12 ideas to organise an original and refreshing summer party

  Summer is the ideal time to celebrate parties, especially if we have a garden, a terrace or an outdoor space in which to organise it. It does not matter if it’s a children’s birthday party, a gathering of friends or to celebrate something special. The case is to mount a party of height with […]
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Summer is the ideal time to celebrate parties, especially if we have a garden, a terrace or an outdoor space in which to organise it. It does not matter if it’s a children’s birthday party, a gathering of friends or to celebrate something special. The case is to mount a party of height with details that surprise the guests.

And today we propose 12 ideas to plan a summer party with pineapples and pastel colours, or wrapping the food in suggestive containers, placing juice bars, decorated champagne … Simple ideas to give the touch of charm and originality to your summer parties.

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  1. Balloons and pennants

At any party, especially if it is childish, balloons or pennants cannot be absent. Balloons of different sizes, shapes, colours, matt, metallic … and pennants cut by you to customize the decoration to the maximum if you do not find in the market the pennants that best suit the style of the party will give the touch of colour.

  1. Ride a tropical party

Tropical decoration is more fashionable than ever. Balloons in pastel tones or with pineapples or palm trees, pink lemonade, plastic cutlery or some pineapples interspersed with leaves to decorate the tables will give the perfect touch to the party. You can also put some figure of parrot or tropical birds in bright colours. You’ll be more fashionable than ever…

  1. A wheelbarrow to cool drinks

Now that you have the industrial decoration, that old barrow you have in the garage or in the ice-filled storage room can serve as an impromptu beverage cooler. In addition, you can put a garland of lights in the corner where you put it to show that you have installed it with all the intention of the world.

  1. A Champagne cube with flowers

If the truck seems too industrial for you and you are more of the typical champagne, mix the ice with delicate flowers or always alive to give a small touch of charm to the table.

  1. A juice and slushies bar

With the heat it makes, we are sure that your guests greatly appreciate that you offer them a juice bar with different flavours. Prepare several jars, point out what type of juice each contains by handmade labels or by slate … In front, prepare some trays or bowls with cut fruit, prepare glasses and vintage straws, and you will have completely conquered your guests.

  1. Handmade jars for food

Think of refreshing food to fight against the heat. And once you have made the party menu, design jars and containers to serve them. Yogurt or canning jars tuned by yourself with raffia, ropes and other details to personalise the food and confirm that the food also enters through the eyes.

  1. Canned food with flowers

Flowers always give joy and colour to any space. And if you also put them in tin cans decorated by yourself with tops combined with other materials, what else can you ask for?

Strawberry juice, lemonade, caramel sticks, macarons of flavours, cupcakes, coloured cookies, etc. There are a lot of options for the table to be great with your own food, make it dull with a colourful and appetising table.

  1. Forget the typical appetisers and be original

As with the accessories, prepare snacks never seen to surprise, buy a book of appetizer recipes and in addition to learning new recipes your guests will be delighted with new flavours and combinations.

  1. Put coloured glasses

When planning a party, we are used to buying the typical white plastic cups, it’s the easiest thing, you go to the store and they sure have it. But make an effort and look, sure there is some place for party accessories where you will find coloured glasses with original designs and balloons for celebrations. They will accompany the food very well and will give a very cool touch.

  1. The moles straws are more fun

As with glasses, we are used to buying the typical white straws with stripes of assorted colours. We can also find them in uniform colours, but go a little further, look for something different, something that nobody has seen before. Your goal when organising a party is to make it unforgettable, and every detail that will surprise you will help you achieve it.

  1. The flowers give life

The flowers are beautiful, it is almost obligatory to decorate with flowers when organising an outdoor summer party. Put on a wooden tray several flowers of similar colours or many colours. They are also very beautiful in glass vases or you can put them in a jar or shower, the more creative you are the more you will surprise, do not be afraid to put them in strange places.

  1. The drinks are very important

In summer it is very hot, we need to drink constantly and there is nothing better than finding something cold and refreshing. If you put transparent jars with many ice cubes your guests will unconsciously feel to know that there is fresh drink. If there are beers put the ice in a bucket and the bottles inside, surely you have seen it in a bar, it is very fashionable.

If you do not have time, buy desserts and give them a personal touch. Many times, unforeseen events arise and we do not have time to do everything we had planned, so we have to decide what we are going to eliminate from the list. Do not worry, if you do not have time to make the dessert, buy it and add things to make it look like you did it. For example, if you are going to put cupcakes, you can buy the muffins and put over the cream mixture with butter and colouring. To make it look even more natural, cut some fruit and put it on top.

Do not forget that a slushy or a smoothie or even a daiquiri are the best options to cool off in a hot summer day, check ours right here!