Acoustic Guitar VS Electric Guitar: Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the most common questions that crosses the minds of beginner guitarists is what type of guitar is best to learn to play, an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar? First of all you have to know that if you are a true beginner, that is to say that you haven’t played a single […]

One of the most common questions that crosses the minds of beginner guitarists is what type of guitar is best to learn to play, an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?

First of all you have to know that if you are a true beginner, that is to say that you haven’t played a single chord in your life, then deciding which guitar to buy shouldn’t be your first thing to worry about. Instead, you should be looking for someone that can help you learn everything you need to know about both types of guitar. And that guy is Danny! A professional song writer, guitar player and producer who will help you learn what you want.

Now, back to the original question about which type of guitar to choose, acoustic or electric and which one is better, we should delve into the subject. As in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to learning one or the other one, so we will list them all and then give you a general opinion.

Electric guitar

Advantages of picking electric guitar
The advantages of learning to play the electric guitar range from holding chords (it’s much easier because the neck of the guitar is thinner compared to acoustic guitars), until the strings are softer, making it easier and friendlier to the fingers, and it is possible to make different sound effects ranging from distortions to plugging it to a Wawa pedal.

Disadvantages of picking an electric guitar
Among the disadvantages of learning to play electric guitar, you may find that you need to buy accessories, including an amplifier, which is the minimum essential item you will need to play, as well as cables, pedals, etc. Which means you need extra money.
On the other hand, finding the correct pitch is not very easy for beginners who do not know much about guitars and amplifiers yet, so it will not always sound good. In addition to having the ability to play something on electric guitar, it does not mean to be able to play it on acoustic guitar as well.

Acoustic guitar

If you can play something on acoustic guitar, you are very likely to be able to play it on the electric guitar as well, which is not common the other way round. Many people will always prefer the calm tone of an acoustic guitar over the distortion of electric guitars, amplifiers and effects. Plus, you do not need to buy cables, amplifiers or anything else to start playing.

It is much more difficult for the fingers then the electric guitar, absolute beginners could only last about 20 minutes before having their fingers completely sore and not being able to flip one string more. Of course this only lasts a couple of weeks before you begin to develop calluses for spending time practising.
The harder the strings are, the more difficult playing the chords will be, plus there is more buzz on the strings for being stiffer, the frets are wider, something that beginners will not always enjoy.

Now that you have seen both options, there are some useful tips and considerations you may want to have in mind:

  • First of all you will have to ask yourself what kind of music you like and this way you will have a clue as to which type of guitar is best for the genre you want to play. If you like rock and metal you would have to pick an electric guitar but if you like classical music, ballads or pop it will be much simpler with an acoustic guitar.
  • One way or another if you become used to the instrument, naturally you will develop interest in the other type of guitar, so sooner or later you will end up playing the other one as well.
  • At the beginning of your journey as a guitarist your only goal would have to be learning very basic techniques that you will help you play whatever you want in the future, regardless of the fact that you play on an acoustic or electric guitar.
  • The most frustrating thing when you start playing an acoustic guitar is the fact that many beginners feel disappointed and surrender very soon given the level of difficulty it represents, they start finding the whole concept of playing guitar too hard. Clearly this also depends on the instructional technique, and the teachers’ expertise to teach and keep students interested. In you will find very good teachers with whom surely this will not happen to you.

Learning to play guitar requires perseverance and dedication, you are obviously going to face problems when playing either type. If you like challenges, and want to become a pro and make your transition to other chorded instruments easier, we would recommend starting with the acoustic guitar, but if your personality is more focused on having fun and want to play your favourite songs fast, start with the electric one.

If your intentions are truly serious and you are determined to dedicate it, start with the acoustic guitar, it will not mean great challenge if you enjoy what you are doing, your fingers will get used to the strings quickly, your fingers will be more agile and strong and you will develop a more advanced technique in a short time. Developing serious skills will be more important to you than taking the shortcut.

Although we said before, if you really like music and are looking to master the instrument in order to understand music better, sooner or later you will learn to play both types.

However, if you want expert guidance on which type of guitar you should buy, want to be able to try both and see which one you enjoy best then you should contact us. We are situated only 20 minutes from Melbourne. Danny is not only an expert but he also enjoys what he does and he will teach you as no one else would. Rock on!