All That You Should Know About Home Teeth Whitening

Your oral health says a lot about your wellness. Do you feel that you are perfectly fit and healthy when it comes to your dental health? Well, you need to look into it more deeply than just claim to be in perfect oral health. It was found that teeth are a representation of a person’s […]

Your oral health says a lot about your wellness. Do you feel that you are perfectly fit and healthy when it comes to your dental health? Well, you need to look into it more deeply than just claim to be in perfect oral health. It was found that teeth are a representation of a person’s well-being. For many, a perfect set of  teeth whitening is considered to be a day-maker or a day-breaker! In fact, people pay a hefty amount to make their teeth whiter as it boosts their confidence and makes them appear more attractive too.

Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures across the world. However, one should only opt for a professional service that is reliable and has years of experience. Or, if you’re looking for whitening your teeth at home, choose the right home teeth whitening kit and instantly get pearly-white and brighter teeth!


Whitening teeth at home

Here are some simple ways you in which can whiten your teeth at home:


#1 Do it yourself whitening

Face the real truth. The usual flimsy, hard to use strips or kits from the store, are cheap alternatives. They are not even approved by a professional! For those of you who prefer to do it at home, but the right quality and dentist-approved home teeth whitening kit only. Only after you use a good quality kit, you will be able to notice a difference in the texture and appearance of your teeth. In fact, the result is quick and is noticeable in less than 30 minutes!


#2 Whitening toothpaste and strips

There are over-the-counter toothpaste and strips available in the market which is easily accessible and quite affordable too. These products do a great job of cleaning teeth from the surface. However, those harmful, rather unnecessary chemicals affect your teeth from the inside. A premium quality home teeth whitening kit might be a little expensive. However, it has toothpaste and strips that not only whiten teeth from the surface but work great on the crevices as well.


#3 Home remedies for teeth whitening

Some people still prefer the old techniques of whitening their teeth with things like baking soda and turmeric to whiten teeth at home. Also, some foods, such as celery and carrots, help build more saliva. This helps in cleaning the debris from the mouth. All these techniques can guarantee clean teeth but do not thoroughly clean teeth from underneath. That is the reason a home teeth whitening kit is better. It safely cleans your teeth and protects the enamel from scraping off the surface.


#4 Oil Pulling

Preventing stains from your teeth becomes a difficult job. This is especially true if you consume too much unhealthy food like sodas, cigarettes and tobacco regularly. This breaks the enamel, and the teeth appear to be yellower in colour. Therefore, it is important to avoid food and beverages like these in the first place. Oil Pulling works with cleaning teeth from the inside and also brings a lot of shine to them.


#5 Avoiding medications that stain teeth

There are few chemicals present in medications too which can stain your teeth. Antibacterial mouthwashes, blood pressure medications, etc. cause tooth stains. The home teeth whitening kit is a great way to solve these kinds of problems which damage the insides of your mouth. The kit helps in removal of stains from drinking mouthwash, sodas, coffee and other fluids similar to them.


#6 Don’t forget your daily routine

Being consistent with your daily routine can significantly change the well-being of your teeth. Just brushing your teeth on a daily basis can make a difference to the appearance of your teeth. Brushing prevents stains and yellowing of teeth. Also, many dental companies make specialised products and brushes to cater to the needs of their customers but forget to make hygiene their priority. The special home teeth whitening kit gives instant results. With constant use, along with your daily routine, there will be a noticeable difference in the overall appearance of your teeth.


#7 Using chemicals- hydrogen peroxide

For years, people have been using hydrogen peroxide as a natural bleaching agent. Moreover, it also kills the bacteria in your mouth. Many products which are being commercially used contain hydrogen peroxide in a much higher concentration which is harmful for consumption. Although these products are easily accessible, it is advised not to use them very regularly. The home teeth whitening kit focuses more on making your teeth brighter. However, it also protects them from harmful chemicals like these for a safer experience.


#8 Activated Charcoal

From improving the texture of the skin to whitening teeth at home, activated charcoal has recently made highlights into the industry, but no studies claim about its actual effectiveness.

Though it is easy to use these products, they do not really guarantee anything and can create side effects as well.

That’s why, again, a home teeth whitening kit would be a better alternative to solve the issue as it is more trustable and reliable. The multiple quality checks done by professionals for a premium quality home teeth whitening kit allows the consumer to test the product and creates a hassle-free experience for them and their family as well.


Teeth whitening is an essential activity for all individuals. This is because of the way your teeth look affects your overall appearance. In fact, most people tend to notice one’s smile as one of the first things about their personality. Choose to opt for using a good home teeth whitening kit regularly. At the same time, it is also advised that you make it a point to schedule yourself an appointment with a professional dental service at least once in three months. This would be for regular check-ups to ensure that your oral health is maintained. Aesthetik is one of the finest firms in Australia that can provide you with premium quality services associated with oral health and face. The company offers trustworthy services as well as expert advice. Your teeth are amongst the greatest assets of your personality. Make sure you keep them healthy and appealing.