A guide to the roofing restoration world: wooden beams

Wooden beams are a warm decorative resource that brings a lot of personality to the spaces, in addition to also playing a very important role structurally speaking, since they are part of a set of elements that allow to maintain a standing space. And it is for all this that you have to know how […]

Wooden beams are a warm decorative resource that brings a lot of personality to the spaces, in addition to also playing a very important role structurally speaking, since they are part of a set of elements that allow to maintain a standing space.

And it is for all this that you have to know how to take care of them, protect them and maintain them in order to enjoy all their splendor. We find wooden beams especially in old houses, so many of them can be affected by the passage of time, inclement weather if they are exposed to the elements, cracks, humidity and / or insect attacks.

We must always verify its status and if we have doubts, the best thing will be to consult a professional. Once we make sure that they are in good condition and apply different decorative finishes, they will also have to be maintained so that they do not deteriorate and for this there are different treatments that can help us.

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Causes of wood deterioration

Woods are usually affected by different factors. If the wood is exposed to the elements, inclement weather has a direct influence on it. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation, rain water and air humidity, deteriorate its surface over time, causing cracks and deforming the material, impacting its resistance. When found indoors, the most common cause of degradation is from an attack by living organisms. Some of these organisms can be fungi or insects, among others, also affecting the resistance of the material. Of course, exposure to heat sources such as fire also affects wood.

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Wood types

There are solid woods and laminated woods.

The solid wood beams are formed from the cut of a single tree, that is to say that it is a complete piece that has no gluing. Aesthetically, they offer great beauty, since many can show knots, cracks, streaks, etc. But the main problem that arises is that it is more difficult to measure its resistance. Perhaps one piece can be stronger than another, even though they have been cut from the same tree. The laminated wood beams are formed from glued boards and based on the number of boards that give the thickness of the beam, the resistance they have is calculated. They can be made in different lengths and generally the most commonly used species is the Elliotis Pine.

How to clean the wooden beams?

Before starting any restoration or applying maintenance, it will be necessary to free the wood of any type of dirt.

First, all existing dust should be removed. This procedure can be carried out with the help of a rag, a feather duster and / or a vacuum cleaner.

Then, if there are traces of paint or varnishes, they should be removed with a sander or remover. Once this step is completed, it will be necessary to re-remove any dust and debris that has been regenerated. You have to try to avoid using water for cleaning, so it does not get wet.

Now yes, once the entire surface is cleaned, it is time to check the condition of the beams.


If the wood was affected by water, it would be best to review its condition with a professional and see if it can be left to dry and reuse again. In addition, water access must be blocked so that the same problem does not occur again.

If the problem is caused by organisms such as the drill bug, there are different types of treatment and one of the best known is applying injections of a special insecticide into the holes that the pest has left. If the infection is due to termites, it will be necessary to go to a specialist, since the fumigation should not only be applied to the affected surface but also to the surrounding areas. Finally, if the wood is cracked, it is also advisable to review it by an expert and define whether a repair is necessary or not, since some cracks are harmless. If the problem presented does not allow any type of restoration, then it will be necessary to change the beam.

What finishes can be used for the wooden beams?

One option is to wax them. With this finish, the holes that the wood may have can be sealed and visually improve some imperfections. There are also varnishes that give that sealing effect, being possible to choose different shades, without forgetting the prior sanding before application.

Painting is another alternative. Different colors can be used, according to the visual effect you want to achieve. If the intention is that the beams go unnoticed, perhaps it will be best to paint them white. If you want to highlight them, you will have to choose a complementary color.

Wood is a noble material that allows us to use it for a wide variety of projects. A long time ago, wooden beams were not only used in the construction of houses, but they were also used to make structures for bridges, shoring of mining tunnels, etc. Today, they are used to a greater extent for the support of ceilings, allowing a wide variety of shapes, providing unparalleled beauty and great resistance, provided they are maintained periodically.

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