Addicted to lashes: Are you a certified Lash addict?

Which is the cosmetic product you cannot afford to opt out? Probably very few. Now that is the type of control cosmetics have over us. The products are widely used to flaunt our facial features to the maximum extent. We tend to use and apply these cosmetic products, day in day out. Right from concealers […]
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Which is the cosmetic product you cannot afford to opt out? Probably very few. Now that is the type of control cosmetics have over us. The products are widely used to flaunt our facial features to the maximum extent. We tend to use and apply these cosmetic products, day in day out. Right from concealers to lipsticks, mascara to best fake eyelashes we use them all. Where are we heading to? In simple terms, all we are moving towards is an addiction. Yes, that may sound absurd, but it’s the ultimate truth. The production and consumption of cosmetics have only seen an increase lately. Statistics report that everyone woman out of five is dependent on cosmetics.

The question arises to what level is this addiction fair and justified. In a day touch-ups are pretty normal twice or thrice. But dolling up your face with every passing hour is not acceptable.

Are you a lash addict?

False eyelashes are the new successor of the cosmetic market. The trending fashion of fake lashes has led the cosmetic world to unprecedented heights. The false eyelashes online have spread a viral disease of lashes application. You will never see an eye make-up without lashes. The abundant use of lashes comes with a plethora of reasons. A perfect glamorous look will be so incomplete without a pair of lashes. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Victoria angels nobody is left untouched with lash addiction. Following the same, eyelashes have conquered the common lifestyle also.

A lot of women find themselves a victim of the lash addict. In general terms, we define lash addiction as a number of times you apply lashes, purchasing habits, collecting and hoarding your drawers. It does not depend on how much you use but how frequently you do so. The compulsive use and craving for the lavish lashes put you into a lash addict category.

How much safe is the lash addiction?

Given the fact of lash addiction, a lot of women wonder what next? Is it safe to be a lash addict? Well, the answer may be debatable although any type of addiction is never beneficial. However, if used correctly and appropriately these beauties will be your best friend. Hence, it is very important to understand the nature and essence of false lashes online before application.

The beauticians say there is no harm in regular use of lashes. As every woman wants her new day beginning to be perfectly glamorous, lashes can be applied daily. What you have to keep in mind are the quality and quantity. The eyelash stores have a plethora of designs from different brands. Only quality and best fake eyelashes should be included in your collection. We cannot avoid lashes given their huge contribution to enhancing our eye makeup. But we can always choose certified and reliable false eyelashes to protect the delicate organs.

Which are safer certified false eyelashes or eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extensions although look neat and stay for several weeks, are they safe? Or one should opt for 3d eyelashes, silk lashes or magnetic lashes.

This is probably the most searched question on Google. The introduction of eyelash extensions technology tells us the immense need of false eyelashes over natural ones. These adhere very well with natural lashes and give you a hassle-free experience. The technology requires the integrated procedure by professionals and can cost you bucks. And with integrated technology comes to risk and side effects.

On the contrary, false lashes online may require removal and application every other day, but they are safer. A pair of eyelashes can be customised, styled and applied according to your needs. You can choose a perfect light-weight lash best suited to your style. No allergic or irritation is accompanied with fake lashes. Even if you feel so, one can remove it immediately. Therefore, try out new safer styles every day.


Tigress Beauty: We are certified store for eyelashes

If you are finding a trusted and reliable eyelash store in Australia, hold it. We, Tigress Beauty are one of the most reputed online stores indulged in false eyelashes for quite a long time. We are a source of glam to all the ladies out there thriving for long thick eyelashes. Our online store is a constant supply to a multitude of false luxurious eyelashes. We are a team of passionate and determined professionals involved in updating our styles and designs. We provide you with 3d eyelashes, stripped eyelashes, flared and many more.

What makes us trustworthy is our loyal service and knowledge about the business. We are honoured to be a certified store for eyelashes since our inception. The deep knowledge and devotion being the pillars of our business earned us the mark of honour.

Eyelashes are a wonderful cosmetic to flaunt. If you are addicted to lashes, make it a habit to increase your collection only with certified stores like us.

Why choose us?

The biggest and foremost reason to stick with our services is we are certified online eyelash store. We understand the importance of your eyes and their safety which is why we are entitled to certification. Tigress Beauty has been leading in the eyelash business for its meticulous and high-quality products. The eyelashes are available in designs you cannot even dream about. Flare look, doll-like, half stripped you just need to demand and we have got it!

Another reason for our success is the continuous feedback from our clients. That way we are able to cope up with their demands and design accordingly. The mutual understanding with our clients keeps us motivated. We offer designs that can be later customised or blended with other styles for the desired look.

Is your store a certified one?

100% Cruelty-free and vegan lashes only at Tigress Beauty

We are privileged to join hands with PETA in our journey. Our eyelash store provides you with 100% cruelty-free and vegan eyelashes. We know the significance of fauna on the planet. We stand against any such practices which tamper with the safety of animals. Tigress Beauty stands with and for all animal lovers. Our products do not involve any animal products nor is it tested on their kind. We believe in sharing our products with all the passionate people working towards the same.

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