Brakes loose, what to do if brakes of our vehicle don’t work?

We assume that it is best to keep up with the maintenance of the car and check the entire brake system periodically. But for now, so that you don’t face a “final destination”, we give you recommendations in case you don’t know what to do if your brakes fail during the trip. When you run […]

We assume that it is best to keep up with the maintenance of the car and check the entire brake system periodically. But for now, so that you don’t face a “final destination”, we give you recommendations in case you don’t know what to do if your brakes fail during the trip.

When you run out of brakes, what you have to do is go to a braking ramp; to be able to achieve it, you have to place yourself in the left lane, turn on the turn signals and play the horn when you see a car in front to avoid a crash, when you see the red line, place yourself on it and follow it until you reach the ramp, on the way you can See the signs that tell you how far they are. Many highways in the country have such ramps.

Another great option is to put the car in neutral and exert constant pressure on the brakes; With this action, the car will stop accelerating little by little, because the gears that go from the engine to the axles are disconnected. This is recommended when you are in the city or on a road where there are no braking ramps.

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What NOT to do

– Never turn off the engine until we have stopped completely, remember that the steering and various components depend on having the impeller running.

– Handbrake: Although at low speed it is recommended to use the handbrake, if you go fast use it progressively so as not to lose control of the car.

– Stay alert to what happens outside: having an overview of the environment will allow you to make the best decisions in the emergency situation.

The one that MUST be done

– Deactivate the Cruise Control Speed: If you have it on and it does not turn off when you press the brake pedal, deactivate it manually.

– Indicate that you are in an emergency: turn on the lights that communicate emergency: flashing and directional stops to indicate that you are going to take the car off the road.

– Progressive reactions: although it is a borderline situation, avoid sudden reactions, gradually lift the foot of the accelerator and hold the steering wheel firmly.

– Pump the brakes: Press the brake pedal several times repeatedly. If it is soft, the system may lack fluid, if it is rigid, something may have been locked. Pumping the circuit by gradually pressing the pedal increases the pressure in the brake circuit, the braking capacity is likely to increase progressively.

– Use the case: In addition to progressively applying the handbrake, use the recesses in the case to take advantage of the engine brake. If the gearbox is automatic, the engine brake is smaller, but it also helps, you can use the sequential control or the grid itself (if it has gear positions).

– Deviate from the route: On asphalt the car has better grip and stability, so it is not advisable to step on sidewalks. However, once you applied all the above tips, you may have to get out of the way. This should be done as long as it suits all who are circulating at that time. It is preferable that the car is hit or scratched, before it spins or becomes uncontrolled by spinning off exposing us or others to imminent danger.

How to deal with a traffic accident?

November 19 is the World Day for the Remembrance of Trafficking Victims, an initiative that was born as a way to honour the memory of those killed in road accidents. In that spirit, the International Automobile Federation promotes awareness and prevention actions in these cases.

It’s important that the different civil society organizations, together with governments and citizens, strengthen the commitment to raise awareness and prevent road risks that affect the lives of many people.

Road Violence brings recommendations to act and take into account when facing a road accident:

To protect

When the accident site is reached, it is necessary to protect the area so that there are no other shocks or abuses. A path for emergency services must be left free. In addition, you should always leave the flashing light on, and if possible, wear a reflective garment that favours visual identification. Placing triangles to give notice to other drivers is also key.


Prior to calling the emergency number, the person must calm down to provide the greatest amount of geographic data (street, number, crossing) and the specific point at which the incident occurred. It is also necessary to indicate the number of vehicles involved and their status. It is important to identify yourself, keep calm and not hang up the phone until it is indicated.


The first thing is to assess the status of each victim to attend first to the most serious. You should not remove a casualty from your vehicle or try to move it unless you are in danger of death, and under no circumstances should you try to remove the helmet from a motorcyclist. In the absence of resuscitation knowledge, it is best to wait for emergency services to arrive. If the injured person is breathing hard, he can be helped by slightly leaning his head back, without moving the spinal axis, to try to open the airways a little. Remember that it is important that the wounded remain conscious at all times, for this you have to talk to him and try to reassure him.

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