Guide to buy: What is the best car brand?

  A Mercedes Benz, an Audi a “BMW” or a Volvo for some, because in addition to the image, they are the ones that offer the most in cutting-edge technology, especially in the relevant security, and the power of certain engines is another world. A small group of generalists can offer almost the same in […]


A Mercedes Benz, an Audi a “BMW” or a Volvo for some, because in addition to the image, they are the ones that offer the most in cutting-edge technology, especially in the relevant security, and the power of certain engines is another world. A small group of generalists can offer almost the same in a relatively short period of time and be the same or even more durable car brand.

You cannot strip the big halo of prestige car brand like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Porsche or a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Everyone knows that behind those doors there is a lot of luxury, technology, mechanical power, and that they are expensive, for many unattainable.

It is believed that they are very superior in everything to the rest of generalist or mundane brands. Which are really luxury? All over the planet, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac, Lexus, Mini, Porsche, Acura, Jaguar, Infiniti, Land Rover, and the recent Genesis products (belong to Hyundai), they want to position themselves, like the DS Citroen; but we miss another, impossible to forget Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

They are not, although each has cars close to the most elite that have cut the distances in all areas, or Citroen, Jeep, Peugeot, Mazda, Hyundai, Honda, Renault, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen and the rest of Japanese , European Americans or Korean, even though in Colombia they are perceived in the other position, by the high costs of sale and maintenance (the cars are a business, the importer “writes” the rules), and therefore they roll few units, that makes them more exclusive and desired for many, that’s another thing.

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Why is a luxury car brand recognized?

There are several characteristics. They have forged prestige because throughout history they have been presenting innovations that have always been exclusive because it takes a while for them to be adopted by the other automakers. In all periods they have been the first to offer unknown advances in their time, in technical matters, in safety, in comfort, in the quality of construction, even in the outline of their lines of general design, ideas that, also with time, they are transferred – well by consumers -, to the other automotive companies, and encourage competitiveness, which has greatly reduced the differences between the two groups.

Examples? The parking assistance systems, blind spot monitoring, autonomous parking, driver fatigue alert, LED lights with more than 600 meters of range, were launched less than 10 years ago. the premium ones, and already the rest of the brands also offer these advances to a great extent even in subcompact cars. And if we go back, the same thing happened almost 20 years ago, with boxes of 6 and 7 changes, Xenon lights, chairs with massage and heating, stability control and 6 airbags as standard.


Going into the subjective and measurable, a luxury vehicle provides image on issues such as design, the visual quality of the cabin, feels better, finer, more expensive, generates more pleasure, and that is why it is a very emotional product. How in the measurable? With the solidity when passing over holes, the low sound level in the interior or high and pleasant to the outside (a sports exhosto is studied for its tuning). Equally, by the touch of the controls: a control of changes, a few knobs of the air conditioner, the control of the lights, the sensation that transmits a handle, everything is studied to transmit quality, until the sound when the door is closed.

Which is the best brand? We choose Mercedes Benz instead of Audi or BMW among the traditional luxury cars -not a simple choice-, but it is easy for others who go more for the love and loyalty towards a brand, which means its emblem, or simply because the style. The three are very homogeneous and without forgetting the traditional dynamic and comfort in “BM” and Mercedes respectively, anyone offers superb engines, chassis that with various suspension systems as the case of pneumatics, can deliver optimal dynamics, and comfort dreamed . Everything governed from immaculate controls and touch screens, as in the recent Audi A6, 7 and 8.

This impeccable trio delivers very well finished cabins, soundproof, solid feel with exceptional driving positions and infinite electronic functions focused to the gourmet, choosing from thousands of colors that illuminate the interior, programming the music and the type of massage in the pilot’s chair according to the mood!

Funcionality and customisation

All offer practically the same equipment and customization possibilities for a variety of colours, wheels, normal or adaptive suspensions, fabrics, noble materials such as leathers for chairs, wood, carbon fibre parts, chrome …. the limit is a function of the budget. All deliver generous doses of image, comfort, security and technology.

So, why did we choose Mercedes? Substantial weight arguments validate my choice. Its long and rich history, for automobiles that have been a milestone in the competition, and other models that at the time with patents incorporated historical advances today are part of all the cars: the zones of programmed deformation, the ABS brakes and the first airbag of the world, among many inventions, such as being the first automobile with combustion engine in 1886.

It makes a difference too, a vast group of classic Mercedes of all times, witnessing a robustness and superior reliability that are coveted and fought in the best auction houses in the world, we love the class, the stately, elegant aspect, despite from the strange market currently invaded by trucks with all shapes, from the traditional sedans from class C (seen from behind, clearly reminiscent of the famous pontoon) to the S, the latter, in its coupe body, one of the best GT of the world that with respect but without sorrow can look at a Rolls Royce or Aston Martin.

It is also an affordable brand for a large majority in all latitudes – more since 2013 with the compact A -, the value of the models used is very solid and constant all over the world and, although it may seem incredible but it is true, they work better and that’s why it costs a lot less to keep them in comparison to the Ferrari or Lamborghini (obviously they also fascinate me, they are from another “league” but we cannot choose them all …).

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