Closed circuits and apartments, the future

  Find out why you and your family should consider living in apartments as a whole. By having these ideas clear, you will be able to assess the alternatives you choose this year to acquire new housing. Living in a residential complex means having a private home, which shares its areas of general utility, such […]


Find out why you and your family should consider living in apartments as a whole. By having these ideas clear, you will be able to assess the alternatives you choose this year to acquire new housing.

Living in a residential complex means having a private home, which shares its areas of general utility, such as internal roads, green areas, social areas, among others. This housing alternative is called horizontal property, an excellent option for you and your pocket.

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  1. Live calm at all times

Living in a closed apartment is synonymous with security. Normally these types of real estate have an administration in charge of the issues of co-ownership and among them, one of the most valued by the owners is the surveillance. It is proven that they are less exposed to risks and not only is the prevention of theft, is that also the permanent surveillance systems, can warn deterioration by use or by accident of certain areas of the set and repair them in a timely manner. It also allows to detect and control the presence of pests.

Regarding the rules of earthquake resistance, the modern groups are better prepared to avoid different attacks of Mother Nature. Safety first.

  1. Improve your quality of life

An apartment in residential complex offers spaces and common areas that you can hardly get in independent homes. If you add to this the fact of having access to technology services, life will be much more harmonious. In general, the common areas are spacious and proportional to the size of the project, you can find green areas and / or recreation for your whole family. Sports and social activities are planned and, as long as they are well cared for, they will be enjoyed by residents and guests

  1. Have good neighbours to share in community

By living in a closed apartment, you will have the opportunity to live in community, to make new friendships that will share the same lifestyle that you like. This generates important responsibilities for all, because they must have social rules with which they identify and can live in harmony.

  1. Good control of expenses

An apartment regularly reduces expenses, for this reason, nowadays there are more and in general, Colombians who prefer to rent apartments. If you acquire it in a residential complex, you will have certain services that having them in a detached house, would be very expensive. For example, boilers, common areas; security systems and circuits, parking for visitors, services with new technologies of sunlight or efficient systems for water and energy use that will save you a lot of money and possible headaches.

You also find housing projects that fit your budget at the time of purchase, and one of the current advantages of the real estate market all around the world, is that most of the properties comply with the requirements to apply to the subsidy quotas of housing offered by the National Government.

  1. Value in order to have a better future

A new apartment in a residential complex, usually has a very good location, this value your investment over other alternatives of the real estate market, because they tend to be more commercial when going out to sell to a third party. Today, construction companies guarantee projects that more than being a property, they are a lifestyle with a lot of comfort, as well as living in a private club within the city. To start a new home, it’s just a matter of finding the one that fits your budget.

Find out about these important topics in our news section and take into account these 5 reasons to acquire a new apartment in the Residential Complex.

The benefits of living in a department

One of the greatest goals of the human being is to have his own house. We grow up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in a big house, with garden and patio, but have you ever thought that life in a department can be the same or even better, than in a house?

Currently, cities have been growing in infrastructure in a very fast way, there is increasing competition and they are getting better quality. This is why now you can find both houses and apartments where you can have a great quality of life.

It is true that the departments offer small spaces, but that is not why they are a bad option to live. Most apartment complexes make up for what is lacking in space with attractive amenities and common areas. These make life easier and more practical because having access to them from the outside would be expensive and even slow.


An apartment building is located in a busy area which is equivalent to greater security, because it is exposed to public view in some way and there is greater protection of the property. In addition, it has good quality closed circuit systems, controlled access, cameras and a team of trained security guards.


The construction of houses is concentrated, in general, in areas far from the city. While the apartment buildings are located in strategic and / or central points of the metropolis, which translates into easier transfers and better access to public transport.


Currently, the apartment complexes have numerous spaces dedicated to leisure and entertainment for its residents. The most common are the gym, children’s games, events room, laundry, movie theatres, business centres and the most luxurious, they could even have their own heliport.


The common areas and the amenities require great attention, but they do not represent an additional effort for the residents since the administration of the building takes care of that and a monthly charge is made.

Cost effectiveness

The developments of departments have grown in demand and supply in recent years because people often prefer them when choosing a property to live. This makes them a property that is easy to sell or rent with good returns and high added value.

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