are close for anyone who is looking for a dentist in keilor, who were able to book me in for an appointment after very short notice. You see, my anxiety tends to get much worse as I walk into the waiting room and then manages to get amplified one hundred times over when I sit in the dental chair. Luckily enough, my dentist at Parkwood Green Dental is highly experienced and very skilled at what she does. My ridiculously high levels of anxiety at each visit also call for some calming down by my dentist and the friendly nurses.

The appointment had commenced and almost instantly, the dentist had made it clear that my lower gum were significantly inflamed and in need of urgent attention. This did not help and I started to get extremely uncomfortable. The dentist assured me that everything will be fine and that she needs to look further into what exactly was going on. And then the dreaded news had finally arrived. My wisdom tooth had decided to pay me a visit. I instantly started to panic after the horror stories I had heard about wisdom teeth and the way they are removed. The dentist and nurses, as always, had told me that it was nothing to be concerned about and that it was a common occurrence that needed to be treated in a quick fashion to prevent further discomfort or potential infections.

That was the last thing I needed, a bad infection that could disrupt my work schedule and make meal times painful and something not to look forward to. For those that may not be fully aware, wisdom teeth are the last rear molars that tend to erupt in your late teens or early twenties in most cases. Depending on various factors including jaw structure, the eruption of wisdom teeth may not be problematic as the jaw can accommodate them, and does not lead to overcrowding. Overcrowding can cause the teeth to move closer together, affecting your bite or push them sideways toward your cheek which can cause ulcers and problems with chewing.

One of my friends that I see quite regularly since high school had encountered the wisdom tooth issue and she was complaining about ongoing pain for quite some time. However, after having a series of x-rays to see the best way to treat the pain, her dentist had advised her that getting her wisdom teeth removed was not necessary. Instead, in order to help the wisdom teeth to be able to come through without the pain persisting on a daily basis, a small incision to her gum was all it took for the eruption to occur hassle free. That was great news for her, and she carries on with no issues. It was not that simple in my case, as my x-ray had determined that my jaw could not actually accommodate another set of molars without affecting my current teeth and causing rubbing against my cheek. I needed to get them removed.

I immediately began to think of those gruesome movie scenes I mentioned to you earlier. Big, unfriendly looking apparatus that was designed to almost excavate my gums and leave me in more pain than I originally complained about. After a solid talk with my dentist, she had calmly told me that the procedure of wisdom teeth removals were done under anaesthetic which meant I would not feel any pain. Luckily for me, the removal of my wisdom tooth would be an easy task as my roots had not completely formed as of yet (not far off) making it easier to extract from my gum. After some serious contemplation and calls to my friends, they had convinced me that it was the right decision.

I was finally ready to get my wisdom tooth removed. My regular dentist at Parkwood Green Dental has many years of experience, which made me feel more at ease with the whole extraction and I knew she would get it right. After a few painless needles to my gum and the surrounding areas to numb them, I could not feel any pain during the procedure. I was constantly checked up on as the nurses and dentist asked to see how I was feeling, and whether I felt any form of discomfort.

To my surprise, I did not feel any pain as it was only the feeling of soft pressure as the dentist skilfully (and gently) removed my wisdom tooth. I had no idea that the molars in a human mouth could actually be of that size, but then again I was not the most knowledgeable when it came to the anatomical structure. My dentist told me that it would take a few days for any kind of bleeding or pain to subside, and that gentle painkillers would be more than enough to help me during the healing process.

Although I took great care of my gums and teeth by regularly brushing and flossing, the eruption of my wisdom tooth had completely caught me off guard and highly anxious. But after my experience of getting my wisdom tooth removed at Parkwood Green Dental, my opinion on dental check ups and any kind of procedures associated with it had changed for the better. Not only are Parkwood Green Dental great at performing wisdom teeth removals, but they also have a wide range of services such as teeth whitening, comprehensive exams, dentures, bridges, crowns, laser teeth whitening treatment and more. I highly recommend the services of Parkwood Green Dental, they will change the way you view dentists and eliminate any anxiety you have during your next visit! Smile brighter today with Parkwood Green Dental.