Customization and tips to make your motorcycle excellent

Customise your motorcycle can vary greatly in price depending on the changes we make. In recent years, the fever has increased due to the personalisation of motorcycles, making small or large changes inspired by old models or adding elements to adapt them to our tastes. Make your motorcycle look good with MotoXart on your side […]

Customise your motorcycle can vary greatly in price depending on the changes we make. In recent years, the fever has increased due to the personalisation of motorcycles, making small or large changes inspired by old models or adding elements to adapt them to our tastes.

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What style can a customised motorcycle be?

There are many styles to customise a motorcycle but in recent years 3 models inspired by “vintage” motorcycles known as Café Racer, Chopper or Scrambler motorcycles have been gaining popularity.

Café Racer motorcycles

Café Racer motorcycles are a motorcycle style popularised in the United Kingdom during the 50s by rockers and rock culture lovers. They are characterised by small changes such as the right frame tubes larger exhaust, car seat is, the handlebars are often low and inclined downwards, and show alterations in breadsticks, among others. These alterations are made in order to make the motorcycle lighter and more agile, since, as the name implies, the Coffee making was used especially for racing. Japanese motorcycles are often used for this type of customisation.

Chopper motorcycles

From the 40’s we get the “Chopper”. These custom bikes have a longer fork or that gives them a bigger advance than the rest of the bikes and a higher handlebar. These motorcycles were typical of some American motorcyclists who rebelled against their country after World War II claiming that European motorcycles were “easier and more fun to drive.” Like Café Racer, they are usually lighter than traditional motorcycles, which forces them to have fuel tanks, windshields, fenders and smaller lights, or, directly, non-existent since to achieve that lightness of handling the soldiers who drove them, they eliminated the superfluous, “cutting it”, “chop” in English.

Scrambler bikes

Scrambler bikes are the ones that have gained the most popularity in recent years as it is a more versatile motorcycle whose mixed tires make it suitable for all types of terrain and provide a more relaxed ride. They usually have off-road tires, studded tires, a lightweight but sturdy chassis, a raised chassis and their seats are normally two-seater. In addition, the exhaust pipes are usually glued to the seat to prevent water from entering them when crossing streams.

Can a custom motorcycle be approved?

Before thinking about the approval of your motorcycle, check that all the modifications you want to make are within the reform manual to avoid unpleasant surprises when we pass the ITV.

To do this, we recommend you ask a specialist mechanic or workshop to take care of carrying out the changes. Ask for their advice and make sure that the modifications you want to make are viable. We recommend you do it all at once and standardise the changes at once and not go one by one. Verify that all new parts have the homologation and CE seal of the factory so that they comply with all the regulations of the road and, once finished, pass by the ITV to approve the changes.

Motorcycles under warranty

You just bought a motorcycle and you consider customising it? Be careful, using non-original spare parts can make you lose the warranty of our motorcycle. If the new accessories generate a fault or a defect in the operation, you will most likely have problems with the warranty.

Custom motorcycle accessories

There are a lot of items that you can customise on your motorcycle. From painting to resizing mirrors, handlebars, or fenders. You can also add trims, luggage carriers or stirrups to facilitate driving and make sure you buy spare parts to avoid your custom motorcycle leaving you lying in the middle of the road.

Custom online stores

There are many online stores that propose to buy accessories for your motorcycle, such as ornaments and stickers or even helmets. Have fun finding the one that best suits your tastes!

Custom Yamaha motorcycles

When customising your motorcycle, you must take into account many factors, starting with the driving terrain and your budget.

Customise your motorcycle in these 5 ways

Customise your motorcycle if you want to show your passion for it. Having a good motorcycle is a matter of money and choosing the one that best suits your needs. Customising takes time. And time is money. That is why we are going to leave you with a few ways to carry out the customisation of your motorcycle so that you do not waste time thinking about them and only choose between them.

Paint it

This customisation method is the most variable. It can be cheap and simple or expensive and very personal. You can change the brightness of the bike, the colour or include a design or drawings specific to your two wheels. It is, perhaps, the first step to make you different since there are many motorcycle models that are only manufactured in a few colours and when changing it stands out much more among them. We recommend the help of a professional since you have to do some previous work and prepare all the parts of the chassis well and not paint certain parts of the motorcycle.

Patches and vinyls

Customise your motorcycle for a very low cost. The vinyls are the order of the day and are not expensive, but they do offer variety and a lot of style. You can stick them on the chassis and tires, in addition to the helmet. There are pages that personalise photos and others that sell you the images of groups, series or hobbies. There are also reflectors to get attention, be more visible and go safer. In Women Bikers we sell those of our brand to make it clear that under that helmet there is a woman proud of her passion for motorcycles.


The wheels have a function as to the shape, size and marks that the tire has. Despite this, it can also be considered an element of personalisation since they can be changed, yes, always taking into account common sense. Customise your motorcycle with your head and attending to the needs of the motorcycle. Not all wheels are valid for the same type of motorcycle. There are specialised tires also for certain uses.

Exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe fulfills, first of all, important functions, but it is also an element that can be changed to make it distinctive. There are different materials (carbon fibre, titanium), shapes (single, double, twisted…), colours and that produce more or less noise. The purring of a motorcycle can be very characteristic. Your route companion will know what your motorcycle is in the middle of the road if you get that special touch.

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