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It is fairly common for people in today’s day and age to experience some kind of pain in their back, neck, or other areas in the body. Experiencing such pain can be quite taxing on the body, often resulting in little to no or little mobility. Quality of life can drastically decline, placing many people […]
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It is fairly common for people in today’s day and age to experience some kind of pain in their back, neck, or other areas in the body. Experiencing such pain can be quite taxing on the body, often resulting in little to no or little mobility. Quality of life can drastically decline, placing many people and their families in a state of constant distress for prolonged periods of time. This can occur due to reduced income due after not being able to work because of specific conditions, the medical appointments that may be required as a way of pain relief and expensive medication that inevitably follows as part of general treatment. As a sufferer of severe neck pain on a frequent basis, it is a highly unpleasant and uncomfortable time that makes me unable to leave the house for a number of days, to say the least. Because of this, I would find myself making several appointments that would usually end up with me making several trips to the pharmacy straight after. I also was never too big on taking medication, especially on a regular basis. It was an ongoing hassle for me (and people around me) as I would miss out on important things such as meeting work deadlines and special occasions. It was beginning to be too much.

After another appointment with my general practitioner, she referred me to a chiropractor that was nearby and had years of relevant experience. Now, the underlying principle of chiropractic care is that when changes to the normal structure and function of the skeletal system as well as muscles and surrounding tissue occur, negative effects such as pain and discomfort can occur. Further, these changes in the structure and function can cause pain and discomfort in other areas of the body. For example, pain and discomfort experienced in the lower spine may result in sections of the upper region of the spine to take on the extra “job” that the lower spine can no longer complete. Because of the added strain and pressure that the upper spine is now under, pain may radiate or shoot up to the neck or head areas, causing mild to severe headaches or neck pains (something I can definitely relate to). This is the case for many different types of areas in the body. Another example is where lower back pain may cause someone to not walk properly, thus producing further issues in the legs or ankles. This is something that my father experiences, severe lower back pain that would also leave him bedridden for weeks. This would be tough on us, as it is always hard to see a loved one in pain, as well as hard on the household because he could not return to work for long periods of time.

The good news is that there is always a solution to decrease or completely eradicate pain due to chiropractic therapy. Chiropractic therapy has been documented to ease headaches or migraines, postural problems, back injuries, lower back pain , joint pain, and has even been effective in treating period pain for many women with specialised methods. Now, for those of you wondering what the process of visiting an experienced chiropractor involves, you are in luck. When you arrange an appointment with your chiropractor, the appointment will begin with preliminary health questions. The chiropractor will ask a series of questions about your condition and begin a physical examination as a way of evaluating your current state of health. In order to paint an accurate picture of your current state of health, the chiropractor may request you walk around and watch the way you do so in order to examine how your pain or discomfort may be impacting your mobility. This includes watching how you stand and balance yourself as it may provide an indication of the exact source of pain for the best outcome to be achieved. Examining your spine, pelvis, head region and other areas is paramount for successful chiropractic therapy to occur. In some cases, the chiropractor may also request a series of x-rays to gain a visual display of what the problem may be caused by.

The primary treatment is usually spinal manipulation techniques that work to adjust your spinal alignment, which in cases, is a major contributor to pain experienced in various areas of the body. It is common for the chiropractor to adjust the way you sit, stand, or position yourself while lying on a flat surface depending on what is causing the pain and discomfort. Fellow readers, it is time to dispel the common myth that puts many people off chiropractic therapy. The clicking sounds that may occur during therapy (usually exaggerated in the movies, much like everything else!) is nothing to be worried about. At all. I can tell you from personal experience that you cannot even feel anything on the occasion that it happens. It is just your bones realigning themselves, meaning you are in good hands (literally). There are many methods that chiropractic therapy may involve depending on your condition including using specialised instruments, pressing or pushing on or around the area in pain, applying pressure, placing wedges beneath the body for corrective treatment and many more techniques.

There are many variables that determine the type of treatment method administered including pre-existing conditions such as circulation disorders, arthritis, previous treatments and surgery, body weight, age, pregnancy, current and previous medication and many more factors. I am continuing to seek chiropractic therapy as it enables me to manage my severe neck pain. I am taking less days off work, spending more quality time with my loved ones, and have increased the quality of life significantly since my first appointment. I personally recommend my current chiropractor to relieve any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing. I know how much it can take out of your mobility, work life, and general quality of life. Visit to book a consultation with an experienced and qualified chiropractor and wave goodbye to pain and discomfort today.