Combating Acne Naturally

Are you someone who struggles with acne and just want to have beautifully clear skin? We all have experienced the odd occasion of a pimple rising to the surface of our face. Some of you may have even struggled or still are struggling with acne and are after an effective solution that will leave you […]

Are you someone who struggles with acne and just want to have beautifully clear skin? We all have experienced the odd occasion of a pimple rising to the surface of our face. Some of you may have even struggled or still are struggling with acne and are after an effective solution that will leave you feeling confident. Now who doesn’t want clear skin? As teenagers, we all typically get an outbreak of pimples which has made us self-conscious about showing our face in school or even stepping out of the house.

As teenagers, you may have been taught that oil was the enemy and scrubbed your face to strip your face of the oil in hopes to combat your acne. You might have applied all those harsh chemically formulated face washes, moisturisers and pimple creams to keep your skin oil-free and hopefully pimple-free. You might even have looked back and realised in doing so, your skin might not actually have gotten better and cleared up. We can all understand that having acne can be stressful times as a teen and especially leading into a young adult. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to withhold moisture from their skin because they fear they will break out from the oils. As a result of not moisturising your face, your skin eventually becomes dry and irritated, and the skin counteracts that problem and responds by producing more oil and eventually worsens the acne problem. You may have opted for oil-free moisturisers, and since there are countless of oil-free products you might have still chosen a product that doesn’t help with your acne problem. Many people find it challenging to find skin care products and a skin acne treatment that actually works for their acne prone skin. Breakouts in acne can become so persistent that you may think the only way to end the suffering is with a visit to the dermatologist. Yes, a visit to the dermatologist may lift your spirits in hopes for clearer skin but it may not work. Not only are dermatologists expensive but you may be prescribed with endless treatments or even pills that can dry and strip your skin, causing redness and flakiness.

If you opt for buying skin care products to counteract your acne problem, you are left overwhelmed with countless acne skin treatment products with varying ingredients all stating to combat your acne problem and leaving you with clear skin in a matter of days. In reality, acne doesn’t just disappear overnight. It is a slow process where patience and the right products are essential. Choosing the right products for your skin is imperative. A lot of people choose drugstore face washes, face moisturisers and the like because they are cheap and affordable. However, when you stop and really think about it, these products are cheap because they contain chemicals and ingredients that are in fact harmful in to your skin. Taking care of your skin is essential. It is the body’s largest living organ after all. Many skin care products on the market contain toxins and chemicals that suffocate the skin. That doesn’t sound too pleasant, now does it? An alarming amount of mainstream products contain chemicals that are easily absorbed into the skin and can enter the bloodstream. Many of the ingredients contained in these products also prevent the skin’s ability to breath and can be linked to conditions such as headaches and allergies. Before you decide to purchase a product to include as part of your acne treatment regime, always take the time to read the labels. This will show you what ingredients the products contain and what you will be putting on your skin. A lot of skin care products contain a number of toxins and chemicals including sodium lauryl sulphate which has actually been linked to health problems such as kidney damage, liver abnormalities and contact dermatitis. Now this is serious stuff! Experiencing side effects from skin care products you thought were safe to use has become a serious issue. Although these types of products may be effective for improving the appearance of your skin and combat your acne, keep in mind, this is only a temporary solution. The chemicals are often very harsh on the skin and can promote irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals that may worsen your acne. Nothing is worse than attempting to treat your acne prone skin and making it worse than before!

Some harmful ingredients to avoid when deciding to choose a skin care product are chemicals such as:

• Urea is a common preservative that releases formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen that irritates the mucous membranes. It is known to cause dermatitis. Dermatitis, for those of you who may not know what this is, it is a medical condition in which the skin becomes sore, swollen, and red from direct irritation of the skin by an external agent or allergic reaction to it. Examples of urea include imidazolidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea.

• Parabens are common preservatives that are linked to breast cancer. Examples include ethyl paraben and methyl paraben.

