Best Fairy Floss Accessories to Buy (And What To Avoid)

Fairy floss sticks are the all-time favourite sugary treats that are much loved and devoured by children and adults alike. It is a very well-known confectionary item and may be known around the world as candy floss or cotton candy. They are fun to eat and even more fun to watch while being spun on […]

Fairy floss sticks are the all-time favourite sugary treats that are much loved and devoured by children and adults alike. It is a very well-known confectionary item and may be known around the world as candy floss or cotton candy. They are fun to eat and even more fun to watch while being spun on fairy floss sticks. With its authentic colours ranging from pink to blue, the mere thought of eating one excites all!

As a business owner, you may want to weigh all your options before making a purchase. Dealing with fairy floss sticks is a pretty lucrative business and can be super profitable. However, having the right supplies and accessories is also an essential part of it.

What is fairy floss?

Fairy floss is nothing but spun sugar in a huge fluffy cotton cloud. We have seen it throughout our childhood and love it as adults too. It is a thing of beauty as it is simply prepared by liquefying sugar first, which is later solidified into thin strands spun together. Mostly containing air, it can’t be prepared at home just like that and needs a special fairy floss sticks machine. This spun sugar is served on fairy floss sticks and is tied in plastic bags nicely for you. Nowadays, you will find numerous flavours and colours, all having different taste and feel than the pink and blue original ones. If you crave for fairy floss sticks after reading this, just head straight to your local beach, fair, or park for a fluffy dose of sugar!

What to look for in a fairy floss machine?

If you are not sure what kind of fairy floss machine is right for you, we could help. There are some basic accessories that must be a part of an ideal machine that you will be using for fairy floss sticks, such as:

#1 A high-performing spinner

In ordinary ribbon heating elements, the sugar generally clogs. This leads to each batch being slightly different than the other. Do not opt for plastic parts as all metals are superior for this purpose. Machines with parts made of aluminium or any other durable unit should be considered as part of a good fairy floss machine.


#2 Roll-top bubble

The bubble that sits on top, which helps you see and handle the sugar is called the roll-top bubble. To maintain consistency, a top-roll design is important. It gives easy access to the sugar while making sure that the floss and the contents of the machine are still protected from all the airborne particles. This also protects your fairy floss machine when not in use.

#3 Stabilizer and clips

The stabilizer and clips are the plastic screen parts that you install before turning your fairy floss machine on. The main job of stabilizer and clips is to prevent the floss from falling out of the bowl, making the sugary end product easier to collect.

Is a fairy floss business profitable?

A fairy floss business has high returns for very minimal investments. All that you basically need is sugar, floss sugar, fairy floss sticks, a floss machine, a good location and you are good to go! It can be started as both a small or large-scale business. This makes it great for people who are looking to add something extra to their bakeries or candy stores.

A side fairy floss machine can be more profitable than you can imagine. The equipment is light-weight enough to be carried around. So, even if you plan to open a stall or a kiosk, you will be able to move it around. The demand for it is always high, and you can guarantee excellent returns.

Space and location

Good space and location are important things to consider for any business. Your fairy floss business is no exception. Look for places that see a lot of crowd on a typical day. Events, festivals, fairs, carnivals, and circuses often have tie-ups with fairy floss vendors, and you can always approach them too. If you want, you can even set up a stall or a kiosk at flea markets, outside schools, and parks. Make your stall as creative as possible with colourful décor and bold, attractive letters. The more creatively designed your cart is, the more people it will attract.

Fairy floss machine

Whether you are just starting your fairy floss business or are already in it, you probably know the importance of a good fairy floss machine. Depending on your needs, you have the option to go for bigger or smaller vessels. There are combo machines too that help you make popcorn on one side, which is just as great. It’s a very popular sweet treat. So, a simple research on the internet can show you tons of good suppliers. The machine suppliers will also aid you with the purchase of other accessories you may require like plastic baggies, fairy floss sticks, flavouring and floss sugar.

Floss sugar

Floss sugar is the ingredient that gives fairy floss its typical colour and flavour. It is also responsible for the amazing smell that takes you to your happiest memories when you hold the fairy floss sticks in your hand. Fairy floss was initially white, and it wasn’t until the invention of floss sugar that fairy floss became a popular sight everywhere.

Candy floss has now slowly branded into its own flavour. A typically blue raspberry type that has transcended into other treats like ice creams and cakes is a great choice. Since there are several colours and flavour pairings to choose from around the world, it has been easy to make it into a generic flavour from an original confectionary.

Where to find the best supplies and accessories for your fairy floss business?

Are you wondering where you will find supplies like goodie bags, plastics, fairy floss sticks and floss machines? Don’t worry because we are here to tell you that all this and more is available at your fingertips! Online stores like Daiquiri take care of business and everything you need along the way. At Daiquiri Hire, you are guaranteed the best fairy floss equipment and accessory suppliers in the country. Visit the online store today and make the purchases soon. Good luck with your fairy floss sticks business!