The 3 Most Popular Carpet Styles Every Home Needs in 2019

    A very famous saying goes as- ‘The first impression is the last impression’. When it comes to forming an impression about an indoor place, the appearance is what pops out first in front of us. Each element of décor has a significance of its own attached to it. Getting yourself a carpet from […]
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A very famous saying goes as- ‘The first impression is the last impression’. When it comes to forming an impression about an indoor place, the appearance is what pops out first in front of us. Each element of décor has a significance of its own attached to it. Getting yourself a carpet from the best carpet stores is undeniably one of the essential elements of every décor. Whether it is your household or your workplace, the carpet that your floor adorns catches the eye in a go!

Every Carpet Has Its Own Feel

Each carpet has its texture, warmth and a feel attached to it. Some colour schemes offer a cozy and comforting feel. On the other hand, some are bright and charming in appearance. Confused about how to pick the best one for you? When confused about décor for your place, go with the trend! Look for the best carpet stores and go pick the one that touches your heart.


Go online and look for the best styles Knox Carpets has on offer for you! There are certain styles when it comes to carpeting that is in-trend this year. Let’s have a look at the most popular carpet styles for home décor in 2019! Keep your house in vogue too. Opt for the trendiest of designs available in carpets to style your home in the best way possible.


#1: Spacious entryways

An entryway will be the first area of your house that the visitors will be glancing at. Hence, it becomes important to make sure that your entryway has an appealing carpet that forms the best first impression. The carpets giving a feel of ‘luxurious’ and ‘spacious’ entryways are amongst the popular carpet trends this year. Check out the best carpet stores and look for carpets in a lighter colour scheme.


Of course, the carpet you pick should complement your furniture too. But, alongside, make a choice for lighter shades for complementing your furniture. A lighter colour scheme for the entryway carpet would make the house appear spacious. Spacious entryways, in turn, bring out a sense of royalty for your home.


Which colour to pick?

If you have chocolate or dark brown colour furniture in your house, you could opt for beige or cream coloured carpet for your entryway. Let your entryway bring out a personality for your house. Don’t be scared of experimenting with your choices. Let your carpet do the talking for you. Let it create an image of what lies ahead.


The shades of grey and white are becoming highly popular for entryway carpet choices. Best carpets stores have designs in these shades that being out a lavish feel for the place, making it look luxurious and royal.


#2 Let gelato do the talking!

This year, the gelato colours are coming out to be as popular choices for carpets that adorn your house. Yes, the shades you witness in an ice cream parlour are back in vogue!

The colours as subtle and pretty as that of the ice cream will bring innocence and freshness to your house. The softer tones of a gelato coloured carpet will be visually more appealing. It is sure to create an elegant foundation for the furniture that lies over it.


The subtle choice

The best carpet stores have a variety of carpet designs available in gelato colours these days. These soft shades are accompanied with a timeless appeal. They never really go out of style! Another good thing about these gelato shades is their ease to be complemented with all types and colours of furniture in the house. It doesn’t matter if you own black or any other dark coloured furniture in your house or a more subtle and lighter combination, these colours of ice-cream match perfectly with all! These shades can get your house the look you desire! Opt for the vibrance offered by these colours with a tinge of sobriety and make your house décor a thing talked-about!
#3 Geometric is back

In 2019, geometric patterns for carpets are gaining high popularity. In the 80’s era, geometric designs for clothing and carpets were very famous. Once again, the geometric style is back in fashion! Not just for clothing, but these patterns bring out an abstract feel. Hence, when these geometric patterns are paired up with vibrant colours for carpets, the look of the house is magnificent!


Be bold

Geometric prints in carpets are coming out to be as perfect alternatives for solids or florals as per the best carpet stores‘ data. This year, expect to experience a house décor trend that is livelier and bolder.


Dark coloured carpets with a lighter shade contrasting geometric pattern are in high demand once again. Make your house look bright and beautiful with the geometric patterned carpet prints available at best carpet stores like Knox Carpets! Largely sized carpets in shades of white and grey are very popularly used these days for large areas in the house like the living room and the master bedroom. Style your house in vogue with the latest styles available here for all your flooring needs.


Knox Carpets: The Perfect Online Carpet and Flooring Store

Carpets and rugs have always been an essential part of home décor. When it comes to decorating our homes, all of us wish to style it with the best possible furnishings. Look for the best carpet stores to fulfil your carpeting needs. Don’t just opt for a carpet that is sober and durable, follow the latest styles!


When you can get the latest carpet styles easily these days at the best carpet stores, then why settle for less? Make your house’s look exactly as per your dreams! Pay a visit to the best carpet stores and select from the latest collection of carpets in style this year! Looking for the best carpet stores for your furnishing and flooring needs?


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