Advantages and benefits of having an aquarium at restaurants, receptions, etc

In this post, we propose a different way of serving your customers and we tell you the advantages of you. The acuariolia is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and for good reason. This exciting beauty hobby and aesthetic attraction. The aquarium as a whole is an extremely decorative element, since it […]
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In this post, we propose a different way of serving your customers and we tell you the advantages of you. The acuariolia is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and for good reason. This exciting beauty hobby and aesthetic attraction. The aquarium as a whole is an extremely decorative element, since it enhances the environments giving a special touch.

In Guppy’s Aquarium Products you’ll find everything you need, guaranteeing harmony with the space. You can have agreements with architects and interior decorators, to offer a wide range of solutions where that will make your place look more elegant. But not only do aquarium have a decorative function, but also work as an anti-aging element.

Having an aquarium at work

Why have an aquarium at work? In recent years, it has been confirmed that having a comfortable workplace stimulates and increases productivity, creativity and employee satisfaction, enhancing the effectiveness of any company.

As a result, many employers are making their employees’ personal areas of work more accessible and more personal. Keeping an aquarium in the kitchen helps people to be more creative in their jobs and produces an environment that relieves daily pressures.

Aquariums in the reception provide many benefits, cause relaxation, education and a business environment. In reception area or lobbies, it makes your customers feel calm and feel impressed. If the aquarium is located in the personal kitchen, instantaneously provides an environment to boost a corporate image.

It is known that aquariums raise the morale of employees and increase the efficiency. Some Feng Shui masters have aquariums in their homes and in the ocean, because they provide water, one of harmony by generating positive energy. Medical offices’ aquariums are used in waiting rooms for doctors and dentists, because they help reduce blood pressure and relieve anxiety.

They have also been used in cardiovascular intensive care units, at the medical school of the University of California at Los Angeles to name a few examples. Doctors have long established that keeping aquariums is like therapy. They suggest that aquariums should be installed in the most moving parts of the house so they can be enjoyed by everyone. The enthusiasm of designing your own aquarium develops the imagination and helps fight depression.

It may be beneficial for the children as well

In paediatric hospitals, it captures children’s fantasies and helps them recover faster. The aquariums located in the receptions of hotels or medical clinics give a touch of unique aesthetics. The movement of the fish attracts the attention of visitors / patients instantaneously. In the room it will make visitors feel welcome. Definitely the aquarium will attract more attention than any plasma television or expensive work of art; d moving picture.

Due to the wonderful effects it creates in our lives, you can place an aquarium in any geriatric, medical waiting rooms, restaurants, reception areas and lobbies, oxen. Everyone remembers where they saw an aquarium. In these days when children are so close to stress and overburdened lives, they place an aquarium in their rooms.

It is scientifically proven that students who maintain aquariums have higher rates of attention ecology and is as educational for children as it is for adults. The location of an aquarium in certain areas of the development of responsibility for the care of pets and benefit their learning. An aquarium can grant something that cannot be bought with money and it is tranquillity.

Fish and feng shui

The fish symbol has long been associated with abundance and wealth in the feng shui, so there are many cures that represent the fish for prosperity. Without

However, there are different types of fish used in feng shui to cure wealth:

The Arowana, Koi (feng shui carp fish) and, of course, the Goldfish are all considered specific requirements regarding the use of a feng shui aquarium for wealth and prosperity.

Fish symbology, in general, is closely related to the energy of the fish

Water. The mysterious, the unknown, what life brings; all these (and more) are associations with the power of the water element. Feng shui adds the dimension of prosperity and abundance to the meaning of water.

However, although it is widely used in many feng shui cures for wealth, the water as a symbol of abundance is not exclusive to feng shui, but is common to any culture, especially a society based on agriculture.

Therefore, to put it in very simple terms, water is a life giver, so it’s a symbol of continuous abundance. The fish would be a provider of sustenance or food, for that is associated with health, wealth and prosperity. The symbol of the fish is considered sacred in many cultures and in many stages of human history, from Greek and Roman mythology to the worlds of the Celts, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.

In Chinese culture, the symbol of fish is generally attributed two qualities. The first is the aspect of abundance (due to the qualities mentioned above, as well as to the ability of fish to reproduce rapidly in large quantities).

So, of course, the Chinese word for fish (yu) is pronounced in the same way as abundance. The other lesser-known aspect of the symbology of Chinese fish is fidelity and good company association because many fish swim in pairs. So, now, when you see a Chinese image of feng shui with two fish swimming – which probably be Koi and definitely not Arowana-, you know you can use this image as a feng shui cure for love and successful marriage (which does not include the component of abundance, of course!).

When choosing the best feng shui cure for your home, its potency will depend on how well healing works for your home, and how much you really like the cure. For example, if you love a specific image of a fish, and you find a place for it in the right area of ​​the feng shui bagua that really complements your decoration.

Fish are entertaining pets, but when choosing them, some key aspects for their care must be considered. Remember that you if you are looking for a good online shop where you can buy anything you need for your aquarium from the comfort of your house, here at Guppy’s Aquarium Products you will find them.