Beautiful accessories can completely replace jewellery

At the beginning of the 30s it was a revolution and in the 80s the explosive excess of the time. Charms, lockets and chains are the new type of jewellery is already the essential accessory of day to day This type of jewellery is now a new trend. That which has no limits and in […]

At the beginning of the 30s it was a revolution and in the 80s the explosive excess of the time. Charms, lockets and chains are the new type of jewellery is already the essential accessory of day to day

This type of jewellery is now a new trend. That which has no limits and in which everything – excess and fantasy – is possible. They say size doesn’t matter. But, in a matter of jewellery, he has always done it. With Coco Chanel it went from being a symbol of wealth to a simple ornament. The day she began to show off her fake pearl necklaces, to the scandal of high society, nothing was the same as before. Women no longer depended on men with money to wear the most spectacular jewels and, as he did with so many other things, laid the foundations of current fashion.

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Costume jewellery Coco Chanel

The decade of the eighties and its excesses strengthened the jewellery as an essential fashion element. XXL accessories with stones and fake golds invaded the catwalks. Collections such as those of Yves Saint Laurent were paid land for the most excessive creations.

The 90s arrived and with the minimalism typical of the decade, the costume jewellery went into the background converted into a bad taste plate.

But, you know, in a matter of fashion you just have to wait the time necessary for the banished tendency to resurface from its ashes with more force than ever. And now it is the turn of the jewellery and all its possibilities.

Costume jewellery Yves Saint Laurent

What is the secret of your success? Anton Heunis, creator of the jewellery firm that bears his name, is clear: Fantasy and more fantasy, there are no limits, with gold and diamonds you have to think more eternal, more classic, something for a lifetime. Instead, with the jewellery you can have more fun, more trend and more freshness. The jewellery has changed a lot in recent times, before it was seen as an alternative to real jewellery, but today it has become a more daring accessory that is carried by design and not so much for the value of materials, it can be compared to an author’s bag or a pair of shoes.

The materials that the jewellery lines or firms use broaden horizons and multiply the possibilities of the imagination. The leather, like the one used in one of the fetish accessories of the season, the resin or the ceramics have given another life to the jewellery.

Shinny jewellery

There is no celebrity who does not fall into temptation and include a jewellery accessory in her look. Shourouk and his ultra-colourful and pop universe is one of Lady Gaga’s favourite brands, Blake Lively and even the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Fun designs and in line with the most current culture have earned him a preferred position among the most fashionistas.

The catwalk once again pays homage, reinventing its uses. Dolce & Gabbana, in its last parades, builds a whole universe thanks to this accessory that allows it to develop all its imaginary: fake tiaras, jewel necks and a deluxe military in which the Levites are filled with rhinestones decorations.

The Gucci revolution is another of the firms that uses jewellery to put the finishing touch on that aesthetic so unique that it has created in the latest collections. The revisited college in which cosy garments are combined with XL collars is perfect to wear at all hours.

What did Saint Laurent do?

Saint Laurent, on the other hand, returns to the eighties to accompany his proposals with earrings and jewellery necklaces that move between rock and punk aesthetics.

But there are also more subtle firms for those fleeing from excesses. Many of them respond to minimalist designs with geometric games and more relaxed materials such as stones or ceramics. In short, the jewellery is a declaration of principles, a commitment to fantasy and the possibility of changing style with each accessory because, what’s the freedom to have your small collection of pieces and purchase larger pieces, not everyone can buy jewellery in large quantities. Besides being able to buy more fantasy since with jewellery it is normal to opt for more classic designs, many manufacturers believe it’s good to stay classic.

This type of jewellery is the perfect replacement found by those who cannot afford to buy quality jewellery. It is always much more comfortable for these consumers to buy jewellery at street markets than to go to a jewellery store and buy a piece of more value (which there are also without the need for the price to be exorbitantly high). The counterpoint is found by discovering that while the appearance of the jewellery changes over time and the influence of external agents such as water, the jewels remain intact and equally special with the passage of time.

Apart from that, to differentiate the jewels from what is simply these alternatives, the material from which they are made also influences. For example, noble metals, such as gold or silver, are used in jewellery and, in many cases, rhodium plating finishes are included; while the jewellery seeks to supplant these metals, somewhat more durable and expensive, for less expensive and precious materials such as steel, brass, pewter or zamac, hence the pieces of jewellery usually blacken with the passing of the day while that silver or gold ring that you acquired years ago in a jewellery store remains as bright as the first day.

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