Benefits of installing electric gateways in your company

Currently, electric gateways automation has ceased to be just a comfort element to become a tool when adding higher levels of security to your property. The automation of gates as an integral part of security allows: Shorten the time you take coming inside the garage and leaving it, tending to protect it against actions of […]

Currently, electric gateways automation has ceased to be just a comfort element to become a tool when adding higher levels of security to your property.

The automation of gates as an integral part of security allows:

  • Shorten the time you take coming inside the garage and leaving it, tending to protect it against actions of criminals as incomers.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to getting out of the car to open and close the gates, not causing them to take you for assault at that moment.

In MDI we are very happy to provide our customers quality information that is useful to make the most beneficial decisions in the future. On this occasion, we are very pleased to inform you that thanks to the preference of our customers, we have managed to become a leading company in Australia in the field of automatic doors, without a doubt, this achievement would not have been possible without the quality of materials with that our products are manufactured and, above all, to the excellence in the service we have provided throughout our years of existence.

On this occasion, our article will focus on all the benefits and virtues of electric gates installation in your house or business, in the business, or in an industry. We are convinced that after reading this article, our readers will not doubt that this type of automatic systems are the best option, capable of providing durability, safety and unparalleled comfort, worthy of the 21st century. Undoubtedly, the scientific and technological advances that modernity brought with it have managed to satisfy a myriad of needs and, above all, to make our lives easier.

The electric gates have become one of the best options for those residences or those industries that make constant use of their doors, whether to enter or exit, to park cars or for the entry of merchandise. In the case of industries, this type of automatic mechanisms allows the company to save thousands of pesos in personnel, since it is only necessary for a person to be responsible for opening the door, since it is only necessary to activate, through a button, the mechanism that opens and closes the gate.

Technologic advantages of using electric gates

Thanks to technological developments, there are currently distinct types of automatic doors; there are sliding gates and swinging gates, everything depends on the needs that customers have and how they will use this automatic mechanism. It is evident, then, that automatic doors or gates have a large number of advantages and benefits that have allowed these mechanisms to position themselves as one of the most used by the industry in Australia, then we will present some of the advantages that using automatic gates can offer:

One of the main advantages offered by these innovative and highly developed automatic door systems is focused on comfort. This feature allows the surveillance staff in a warehouse or in the industrial sector to open and close the door with unparalleled ease, without the need to leave their guardhouse, which means that apart from their view of the surveillance cameras, situation that could result in a condition of insecurity. In addition, there are many times when the weather conditions are very complicated, so opening the door becomes something really stormy.

On the other hand, safety is one of the main benefits offered by automatic electric gates. In order to avoid any issues regarding unsafety, industries and stores take security measures that can keep personnel and merchandise safe inside inside any building. In this way, electric gates have become one of the security measures preferred by those in charge of warehouses and industries, as their quality and strength is unmatched.

Common questions about automated gates

These are some of the questions that people ask more frequently regarding automated gates:

  • Can all types of gates be automated? Yes, you can automate all types of doors and gates whether they are straight, swing or draw, and without the need for major reforms.
  • Is the equipment ready to be installed in the open? Yes, their construction and waterproofness make them suitable for all types of climates, with temperatures from -10 C to 50 C.
  • What happens if there is a power cut? All our equipment has an unlocking mechanism that allows manual opening in the event of a lack of electrical power.

Electric gates have a series of elements that provide security to those inside. Some of the most developed automatic doors that are worthy of the 21st century have devices that increase safety through photocells and sensors for detecting matter. This allows the guards in charge of security to be aware of what is happening outside the gate; In this way, it is much easier to have control of what happens outside, generating greater security and preventing property from becoming the target of crime.

On the other hand, the more sophisticated electric gates have obstacle detection sensors, which allows the deferment motor to be activated to reduce the probability of accidents. We know that there are human errors and in case of pressing by mistake the button that activates the mechanism for the door to close, if the gate detects any object that could impede its function, it immediately stops, making it easier avoid accidents. In addition, some systems have coloured lights that indicate when the door is closing and when it is opening, so it is much easier to detect the function that is being carried out.

Finally, the electric gates have an unparalleled useful life, because the hardness of the materials with which they are manufactured is unique in the market; however, it is very important to provide adequate maintenance to prevent the mechanism from becoming damaged or deteriorating over time or due to meteorological factors such as rain and hail. But the most important thing is to choose a reliable company to buy and install this type of mechanism.

MDI is a company that has many years of experience years of experience in the electric door industry. If you are thinking about acquiring an automatic door for your home or business, do not hesitate to go with the automation experts. Know all the products that this new company offers you.