Bring Out Your Pearly Whites:Teeth Whitening

We all desire a perfect smile. After all, a smile can leave a lasting impression in the mind of the person before us. A bright smile can not only impress others but also gives us a sense of self-confidence. This is the reason why many people admit that the first thing they notice about another […]

We all desire a perfect smile. After all, a smile can leave a lasting impression in the mind of the person before us. A bright smile can not only impress others but also gives us a sense of self-confidence. This is the reason why many people admit that the first thing they notice about another person is their smile with pearly whites.

Increasingly, people are investing in getting whiter and brighter set of teeth.  After all, a dazzling smile can take years off your age and make you look much younger and healthier. Before you visit a teeth whitening dentist in Melbourne for a teeth whitening procedure, you might have a few questions or doubts in your mind. Keep reading to find answers to them!

What do you mean by teeth whitening?

Let us start with the basics. A teeth whitening procedure lightens the teeth colour and also aids in removing discolouration or stains. The procedure is considered so safe that there are over-the-counter measures available which claim to whiten teeth. However, there are several reasons why it is advisable to go to a qualified teeth whitening dentist in Melbourne.

Before the procedure, the situation regarding your dental health has to be properly assessed. Only after that, an in-office procedure will be recommended by the right teeth whitening dentist Melbourne service. You can rest assured that the process will be much safer, faster and far more effective. With proper care taken after the procedure, the effects of the procedure can even last up to 3 years.

Reasons why your teeth may be staining

A tooth has different layers. Over time, the outer layer of the tooth called the enamel gets thinner. Thus, making the dentin layer present underneath becomes more and more visible. Since the colour of the dentin layer is yellow, the overall appearance of the teeth also becomes yellowish. With increasing age, the enamel keeps getting thinner and thus, making the teeth appear yellow and stained. Other than age, the most common reasons that teeth whitening dentist Melbourne services cite for teeth getting stained are:

  • Use of substances like cigarettes or tobacco.
  • Drinking dark coloured liquids like cola, red wine or caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea.
  • Not taking proper care of the teeth.
  • Presence of excessive fluoride in the water supply.

What happens when you get a teeth whitening procedure done?

Here are the steps involved in a teeth whitening procedure:

Step 1: The first step that a teeth whitening dentist Melbourne service will undertake is assessing the situation and photographing the teeth. This will help him monitor the progress of the treatment.

Step 2: Next, a dental hygienist thoroughly cleans for plaque or food build-up.

Step 3: Then, the procedure can finally begin. A protective layer is applied to the gums and the areas around the teeth.

Step 4: The teeth whitening dentist Melbourne will use a gel which is applied directly to the surface of the tooth.

Step 5: A specialised laser light will be passed to fasten the bleaching process.

And voila! It’s done! The procedure gives effective result in just around 30- 90 minutes as opposed to over-the-counter measures. In over-the-counter ones, you have to apply the gel overnight only to avail minimal effect. The time taken in the in-office procedure depends on the teeth discolouration that you already have and how much lighter you want your teeth to be.

Am I the right candidate to get teeth whitening done?

Since teeth whitening is a non-aggressive procedure, those who have stained teeth but have good dental health can be considered perfect candidates for it. According to teeth whitening dentist Melbourne service, there are certain traits associated with good candidates for the procedure.


Here’s what they check for

#1 People with no/fewer fillings, crowns, veneers etc.

People who haven’t had too many restoration procedures like crowns, veneers will have better results. Crowns and veneers are made of a material which does not respond to bleaching agents at all.

#2 People with yellow-toned teeth

Yellow toned teeth benefit the most out of this treatment. Brown coloured stains respond lesser while purple/black coloured shades will benefit the least.

#3 People who frequently drink caffeinated and coloured beverages

If you are someone who cannot avoid caffeine, tobacco or coloured beverages, you will find that your teeth would already have begun to stain. Since these stains appear on the surface of the teeth, they are easily removable.

Who cannot be considered as good candidates?

According to teeth whitening dentist Melbourne experts, these good candidates should avoid the procedure:

#1 Pregnant or lactating women or children below the age of 16 years

Women and children in this stage have an overgrown pulp inside the teeth. There is a possibility that the chemical seeps inside the tooth and affect the inner areas resulting in tooth sensitivity.

#2 People with an allergy to bleaching agents

People with an allergy to peroxide or other related bleaching agents should completely avoid the procedure. Ask your teeth whitening dentist Melbourne service about other available teeth whitening procedures that would be more suitable.

#3 People who experience sensitivity

After the treatment, individuals experience teeth sensitivity. Hence, people who already have teeth sensitivity can choose other teeth whitening procedures to avoid escalation of the condition.

#4 People with tooth decay or exposed roots

It is advisable for patients with tooth decay or exposed roots first to get them properly treated and only thereafter go for the procedure.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. Thus, making it one of the most sought-after dental procedures. However, always remember to consult a teeth whitening dentist Melbourne service before undergoing any procedure. They can analyse the condition of your teeth properly and provide the best-suited treatment according to your need.

Aesthetik delivers the perfect dental hygiene using advanced technologies to improve oral health which helps in protecting from future dental problems. If you are not the ideal candidate for the teeth whitening procedure, don’t abandon your dream of attaining the perfect smile. There are a variety of other available options. Book a consultation to know how you can secure the perfect smile that you have been looking for!