Change of mindset for business improvement

Our individual mind is prey to the social mind. Our thoughts and convictions are influenced by social ideas that come from many years ago and that now have no meaning. In the business field we also suffer from it. That is why, in so many places, a change of mentality is so necessary. In this […]
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Our individual mind is prey to the social mind. Our thoughts and convictions are influenced by social ideas that come from many years ago and that now have no meaning. In the business field we also suffer from it. That is why, in so many places, a change of mentality is so necessary.

In this post we will make a brief review of those social ideas that are more counterproductive for the company and more rooted in the business field, and we will see why they do not make sense at present. Bear in mind that here at Applied Innovation we have a team of professionals with a unique combination of leadership and experience to prepare your people to adapt to change.

Change of mentality: if you work, you cannot enjoy

This idea comes from centuries ago, when so many people worked sweating to till the land, to harvest, even after the Industrial Revolution to make chain jobs in the factories. The sweat and exhaustion that exhausted these workers made the work associated with stimuli of pain and not pleasure.

However, although workers were previously needed to perform unsatisfactory mechanical work, now these jobs are almost entirely done by machines. This leaves room for more and more new professions to be created that contribute to workers using their creativity at work and, with it, enjoy it. We have reached a time where work and pleasure can go hand in hand.

Change of mentality: to motivate workers, you have to pay more

As before the workers could not enjoy a job that made them suffer, the only way to motivate them was through a higher salary. However, given that there are now ample possibilities to get workers to enjoy their work, a salary increase is not enough to motivate them. Companies must contribute to their professional self-realisation and to their satisfaction with what they are doing.

The proof of this is that, today, there are many workers who charge around $ 1500 in a company in which they perform a job that does not motivate them or contribute anything, and when they receive an offer of employment with a salary $ 1200 to do a job that contributes to their self-fulfilment and their personal and professional satisfaction, they choose it without hesitation.

Change of mentality: the internet is not safe

Another of the social ideas in which a change of mentality in the company is necessary is the lack of internet security. It is true that years ago the internet was an unsafe site, but nowadays, with the technological advances in security measures, antivirus, firewalls, SSL certificates and hundreds of others, the internet is not as dangerous as before. You can make a payment online via credit card or you can work in the cloud with the same security that is paid at the POS of a physical store or with the same security that works on paper.

The only thing that must be remembered is that it must be done by taking the appropriate security measures. Exactly the same as we did with conventional methods.

Change of mentality: if something works, leave it as is

This idea is one of those that most harm business innovation. Creativity is limited by leaving things as they are. Let’s think about it If you leave something as it is because it works, that something will always stay the same. If it stays the same, it does not evolve. If it does not evolve, you cannot offer anything new to the consumer. And if it does not offer anything new to the consumer, our customers will leave with the competition that offers them new things.

What you need to do is experiment and innovate with caution. If you are going to disassemble a fan, take note of how all the pieces were placed in case you need to reassemble it. This is how you will learn how a fan works and you can discover ways to create new things from it. And just like with the fan, the same thing happens with any process, product or business service.

Therefore, if you notice that any of the social ideas we have discussed is present in your company, our recommendation is that you take measures to change it.

Change of Mindset for a Better Company

The mentality is a habitual way of thinking or interpreting events. These can be own or collective, as in the case of companies, especially with reference to the behaviours that it produces.

What kind of mentality would you say you have? What kind of mentality do they have in your company or work group? Do you have the kind of mentality that favours success or failure? By changing our mentality in certain aspects of our personal and work life, we will begin to see opportunities that were previously hidden or not perceptible.

To change the collective mentality of a company, we must begin with individual mentalities. There are certain simple changes that will make you see the world with another perspective:

Successful people think of Prosperity Terms

Most people think in terms of survival. They are concerned with maintaining and conserving resources, not increasing them. Successful people think in terms of prosperity instead of moving forward day to day. They always want to be better than yesterday. Instead of thinking about limitations, they think in terms of abundance.

Therefore, they seek opportunities for improvement continuously. Doing things, as we did them in the past is not enough for them. They seek excellence and in most cases they get it. If you think about being the same today as a year ago, you will surely be worse tomorrow. If your company sells $1000 dollars today and you try to sell the same $ 1000 the next year, unfortunately they will have lost the value they so jealously wanted to keep. Simply by terms of inflation, money loses its value. So not to grow is to decrease.

Change your way of thinking from Security to Opportunity

Nobody achieves success by being fearful and having security as their goal. Success is achieved by being a leader in the field. This does not mean wasting money or putting your work or company at risk, means leaving your comfort zone and looking for new ways of doing things before the competition does.

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