Bakery:The Importance of Decoration in Sweet Art Pastry

  Decoration is a very important issue in the bakery, so it should not be neglected. Captivate customers with an attractive and appetising setting for the most demanding palates. The cake. There is no large or small celebration in which this delicious and striking element is missing. Even, it can become the centre of attraction […]


Decoration is a very important issue in the bakery, so it should not be neglected. Captivate customers with an attractive and appetising setting for the most demanding palates.

The cake. There is no large or small celebration in which this delicious and striking element is missing. Even, it can become the centre of attraction and is always worthy of a comment. Round, square, heart-shaped, castle or super hero; for two people, three, five and even more floors. With white cream, chocolate, decoration, flowers … yellow, green, white with black or many colours. Everything is worth as long as it is according to the occasion, it is delicious and it looks very appetising and original.

Decorating cakes is now an art. It requires not only the pastry chef’s experience and technique, but also his unlimited creativity. In addition, there are increasingly more demands from customers who, in addition to a delicious flavour, expect a unique and different piece. Everything enters through the eyes. Without an aesthetic and striking decoration, the product is not successful.

In order to attract the attention of customers, it is necessary to have a good preparation to make the cake attractive. “That knows well and that it is beautiful is the formula for the client to return. The current trends show cakes with soft and light flavors, made with natural raw materials that take up the artisan tradition and that are accompanied by decorations that include light and healthy ingredients, without limiting the infinite possibilities of creating attractive pieces, full of color and chords with the different types of occasion “, affirms the expert.

Products such as jellies and glaze are a great option, since they have little sugar. On the other hand, taking advantage of the native fruits of each region opens even more possibilities to decorate and provide sweet and natural flavours. The important thing is that in addition to being healthy, the end result is attractive and rich, as if it had normal sugar. After all, a cake will never cease to be a “sweet temptation”.

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The decoration evolves

There are many ways to decorate cakes. According to the occasion, the possibilities are endless. Here are some steps to take into account in this process:

  • Be creative. Remember that there are no limits to decorating a cake.
  • Seek to reflect the feelings, tastes or interests of people through their creations.
  • Laminated covers transmit sobriety and are often used for formal occasions such as marriages, degrees, fifteen years, etc. The strong contrasts of colour and the use of shapes and geometric figures can make a piece of cake with a great acceptance. Also, the personalised, which are part of the theme of the celebration.
  • Whole or sliced ​​fruits offer different possibilities when decorating; Fortunately, our country is abundant and rich in variety. Additionally, this type of decoration becomes a healthy alternative for the customer who, for one reason or another, consumes less sugar.
  • Although they are not yet easily available in our country, ticings bring a lot of style and personality to cakes. This trend consists of edible stickers with printed designs that facilitate and speed up the decoration, since they have different reasons depending on the occasion. They do not contain gluten.

To finish, do not forget that being a pastry chef is synonymous with creativity and that decorating cakes can become a pleasure. With imagination and disposition, it is possible to make unique, original and irresistible pastry pieces.

Current trends in decoration of cakes

As in the world of fashion, in baking, trends in cake decoration change and evolve constantly. During the past year, one of the most popular trends probably can be attributed to the mirror cake.

For this year, the trend in decoration has been characterised by being simple and oriented towards the natural.

Drip cakes

While these cakes have been around for about two years, by 2018 they will continue to be a trend.

These are cakes decorated with an artistic drip that covers the top and slides through all the layers. These cakes are based on pastel towers because this creates the ideal effect for dripping.

The top cover, also known as drizzle, can have any color and is commonly made of caramel because it is one of the simplest resources to use and also gives a robust and elegant tone. Other liquid coverages that can be used are syrups and chocolate.

This type of decoration is usually accompanied by natural toppings such as wild fruits or different types of fruits.

Marble type coverage

This is a style that is characterised by giving that touch of elegance, modernity and at the same time simplicity to the design of a cake. It is an excellent choice for wedding sets or very elegant events.

The goodness of this type of decoration is that it can be implemented in a wide variety of colours since it is worked from the fondant, although commonly looking for natural-oriented shades such as gray, black or white, resembling a rock.

The lettering

Following on the line of simplicity with its touch of elegance, the lettering is based on the technique of hand painting and the idea is to print the cake a more personalised and meaningful style through words.

Semi-nude cakes

This type of decoration is very influenced by the vintage style that has been gaining strength for some years now. In fact, about two years ago, naked cakes (or naked) had an important impact, especially among those who are not fans of buttercream or fondant. This year, half-naked (or semi naked) cakes represent an alternative to naked cakes without losing their characteristic style, but adding more color and sweetness.

This type of cake has a very light and subtle cover of buttercream, which allows to peek at the naked bread of the cake, but without leaving it completely exposed. This decoration is often accompanied by the drip effect.

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