How to Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

Every home is heaven for its inhabitants. A place where individuals or families reside throughout the better portion of their life. Thus, a place as important as such demands a level of comfort, warmth and aesthetic beauty to it. A house is nothing but a set of plastered walls and rooms. One needs something to […]
Antique Furniture Restoration Brisbane, Upholstery Toowoomba & Ipswich

Every home is heaven for its inhabitants. A place where individuals or families reside throughout the better portion of their life. Thus, a place as important as such demands a level of comfort, warmth and aesthetic beauty to it. A house is nothing but a set of plastered walls and rooms. One needs something to make a house warm and welcoming and hospitable. Furniture is the ingredient that is missing, which when added, completes the home. Antique furniture restoration Brisbane can bring back the life in that old furniture of yours.


Ways to Restore Your Old Furniture

The furniture of the house sets a standard of hospitability and comfort. It is something that spends countless years, bearing all the dust and food spilling and other factors. This neglection takes a toll on all kinds of furniture, and thus it requires a redo- a whole elaborate restoration process. While some people prefer to buy new replacements, certain pieces of furniture are timeless. In most cases, certain furniture holds a sentimental value, some memory, making it hard to replace it simply. To handle scenarios like this many others, there are various ways and methods to restore the old furniture and bring it back to life-


Determine and List

The term furniture is in itself a vast domain. From leather couches to wooden stools to the rare mahogany wood centre table, the list is inexhaustible. Therefore, before the process of restoration starts, it is best to classify what furniture requires redoing and the materials it is embedded with. For example, the antique wooden table one plans to restore must have a distinctive wood finish. Thus, to determine that wood finish is necessary or otherwise the use of any incorrect chemical or method can damage the furniture permanently. In most cases, the professional restoration workers determine the finish or any other important factor by themselves. However, if the process is under the DIY banner, its best to have a coherent knowledge of the furniture and the steps about its restoration.


Treating Cracks and Torn Surface

The antique furniture found in most homes have one thing in common. To give them the unique and aesthetic look, makers usually cover the piece with large coatings of pigment finishes. Enamel, as well as paint, are the most commonly used pigments, in addition to wooden finishes like lacquer or shellac. These coatings provide a glossy and fresh look to the furniture, making it look more tantalising. However, they have their disadvantages.

These seemingly perfect coating finishes are taken a toll upon by the countless years of use and domestic indoor factors. The various kinds of substances they are exposed to and not to forget the omnipresent dust particles cause the furniture piece to lose its value. Collecting over the years, the particles form a different cracked coating and causes the furniture piece to lose its initial shine and beauty. It also forms cracks throughout the surface of the furniture. This is why after a certain time, these furniture needs some elaborate friendly treatment.

The best way to restore these antique pieces is through the use of domestic solvents. These solvents are used to clear the unneeded dust and dirt coatings and rejuvenate the shining and fresh characteristics of the furniture. The solvents are required to be applied directly to the region of the surface that is imperfect. Denatured alcohol is the most commonly used solvent and is efficient in clearing the unwanted layers of dirt and dust. The application of the solvent makes the surface look abnormally glossy, but with time it fades away to give a natural looking clean and crack free look to the surface. This process of getting rid of the cracks and rejuvenating the surface with a fresh shine is called re-amalgamation.

If someone’s no up to the task themselves, there are various stores under the regional banner of antique furniture restoration Brisbane. These stores are well equipped to do the task efficiently.


Use of Upholstery

When it comes to restoring furniture, the use of upholstery can do wonders. Upholstery is the best and the most popularly used method in furniture restoration. In most cases, the furniture only requires restoration because of its outer and visual appeal. The core quality, however, is still intact. People, therefore, are reluctant to sell something which still has enough quality to last a few more years. This is another case in addition to a piece of furniture holding some sort of sentimental value.

To tackle cases like these, upholstery is the best option. For pieces like an old chair or a couch with a torn cover, etc., it’s best to look for a suitable upholstery and wrap up the beloved piece into it. To choose a suitable option, it is best to know what you’re looking for. Firstly, it’s important to select the furniture items that require upholstery. Once the selection is done, the next step is to get rid of the old covers and upholstery. Exposing the furniture. One can now move on to the intricate cleaning of the structure and also look for an area that might need minor or major repairing.

Once the item is fully recovered internally, it is time to look for a suitable upholstery. The kinds and fabric in this domain are numerous and thus its best to have a credible source and knowledge of the item. There are various stores, online too, that serve the domain of upholstery supplies Brisbane. These stores hold a great stock of impressive collection from the likes of woollen upholstery to silk upholstery. These upholstery Brisbane southside stores are a credible and safe option to consider if a restoration process is close.


Simple Cleaning

While there are countless methods to restore furniture, sometimes people tend to overdo the work. There are some cases, that is more common than realised, which require nothing but some classic cleaning of the furniture. All that needs to be done is to take a scrubber, some warm water, soapy detergent and gently polish away the dirt and dust. In some cases, if the soap and water aren’t enough, the use of mild chemicals is also encouraged.


With these methods in mind, the furniture one adores so much, need not be sold or traded off. Instead, make some efforts and keep that beloved item at home with a fresh and rejuvenated redo. If you are looking for Upholstery supplies Brisbane, there is no better solution than Brisbane Upholstery. Bring life back into your antique furniture.