All about Lashes: Extensions, Lifting, Permanent and Dye

  Express tabs for an event in the day, hair extensions by hair to look a heart attack or with more volume, for a party in which to give a touch of fantasy by impressing with a facelift, dyed or permanent eyelashes. The care of the eyelashes is essential to have a clean, sexy and […]


Express tabs for an event in the day, hair extensions by hair to look a heart attack or with more volume, for a party in which to give a touch of fantasy by impressing with a facelift, dyed or permanent eyelashes. The care of the eyelashes is essential to have a clean, sexy and direct look. They are your best ally so that your eyes shine with splendour. Fortunately, we have eyelash masks that, to this day, achieve almost magical effects and beauty techniques for those who need to intensify the natural curl, give colour and thickness to their eyelashes. The extension, dyeing, lifting and permanent eyelashes darken, bend and add length to the straight, short and sparsely populated eyelashes. With these beauty treatments you can get an impressive look, feminine and seductive.

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Permanent Eyelash

The permanent eyelash is a technique that is done to accentuate the natural curl of the eyelash, without using the mascara every day. This technique consists in curling the eyelashes so that they are raised upwards to the maximum and that in this way they also look much longer than normal. To be able to do the permanent eyelash it will be necessary to go to a beauty or aesthetic centre, since you need a type of curler indicated for each eyelash so it is not advisable to do it at home. The duration of the permanent or curly lashes will be about 4 weeks approximately. The permanent or curly eyelash makes full and habitual makeup possible. Of course, it is important to take into account the fact of not removing or rubbing the eyelashes after curling, as it would reduce the duration of the treatment. If we want to put on makeup, but we do not know how to remove the mascara, all we have to do is use a product and cotton, and instead of rubbing, gently slide over the lashes and up.

Eyelash tint

It is the perfect solution if you have too much lashes or if your eyelashes are scarce, as it will give them greater thickness. The dye is applied to bring colour and luminosity to the eye, increasing the intensity of the look. The process is simple, it does not take more than 15 minutes and the approximate duration is 6 weeks. Although the products used contain hair protection agents and increase the natural shine, do not forget that the dye is an external agent that we are applying to a delicate area of ​​our face. Let yourself be advised by the professionals who are going to give you this treatment.

The “lifting” of eyelashes

The eyelash lift is a treatment that gives shape from the root, stretching and elevating the natural eyelashes. Their results are immediate and they are halfway between the permanent and the extensions. In addition, thanks to the dye used during the treatment is not necessary to apply mascara. With the lifting you get a “mascara” effect that allows you to wear a perfect look all day with lashes of greater length and thickness for two months.

Eyelash extensions

The extensions of eyelashes with the technique of hair to hair to add thickness, providing a very natural result. The eyelashes have a life cycle, and every 6 weeks we renew them, so your extensions will be falling little by little. We recommend the following:

  • You should always ask before the material of the extensions, the number of tabs that are put and the price, since it is not the same to put 120 tabs of a thickness of 0.15 mm than to put 50 tabs of a thickness of 0.20 mm , although the final effect is the same.
  • The dyeing and lifting are for the natural eyelash, so if the eyelashes are short we are not lengthening them. The extension manages to give you more length and more volume. The natural flange is also not damaged if they are placed well and the extension of the thickness and length that best suits is applied.
  • You can put make-up and make-up perfectly, as long as we use products based on water, never oily or waterproof.

Tips to avoid the fall of the eyelashes

Like the rest of the body, the lashes also need hydration and a series of care to stay strong and healthy. Brush them daily to promote their growth. The eyelashes have become one of the essentials of the beauty of the female face. They are the frame of the eyes and serve to give a more attractive effect to the look.

Because of this, most women try to give them the necessary care to keep them long, curvy and voluminous. However, in the search to make them look fabulous, some make certain mistakes that generate the opposite effect.

On the other hand, there are those who forget that they must also provide them with nutrients and protection against the particles of the environment and the sun. As a result there is a fall problem that is usually very unsightly and difficult to treat. Although hair loss is normal, including eyelashes, when it occurs excessively it is important to pay close attention.

It may be indicating a negative reaction to the use of mascara, as well as health problems and allergies. To avoid having to go through this situation, then we want to give you a series of tips and recommendations that help avoid

Leaving this product causes the lashes to dry out and weaken

Remember that you should not rub hard because it can be aggressive; It is best to spread the liquid and let it act for 10 seconds.

Avoid the use of eyelash curler

Are your eyelashes fragile and thin? If your answer is yes, it is best that you start avoiding the use of curling iron.


This element worsens the problem of weakness and leads to them falling in excessive amounts.

Use olive oil

The daily application of a small amount of olive oil is a great way to moisturize and protect lashes against weakness. This ingredient has essential fatty acids and antioxidant agents that keep hair conditioned and strong.

Take advantage of castor oil

The active compounds of castor oil have been valued in the cosmetic industry for their ability to nourish and strengthen hair. In fact, it is one of the oldest home remedies in what has to do with the beauty of eyelashes.

Using it every night, and even several times a day, weakness is reduced and growth is stimulated.

Apply vitamin E

In addition to incorporating foods rich in vitamin E within your dietary plan, you can buy small capsules in pharmacies that contain it in oil.

Its antioxidant effects serve to stop the weakness caused by free radicals and also create a protective layer against external aggressive agents. Applying it every day will get stimulate the growth of the eyelashes and ensure their hydration.

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