Aesthetic Floral Decor Themes at Your Celebration

Are you planning a celebration and are unsure of what to do and how to plan it out properly? If yes, keep reading! This article can be of great help to you. What is a celebration without an aesthetic decoration? A celebration should feel like one. That will happen only when you have all the […]

Are you planning a celebration and are unsure of what to do and how to plan it out properly? If yes, keep reading! This article can be of great help to you.

What is a celebration without an aesthetic decoration? A celebration should feel like one. That will happen only when you have all the elements associated with it in place. That is, the décor, the food, fun activities, etc. are in place. Flowers are the perfect choice when it comes to decorating any venue for celebration. Therefore, opt for flower delivery Heidelberg and enhance your décor for the celebrations.


Ideas for themes for a unique floral décor

Here are a few ideas that you can keep as themes for the floral décor for your celebrations:


#1 It’s all about magic

Who does not like magic and fairytales? Go for a magical and fairytale-like floral décor for your celebration. You can purchase gorgeous flowers from a flower delivery Heidelberg service. For this theme, pick elegant flower varieties of cool and sophisticated colours.

For instance, sky blue, shades of pink, lavender and white flowers would go perfectly for this theme. For a more magical feel, try choosing medium-sized flowers such as roses, carnations, and lilies. To enhance the charm, add a few baby’s breath flowers as well. This decoration will work perfectly well for a girl’s birthday party, an anniversary, or a baby shower.


#2 Sunshine all over

Bright and vibrant décor is always a great idea. Also, in case the celebration is planned for the daytime, and it is the summer season, don’t even think twice! Opt for a completely sunny décor! Order beautiful yellow, white, and orange coloured blooms from a flower delivery Heidelberg company.

Also, make sure you use some greenery along with the flowers for a complete effect. If you are utilizing other elements too, use something that is golden and glittery for a complete effect. This will make the venue look cheerful and summery.


#3 The winter warmth

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. So is the feeling of the warmth in winters. Therefore, have something similar to the theme for your celebrations. Even though it is a winter theme, don’t really pick white coloured florals if you are going for a warm look.

Instead, go for darker shades like deep purple, maroon or magenta for the floral décor. These colours also make up for the perfect Christmas theme. Thus, adding the ideal charm and festive feel to your décor. When you buy these florals from a flower delivery Heidelberg firm, you get the best of quality. That is, you will get fresh quality flowers, which will make your venue look prettier.


#4 The sophisticated monotone

If you are someone who prefers a modern and mature decoration for the celebration, don’t add too many colours to the décor. Rather, go for a monotone flower décor for the venue. Order single colour florals from a reliable flower delivery Heidelberg store online.

If you wish to add a little combination, opt for flowers of different hues of the same primary colour. For instance, a décor of flowers of different shades of pink is one of the prettiest themes.

Monotone themes work well for a variety of formal as well as informal occasions. You could even opt for a completely red coloured décor with a little silver glitter as the cherry on top! This would make up to be a perfect romantic setting.


#5 Tropical joy

A tropical or spring feel is joyous. Spring is all about vibrant colours and happiness. That is precisely what a tropical joy theme would feel like too. Use different coloured flowers in this theme for decoration. For instance, you could mix and match with bright colours like yellow, orange, white, red, pink, etc. and make a perfect combination of your favourite flowers.

This theme would suit well for a kids’ party or a brunch get-together of the family. You could even have this theme for any informal and friendly affair that involves friends and family. Pick your favourite flowers online from a store that offers flower delivery Heidelberg services.


How to decorate the venue for the event?

After you have finalized the theme for your celebration, you move onto the next step. That is, how to decorate the venue after receiving flowers from a flower delivery Heidelberg online service? Here are a few pointers to help you out:

  • Understand what type of event it is. If it is not a grand one, choose the DIY option. Decorate your venue on your own with a little help from friends or family.
  • Prepare a few aesthetic and simple elements, to begin with, the décor. For instance, deciding the flowers for the centrepieces.
  • Next, create stunning garlands with flowers that you received from flower delivery Heidelberg store. You could take ideas from the internet on how to make floral garlands.
  • Try out a few different settings on paper first for placing different floral elements. If you are not that convinced, physically try them out at the venue.
  • Always remember to add a few greens to the decoration along with the florals. Greens go well in all the different floral themes that you might be thinking of.
  • Also, make sure the sizes of the flowers are not too big or too small. A balance is necessary to make the venue look pleasing to the eye.


Now that you know all the specifics, choose the perfect florist to order these flowers online. Alnor Art Florist is an excellent choice if you are looking for an online store offering flower delivery Heidelberg services. This is because, at Alnor Art Florist, you get a convenient same-day delivery service. Also, there is a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Be wise and pick the florals from the website today. Place the order for the flowers as per your event’s theme. Get the flowers delivered at your doorstep and make your event more aesthetic with the fresh quality flowers!