• Petroleum by-products are chemicals that interfere with the skin’s natural functions, exacerbates acne, clog the pores and are highly likely to be contaminated with carcinogens that are linked to breast cancer. Examples of petroleum by-products are mineral oil, paraffin and glycol.

• Sodium lauryl sulphate is another commonly used ingredient that is considered a skin irritant and carcinogen. It is also known to cause skin rashes and allergic reactions.

• Triethanolamine and diethanolamine are chemicals that can react with other ingredients inside the product to form potent carcinogenic chemicals called nitrosamines. That are linked with stomach, bladder, liver and oesophagus cancers.

If you are now overwhelmed by this list of harmful ingredients present in many products, remember that this is just a small list. There are much more different chemicals used in products and sold in the market. These are just some of the harmful toxins and chemicals used in products. Your products may contain these ingredients which you could be using on a daily basis, further exacerbating your acne. However, with this said, there is a solution. Natural and organic skin care are the way to go. Choosing these types of products is a natural way to get your skin feeling and looking radiant while effectively treating your acne. Without the added harmful toxins and chemicals, your skin will thank you for it! Natural and organic products work with your skin (and not against it) to enhance its regenerative and healing properties. Not only are these products chemical and pesticide free, but it also means it is better for your body and the environment. Even when you choose to purchase natural and organic skin care products, it is still important to read the labels as some may still include harmful preservatives and preparation aids.

A completely natural skin care regime can be achieved with the help of organic and natural products that will not only assist in combating your acne problem, but also help in the anti-ageing process, nourish the skin and keep it healthy. There a number of benefits to using natural and organic products over chemically compounded products. Natural and organic skin care products are much more environmentally than their non-organic counterparts. It is easy to understand that products made with toxins and chemicals cause detrimental effects to the planet. When you use chemically compounded products, the excess gets washed off into the sink which allows chemicals to enter the water supply system. Natural and organic skin care products are also typically produced by an eco-friendly production process with little harm to the environment, such as lowers carbon dioxide emissions from the manufacturing plants. These types of products ultimately promote healthier skin with its beneficial ingredients. Even though natural and organic skin care products may cost more than your regular drugstore products, it is well worth the investment. This is because they are made with only the finest quality ingredients to meet extremely high and regulated standards. With this, skin is healed on both the inside and outside. Skin care ingredients and your routine should be simple, you should treat your skin with the love and care it deserves.

Here are some beneficial ingredients to look out for in natural and organic skin care products:

• Unrefined vegetable and nut oils contain lipids, triglycerides, sterols and antioxidants. They replace lipids within the skin’s intercellular matrix and assist in restoring barrier function.

• Essential oils reach the deeper layers of the skin where they effectively hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

• Vitamin A moisturises the skin, improves the texture or photo-damaged skin and enhances the skin’s elasticity. Vitamin B also moisturises the skin, as well as soothes and enhances the healing process of dry skin. Vitamin C is useful in restoring a smooth surface to ageing skin. Vitamin E can enhance the performance of UV blockers whilst softening the skin.

• Beneficial herbs and botanicals include lavender oil, aloe vera and nettle. Healthy ingredients include avocado oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter and hemp oil.

• Other beneficial ingredients include glycerine, seaweed extract, alpha lipoic acid, pomegranate extract and grapeseed extract.

These are just some of the beneficial ingredients to look out for before buying products to include in your acne treatment skin care routine.

At Natural Beauty Collection, we offer organic beauty products which are produced with the highest degree of integrity, with respect for our environment from which they came from. We believe that pure, natural remedies work best when treating acne skin. With the absence of harsh chemicals and irritants, our products are highly effective and will leave your skin feeling refreshed, nourished and rejuvenated. Our online natural treatment in Australia are handmade and synergistically formulated to target specific skin conditions. If you are in need of help treating your acne, our expert and friendly representatives can help you find the best products for your skin type with our free skin care consultation. Let us set you up with a powerful, effective skin care regime that is totally customised to your unique needs at Natural Beauty Collection!