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All my hard work over several years had finally paid off. I had been dreaming of this day since I was young, I had been dreaming of the day I would graduate and finally get the job I had channelled all my energy towards. When I received the phone call from my new employers that […]
Corporate Environments

All my hard work over several years had finally paid off. I had been dreaming of this day since I was young, I had been dreaming of the day I would graduate and finally get the job I had channelled all my energy towards. When I received the phone call from my new employers that I had gotten the job, I was ecstatic. I had just been informed that I was accepted as an air hostess for a popular airline. I jumped right on the phone to my family and friends, over the moon with the news I had just gotten. After celebrating with a nice dinner later that night, I had decided that I needed to look the part when I start Corporate Environments. Afterall, upholding a corporate image is one of the most imperative components of making a statement in your working environment. I want to share a specific moment in time that had determined my career path at a very young age. A captured mental image of who I would become when I had matured into a young lady. The first time I had ever been on a plane was when I was about 8 years old. We were flying to Fiji for a family vacation that we would never forget, spending quality time together under the sun and enjoying the inviting crystal blue water.

There was always something I loved about flying in planes, looking up at the clouds and then looking down to the scenery that just appeared to get smaller and smaller as we ascended up into the sky. As odd as this may sound, I could even say I enjoyed the flying more than the actual trip itself (strange, right?) It was after that trip when I had begun to notice the air hostesses and what they did when we went away again to other parts of the world. Always seeing the air hostesses walking in and out of the planes, walking through airports in their perfectly aligned uniforms, looking very similar to one another. In fact, right before I boarded my first flight I thought they were all the same. I had fallen in love with the way they looked, their sense of style, sophistication, and uniform looks had stolen my interest and captivated me for years to come. It was right then and there that I decided I wanted to become one of them.Flying for several hours on end all around the world did not feel like a job to me. Just like any workplace, there were rules set in place about appropriate clothing in which you were required to follow. I did not complain. The idea of corporate uniforms was a completely new thing for me as I had worked in many different jobs during my studies, all of which did not require me to wear a corporate uniform. One of those jobs included being a professional blogger, which is why I decided to write one now! I was excited, I was ready to take on the challenge and the uniform that came with it.

Corporate uniforms are more than just clothing, they are a symbol of being in a team, a representation of a tight-knit unit that. Making a statement with corporate uniforms means you carry the shared responsibility of upholding what the company stands for. Corporate uniforms speak for you as a visual indicator of what your job may entail and what you specific role in the company may be making it a great alternative to regular workwear that is usually plain but follows a specific dress code specific to your workplace. There are countless variations of corporate uniforms that are suitable for both men and women including pants, jackets, skirts, blouses, ties, shoes, scarves (one of my personal favourites as an air hostess), and many more! Maintaining a professional corporate image in highly important to uphold and increase credibility and induce higher levels of confidence in the services and products you provide to your current and prospective markets. Solidarity in the workplace starts with everyone as a contributor, which is why corporate uniforms are a great way to instill a positive attitude within the corporate workplace. When looking for such uniforms, much like other pieces of clothing that are appropriate both in and out of the workplace, it is important to remember the type of material you want to get the most out of your clothing. Many favourable elements that materials and fabrics bring forth include breathability, comfort, durability, colour retention, texture, and many more. Because of my new found knowledge regarding corporate uniforms, I decided to let my valuable readers know that I have done all the research for them when it comes to finding one of the most reputable and high quality suppliers of corporate uniforms.

Needless to say, there is an overwhelming amount of uniform suppliers in the ever growing market today making it harder and harder to sift out the ones that may not be suitable for you. I have some great news. What would you say if I told you I found a website that provided all kinds of corporate workwear, including corporate uniforms that could be customised to your exact specifications? What if I told you that they also provide the embroidery in order to ensure your corporate uniform carries your business logo on the areas of your clothing you select? And what if I told you they were industry-leaders in corporate uniform supplies that is operated in Australia at great prices? If someone told me that, the first questions I would ask would be “Who are they? And how fast can you give me their website address?” Well, you are in luck, my fellow readers. For all your corporate uniform needs, Welborne Corporate Image are your one stop shop. Ranging from the finest quality materials and styles, you will be sure to find what you have been looking for, including accessories such as pens, keyrings, umbrellas, glasses, mugs, and other promotional items that will effectively promote your business in style all at outstanding prices. Achieving that corporate image with Welborne Corporate Image corporate uniforms has never been this easy!