Choose a dress according to your body shape and why these convertible dresses are suitable options for all cases

Different proportions, busts, heights. Know all the tricks and start dressing not to disguise but to enhance. Are you one of those who knows instantly what kind of garment brings out the best in your figure? ┬áSometimes we do not have to think about miraculous diets to see ourselves ideal, maybe the answer lies in […]
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Different proportions, busts, heights. Know all the tricks and start dressing not to disguise but to enhance. Are you one of those who knows instantly what kind of garment brings out the best in your figure?  Sometimes we do not have to think about miraculous diets to see ourselves ideal, maybe the answer lies in choosing each of the pieces that make up our wardrobe.

You no longer have an excuse, it’s time to get in shape after the holidays. While the dress is, without a doubt, the most versatile garment that exists, we must be clear that we cannot put everything on. Of course, always respecting the freedom of each one to put what you want, here we speak simply of a theory of the study of proportions and how the stylists and personal shopper work to highlight the strengths of each person’s body.

As for dresses, the good thing is that there are as many forms of dress as a female body. The basic rule to hit 100% with this theory is to know your proportions to be able to dress in a way that instead of walking disguising what we do not like we can enhance our qualities, because we all have them.

To avoid taking risks, dedicate a few minutes to this complete guide and you’ll know instantly recognise the patterns of dresses that can best sit when you go shopping. Here at Lucy and Loo we take pride in offering an entirely Australian made collection of top-quality dresses using the finest Italian fabric available in current market.

Female body types

Triangular or pear figure

  • Characteristics: Shoulders narrower than hips. They are usually women with defined waist, with little bust and legs that have to store fat in the feared cartridge belts.
  • Hit: Dresses with V-neck or anyone that highlights the upper part of the body, as well as straight cut.
  • Error: Designs that give more volume to the hips, such as pleats or tulle.

Round or apple-shaped figure

  • Characteristics: Without waist and with a lot of volume in the abdomen area. They usually have thinner legs, although sometimes it is only an optical effect. The shoulders are also round.
  • Hit: Emporium court dresses.
  • Error: The tight or tube with many details in the middle and narrowing in the lower part.

Rectangular figure

  • Characteristics: Shoulders, waist and hips draw a straight line, although it is a proportioned body that does not always turn out to be entirely feminine because it does not draw any shape.
  • Success: Dresses fitted in the upper part and with a lot of volume from the waist, for example those of the lady type.
  • Error: Straight or tube dress.

Hourglass figure

  • Characteristics: The chest keeps a perfect harmony with the hips and the waist is very defined. It is the body most desired by women because it has curves and is very feminine.
  • Success: Designs that draw the waist and that adapt to it.
  • Error: The dresses detached and of straight cut, for example those of tunic type.

Inverted triangle figure

  • Characteristics: Shoulders wider than hips with slender legs, normally, and volume in the chest area.
  • Hit: Dresses of line A, that is to say with greater volume and looser from the neckline.
  • Error: Those that are very tight in the low area or with shoulder pads.

What type of underwear do I need to wear with a convertible dress?

It is very common that when buying a new garment do not think with what lingerie or underwear we will use it and how many times to get home and want to use it at last we realise that our bra is marked, the braces are removed or transparent?

We are sure that this is a more common situation than we would like, so we share some of our best tips to wear those strapless dresses, low cut and impossible to wear with regular lingerie, so that you can finally start using your clothes favourite without fear of looking scruffy. Remember that details as small as these can make the difference between your outfit look impeccable or give a bad impression and you feel uncomfortable. Nobody wants -or should- see your underwear on the outside or through your clothes; and although yes, maybe these are not the most beautiful or flirtatious lingerie items, we swear that they are the most practical.

Strapless, halter neck or thin straps

These cuts are most common in summer or night clothes, for this reason is that it is ultra-basic that you have a minimum strapless bra. Whether you prefer it in the original colour so you can wear it with everything, or have a colour for every occasion, it is essential that you have a good fit and do not drop it. Because only wearing the transparent straps -or your regular straps on the outside- look terrible, it is also very bad that you are lifting your top continuously and blatantly.


Unless you are A cup and have the good fortune to be able to skip a brassiere when choosing a low-cut dress, you must remember that it is essential that you wear one. Fortunately, there are diverse types of special tops with pronounced necklines, which will not only help you hold and give a better shape to the chest making it look perfect; but they will save you the worry that at any moment you may suffer an “accident”.

Necklines in the back

We know how annoying it can be not to wear a regular brassiere because of the wide neckline on the back of your blouse or dress, but above all we know that exposing the brooch, even from our cutest top, could ruin complete our look; that’s why we recommend you to have a pair of adhesive cups, patches, or even a multi-position bra to use with your riskiest clothes and feel super comfortable and confident without risking all your chicness.

Remember that here at Lucy and Loo you can buy premium quality and elegant convertible dresses that you can wear more than one time by wrapping it around your body in a unique way.