Acne Scar Treatment. The Past Belongs In The Past.

Acne. We all despise it, yet it keeps coming back into our lives without fail, for the most of us anyway. It is what happens when pores are clogged up with an oily substance, therefore unable to secrete it successfully out from the facial region. The failed attempts of trying to get rid of this […]

Acne. We all despise it, yet it keeps coming back into our lives without fail, for the most of us anyway. It is what happens when pores are clogged up with an oily substance, therefore unable to secrete it successfully out from the facial region. The failed attempts of trying to get rid of this substance results in the bumpy, all too familiar, acne. Acne is highly common and can be easily treated, however sometimes acne can leave its tracks and cause scarring on the face or other areas of the body including the back, chest, neck and upper arms.

Personally, when I was a teenager, some of my friends suffered from a high amount of acne predominantly around their faces. It would look red, inflamed and infected most of the time especially around the mouth and forehead sections. But was this the case for only my friends? No, definitely not. I too had a tough time dealing with my acne problems as a teenager, and well into my twenties.

This was especially the case for me as I had very oily skin naturally that would clog up my pores much easier. Even up until recently, I break out from time to time especially during times of high levels of stress. My job does not help in this sense, as I am constantly running around trying to meet deadlines to the best of my ability. And by the time I can achieve this, yep you guessed it, I break out all around my face and it makes me feel absolutely low. I had taken several hits to my self-esteem and confidence over the years, making me quite weary about my appearance and would make me very shy because of it.

I had tried to make my acne go away with many different types of lotions, creams, and even oral medication but most were not very effective for me. The ones that seemed to work would only mildly help for a very short amount of time. This was very disappointing for me and worrying about them would just make it worse because of the added stress! I had made my acne condition worsen by engaging in negative habits such as touching my skin, trying to pop them (grotesque, I know!), staying out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, and not applying suitable makeup on my face that would end up clogging my already clogged up pores even more! It was like a never ending cycle that I could not seem to get out of.

I had learnt to manage my acne as best as I could through regular exercise and eating clean with a strict diet, which had been quite effective and carried me through for many years until my acne started to wear down. However, as my acne had started to diminish slowly on its own, I had noticed a deterioration of my skin over the years. Starting from late high school years, or when I was about 16, I noticed major differences in my skin.

My skin was starting to become discoloured in many sections and I noticed miniature pits in my skin from where my acne used to be. I immediately had to consult a professional, so I made an appointment with my general practitioner in order to diagnose what was exactly going on. Instead of having red, inflamed and infected acne surrounding my face, I was now left with pitted spots that I definitely did not approve of. After an assessment from my general practitioner, I was advised that I had something referred to as acne scarring. Acne scarring was the end result of my battle with acne, leaving marks on my face that were very unsightly to me as they were quite deep over the years of traumatising my skin on a daily basis.

I was prescribed specialised creams that would prevent any further scarring to occur, and other medications that would work to make the existing scars from becoming even worse. Once again, I had felt like these methods were not quite right for me and that a better solution that was more suitable for me was out there. I had consulted many of my friends about what I should to do to try and treat my acne scarring, with some suggesting that I needed to be very patient as years worth of acne would not easily let their marks diminish over 3 months. Some suggested that I leave my skin as it is and trust that time will heal it all on its own (which I made clear to them that I highly doubted it!) and some suggested I seek an alternative type of method that may be a highly effective acne scarring treatment.

I had taken on the latter advice and decided to do some research on acne scar treatment in specialised clinics who were professionals for these kinds of dermatological issues. Not long after my commencement, I came across JN Laser and Beauty Clinic who were leaders in acne scar treatments and gave them a call instantly. I was advised to come in for an initial personalised consultation in order to accurately see what the full situation was and the best methods to undertake to treat it effectively. JN Laser and Beauty Clinic were very informative as they had told me the exact process I would go through with the most medically advanced techniques currently available within the industry.

I can confidently state that after a some sessions of acne scar treatment at JN Laser and Beauty Clinic, my acne scarring was becoming significantly less visible. My pitted scars were becoming much more shallow and the discolouration around my facial region were beginning to even out. The texture of my skin had become dramatically smoother, much more smoother than what it what even in my high school days! I am amazed at how far acne scar treatments have come and highly recommend the amazing work by the highly skilled professionals at JN Laser and Beauty Clinic. I no longer had to hide my face in pictures or look down when people tried to talk to me. My confidence and self-esteem have now been restored and I am loving my new found self worth all thanks to JN Laser and Beauty Clinic! My past acne issues and its reminders were now left in the past, where they belong.