Cake Anyone? A Cake for Every Occasion

Cakes are a staple and cornerstone for any big event. It steals not just the show and the attention but also the taste buds as well. Cakes are a great way to not only keep guests satisfied but more importantly, treat the receiver of the special gift. Certainly, there is no doubt that this sweet […]
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Cakes are a staple and cornerstone for any big event. It steals not just the show and the attention but also the taste buds as well. Cakes are a great way to not only keep guests satisfied but more importantly, treat the receiver of the special gift. Certainly, there is no doubt that this sweet pastry caters to everyone and lifts the mood of every event and meal, but surely there are must-haves for every occasion. With several types of cakes, baked and dressed in different ways, some of them are great some occasions, and a simple guide like this one will help you identify the best for your events. From wedding cakes Brighton to birthday cakes, check out what’s the best for your occasion.

Here’s a list of the best cakes for several occasions:

For Weddings

There is no history of ever saying ‘I do’ without having some cake afterwards! Wedding cakes often leave planners in a muddle. Some amazing cake options include the conventional white, tiered wedding cakes and if you’re not thinking too conventional, a cupcake tower that is topped with a simple one-tiered cake is another option you can never go wrong.

In a soft, summery atmosphere or venue, a vintage wedding cake is a great option as well. If you are tech-savvy, you can get a wide variety of cakes that are available online, and a search will show you the large selection of wedding cakes Brighton, vintage wedding cakes Melbourne or any region can offer.

For Birthdays

Birthdays are the most popular occasion that requires a cake. Be it, kids or adults, no matter the age, there is simply to birthday without a birthday cake! There is a wide assortment of cakes especially for birthdays, and if the kids aren’t demanding for a specific one, it might be stressful to think of one, especially when surprising the birthday child!

Conventional birthday cakes are usually cake and cream, topped off with candles or sparklers. Other options are character cakes for more personalised treatment, a pinata bashing cake, and truffle cakes are a popular option in the current era. Birthday cakes can be bought on-the-spot or should be pre-ordered. They can also be ordered or check out online, thereby giving you a better opinion as to what kind of birthday cakes south Melbourne or your current area may be able to provide you with.


A Valentine’s Surprise

Valentine’s day is a great occasion to show your loved one that you love them by treating them with a sweet surprise. Valentine’s day cakes are not the number 1 option, but it is all the more special! Sponge cakes topped with strawberries or strawberry and vanilla icing is a great choice. Dressings that are matching the event such as strawberries, candy roses are preferred.

For Christenings

Christenings are a serene family and close-group event. A cake is a great add-on for a happy occasion such as this. Most christening cakes Brighton has seen are usually coloured or iced with pastel pink or pastel blue sticking to the theme of kids/toddlers. Usually, these cakes are minimally designed and mostly cater to the aesthetic of soft pastels and are accessorised with baby-like items. Based on your roster and invite list, these cakes can be easily customised and even layered.

For the Holidays

The holidays are a great opportunity to sit back and relax. If you can’t bake or lack the resources to do so, ordering cakes is a rescue. For the holidays, finger food sized pastries and desserts are usually preferred. When it comes to cakes, gingerbread-based cakes sticking to the theme of candy-canes, green and red-based icings, and cherries are common. Plum and but cakes are a popular option as well. Puddings and Buche de Noels are also very popular today. Ordering many servings or larger cakes are recommended as festival season always calls for a lot of desserts, especially meant for sharing.

For Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions are a heart-warming time for friends and family. Some choose to share a meal with everyone and these cases, cakes are great for dessert. Just like wedding cakes, tiered cakes are a great option. Other desserts such as cut cakes or cupcakes will do well too. Conventionally, white frosting and icing are preferred with flowery designs and accessories. Ribbons are also a welcome addition in these cakes. If you’re trying to mix things up, gateau cakes or puddings are amazing as well!

For baby showers

Baby showers have a lot going on, the surprise, the treat, the happiness is all a-plenty. Regardless of how you choose to do your baby shower, cakes are a staple. Baby shower cakes usually have accessories that stick to the aesthetic and theme of the event.

Conventional cakes usually have and use pastel colours and soft icings without being too impactful. However, if you are going for something a little out of the box, impactful cakes with colourful frosting are also a great choice! Couples and family can even get creative with what goes on top of the cake to keep the element of surprise and fun.

For last days and good-byes

Cakes are a sweet and sensitive touch for farewells at the office or workplace. Whether a beloved co-worker is transferring or simply leaving due to other reasons, giving them a last endearing memory through a good-bye cake. These cakes are very simple and office-friendly. This means that the frostings, icings and the overall colours of the cake are not as grand and imprinting. A sweet word or two on the cake with a simple icing will give co-workers a sweet good-bye. For these cakes, cupcakes or bigger cakes are a wiser option to cater to the larger number of guests.

As we would like to say, there is a cake for every occasion- the trick is to find the right one! When ordering, make sure it always sticks to your budget and theme of the event as well and guaranteed, everyone will have a great time at desserts! We at Splendid cakes provide you with the best birthday cakes South Melbourne or for any special occasion. Check out the wide range of cakes today!