Choosing the right aquarium size

When you visit an aquarium warehouse or online aquarium store looking for the right choice to start this aquarium hobby, there are many things you must consider. First, the physical space you have will set the limits of the size of the aquarium, and this is something you should always keep in mind when you […]
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When you visit an aquarium warehouse or online aquarium store looking for the right choice to start this aquarium hobby, there are many things you must consider. First, the physical space you have will set the limits of the size of the aquarium, and this is something you should always keep in mind when you visit an online aquarium store.

Considering that you have to perform periodic maintenance, you may prefer buying a fish tank that is not more than 60 cm high. This way if you decide to purchase an aquarium chiller it will be also easier for it to keep water in great conditions.

The height of the aquarium will also affect the amount of light needed. All these aspects need to be considered when you visit an aquarium warehouse looking for the right options for your house.

Regarding the width is recommended between 35 and 50 cm. To avoid too much optical distortion, making it look like the bottom of the fish tank is closer than it really is. The length is limited by the physical space and the budget. If you visit a great online aquarium store such as Guppy’s Aquarium Products you can find top quality aquarium supplies in Australia at unmatched prices. But the most suitable length is a standard of 120 cm long.

For starters and amateurs, a 100-liter tank is fine. It is not recommendable to start with a tank that is less of 80 litres since they are easier to manage. With a good aquarium cooler bought at an appropriate online aquarium store you can forget about extra issues regarding aquariums in the future.

Buying a Small Aquarium

In a small aquarium, any slight change affects much more the stability of the ecosystem. However, there is much less space to be cleaned. With a small aquarium chiller bought at any place that provides good aquarium supplies in Australia you can easily take care of the cooling issue.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that the bigger the tank, the more options you have for both, decoration and solutions needed in the aquarium. At an aquarium warehouse you can find everything you need, and fortunately it is at one click of distance thanks to the option to visit an online aquarium store.

Buying a Large Aquarium

Large aquariums are simpler to maintain biological stability because the margin of error in the parameters you have to control (pH, temperature, etc.) is also greater. Temperature can also be controlled with an aquarium chiller.

Keep in mind that the maintenance task is practically the same for a large aquarium as for a small one. And you can buy all items needed for a thorough clean at a top online aquarium store as Guppy’s Aquarium Products.

Buying a Nano Aquarium

In the most difficult one, there are smaller tanks and fish tanks, known as nano aquariums. They are tanks with a capacity between 10 and 20 litres. They are recommended for those who already have some experience and the small accessories needed can be provided at any store with aquarium supplies in Australia.

Furniture or Stand for the Aquarium

The weight of the aquarium is something to keep in mind, because if we do not, this adventure can end in disaster before we start.

It is essential to use a suitable piece of furniture or support that will hold the weight of the aquarium full without problems, you can also acquire these at an online aquarium store and have them delivered to house. In general, a full aquarium usually weighs 1.2 kg per litre. That is, a 100-liter aquarium will weight around 120 kg.

It is always recommended to place the aquarium on a piece of furniture or support designed for this purpose, because a wrong decision at this point can be fatal. You will get this type of option at an aquarium warehouse.

It is very important that the support is levelled before placing the tank because the aquarium has to settle equally in the 4 corners. If you do not seat the four corners of the aquarium equally can arise tensions that end up fracturing the glass.

Aquarium Material

Glass and crystal are the main materials used in the construction of aquariums. Glass as well as cheap, better resists scratches and discoloration.  You can buy fish thanks made with these materials at any online aquarium store, they come in many shapes and sizes, but with respect to the material, you will find crystal aquariums and acrylic aquariums.

Regarding the type of material that you should choose, it will depend on what you prefer, but all the things you will put inside can be bought at an online aquarium store.


  • It is more fragile
  • It is cheaper per litre
  • The base can support only the edges
  • Difficult to scratch
  • Scratches are permanent
  • Vacuuming is hard
  • High refractive degree




  • It is more resistant
  • It is more expensive per litre
  • The base should support completely
  • Easy to scratch
  • Scratches can be removed
  • Vacuuming is easier
  • Low refractive degree

Final tips to Buy an Aquarium

Finally, some recommendations to buy an aquarium and start buying aquarium supplies in Australia at a top online aquarium store.

Although there are species that can demand greater height in the tank, like the Altum, it is always better to be long than high. The greater the height, the lighter we need to reach the bottom. The longer it is easier for the fish to establish their territories, especially the Cichlids.

In order to avoid breakages due to poor distribution of loads, a flexible insulating material such as foam, cork, polyexpan, etc. is placed between the support and the tank.

You will enjoy more of a more medium-sized but well-equipped aquarium, than a giant and poorly equipped aquarium. Get a standard size aquarium and fill it with accessories bought at an aquarium warehouse and get a good aquarium chiller as well.

If you are looking for an option that allows you to take care of your fish while taking care of your money also, you can contact us. We have a wide variety of different services and products that may be helpful for you.