Delving Deeper Into Italian Cuisine

Looking for Delving authentic Italian food in Leichhardt Sydney? When it comes to restaurants, At Fernando’s Italian restaurant offers you a great chance to relax, try new food and connect with your family and friends. At Fernando’s offers something for everyone and has a wide selection of meals and even a kids-only menu. Italian cuisine […]

Looking for Delving authentic Italian food in Leichhardt Sydney?

When it comes to restaurants, At Fernando’s Italian restaurant offers you a great chance to relax, try new food and connect with your family and friends. At Fernando’s offers something for everyone and has a wide selection of meals and even a kids-only menu. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and widely adopted cuisines all over the world. It has developed through centuries of social and political changes. Food is one of the cornerstones of Italian culture and when life gets busy and if times are changing, Italians still find a great Delving pleasure in sitting at a table and sharing a good, hearty meal together. Each Delving Italian family can tell you about their family’s way to cook specific dishes, using recipes that are often passed on through generations. Just as many other cultures, Italians enjoy discovering new food and new ways to prepare familiar dishes. Food and wine heritage is important in Italian culture and the Delving attention to this has risen in Italy itself and abroad.

Throughout the years, Italian food has been influenced by a number of factors and has greatly evolved. The meals served in the pre-Roman era have similarities and differences in the cuisine of today. The culinary history of Italy established a reputation more than 2,000 years ago. This includes the illustrious movement during the Roman Empire. The Romans were well-known for their feasts, wines and variety of food. They imported spices from China and other exotic foods from places faraway. The spread of Italian food diversity began after the fall of the Delving Roman Empire when individual cities began to establish separate identities and traditions. During the medieval times, this was when Italian food developed into the myriad of styles, textures, and flavours it contains today. Medieval Italy was divided into many separate regions that were ruled by separate groups rather than a central government. Each region began to display its own unique way of preparing and cooking dishes in their own customs. Many of these customs revolved around local food that was available. Mountain ranges also divide the country which created more diverse regions that were difficult to cross. All of these factors led to the many different regional cuisines developed in the one country. Italy was only then unified in 1861 and there is now no unique nation-wide tradition of preparing food. As the many areas of Italy grew, trade in Northern Italy flourished. Rich cream, butter, eggs, and grains were foods of the wealthy which led to the now commonly eaten dish, pasta, to be initially considered for the wealthy because it was made by so many costly ingredients. Pasta eventually spread throughout Italy and beyond and it eventually became more affordable for the non-wealthy.

Italian cuisine combines the health benefits of Mediterranean diet with a vast choice of seasonal ingredients and regional flavours. For Italians, cooking and sharing food is the way of life, whether it is at home with friends or at a fine-dining restaurant. Delving Italian food is always based around fresh, seasonal produce and each Italian cuisine varies widely by region and according to the time of the year. Italian cuisine reflects the strong regional traditions and each region has its own ingredients, traditional recipes and local specialities. Italians believe in simplicity and respect for good produce. Some of the most beloved dishes of Italians consist of just a few simple ingredients, carefully selected and served at their prime. Many Italian dishes have only four to eight ingredients and Italian cooks predominantly rely on the quality of the ingredients rather than on the elaborate preparation. There is a wide range of ingredients, flavours and dishes that make up the Italian cuisine we know and love. Italian cuisine is noted for its regional diversity and abundance of difference in taste. Italians were one of the first Delving to show us how to appreciate good coffee, use olive oil for cooking rather than as medicine, embrace garlic and understand fresh pasta and antipasto. Cheese and wine are a major part of the Italian cuisine, as well as coffee, in particular espresso.

Surprisingly enough, there is health benefits associated with Italian cuisine. Ever since Italians migrated to Australia and introduced us to spaghetti bolognese and pizza, we have embraced this wonderful and delicious dish that is now firmly woven into our national culinary culture. How many of us love spaghetti bolognese and pizza? The majority of us do. With the many Delving different toppings you can put on pizza, there is a pizza flavour for all. Seafood, margherita, Hawaiian, vegetarian pizza are just a few of the pizzas you can have. However, Italian cuisine is more than just spaghetti and pizza but it is now so popular that it could be classed as our adopted national dish. We may generally think that Italians diet consists of pasta and pizza and question this unhealthy diet. In fact, Italians do not eat pasta and pizza in the same proportion as we do. Italians (as well as many other different cultures) like to take the time to enjoy and eat their meal. A meal is more of a family or social event rather than just some kind of ‘pit stop’ to quickly satisfy oneself. Studies have shown that chewing your meals slowly contributes to a lower satiation level, in other words, you will feel more satisfied and full when you eat slowly. If you eat too fast, you can absorb too much additional food (above your healthy satiation level) because your brain does not have enough time to send the signal of satiation back to the stomach and therefore you eat more than you would have if you had eaten the same amount of food slowly. Taking the time to enjoy our meals can make us appreciate the food more and the company we are with. The texture of Italian food used also promotes thorough and slower chewing, as the ingredients used are usually consumed fresh and unrefined or cooked al dente (which means cooked enough to be firm but not soft). Additionally, Italian food is rarely stewed or baked through. Another reason why there are health benefits when eating Italian cuisine is that a lot of the meals are made with vegetables and fresh produce. The Italian diet consists of vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini, grains, seeds, beans and olive oil. Olive oil contains a high level of monounsaturated fats and studies suggest that a higher proportion of monounsaturated fats in our diet can reduce coronary heart disease risk. In a typical Italian diet, eggs, dairy, and meat are consumed regularly; however, the portions consumed are smaller compared to a Western diet. The consumption of red meat has been linked to several health risks such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and hypertension. Italians consume more white meat (poultry and fish) than red meat, where it occasionally makes an appearance and it is usually grilled instead of baked. Other than olive oil, fats are consumed rarely.

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