8 Tips to Lengthen & Take Care of your Eyelashes

The eyelashes begin to develop while we are still in the womb, between weeks 22 and 26 of pregnancy. And it is believed that every day we lose 1 to 5 of them, which take up to eight weeks to grow back. Having long and bulky eyelashes is the dream of all women, since with […]
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The eyelashes begin to develop while we are still in the womb, between weeks 22 and 26 of pregnancy. And it is believed that every day we lose 1 to 5 of them, which take up to eight weeks to grow back.

Having long and bulky eyelashes is the dream of all women, since with them, the look becomes deeper and more captivating. But they tend to be very weak and fall frequently. That is why in today we will show you 8 tips so you can strengthen your eyelashes and make them look longer. Are you ready for your eyes to be the centre of attention? Then, keep reading!

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  1. Use a good mascara

Using a good quality eyelash mask is as essential as buying a good shampoo or cream with benefits for your skin. They tend to be very weak and break easily, so the product you place on them is essential for their growth.

It is recommended to use makeup with strengthening properties to give your eyelashes better care.

  1. Remove your makeup before going to sleep

It is very important to remove your makeup with a cotton and make-up remover before going to sleep. The masks of eyelashes have the purpose of hardening them to make them look thicker and longer, but if you sleep with this product in them, you will promote that they break more easily.

Sleeping with a clean face will help you regain firmness during the night. On days you do not leave the house, avoid putting on makeup, and thus rest from the chemicals to which they are exposed daily.

  1. Hydrate them

Oils are essential to give life and strength to eyelashes.

  1. At night, after removing make-up and before going to bed, apply some oil of your choice.
  2. The most recommended are almonds and coconut.
  3. Moisten a swab with the selected oil.
  4. Apply it on the zigzag shaped eyelashes, from the root to the tips, until they are completely covered.
  5. Wait five minutes and repeat the previous step.
  6. Instead of using a swab, you can use a brush from an old, previously cleaned eyelash mask.
  7. After doing that, go to sleep peacefully.

If you don’t know what oil to use, make a mixture of several oils of your choice. Add vitamin E to it, and it will be ready for you to use every night.

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes

It is advisable not to rub, scratch or squeeze the eyes, since sudden movements cause the eyelashes to fall.

This same advice applies to make-up removal. While you remove the cosmetics with the help of a cotton, avoid doing it by rubbing the eye.

  1. Eat healthy

What we eat can be seen outside. If we eat healthy, our body will look healthy and strong.

If you eat foods rich in silicon such as olives, asparagus, rice, pumpkins and oatmeal, you will have benefits like longer eyelashes. In addition, taking vitamin E pills and foods that contain it such as corn, almonds, peanuts and all green leafy vegetables will also help.

  1. Comb your eyelashes

Believe it or not, combing eyelashes is a fundamental point to enjoy a captivating look. Before moisturising them, comb them to separate the hairs and shape them. You can do it with a special brush, or with one of a mascara that you no longer use. Remember to clean it well before!

  1. Avoid frequent use of curling irons

The excessive use of curling irons or eyelashes weakens them and causes them to fall. Use this device with moderation and on special occasions, when you want to give your look a more striking touch.

  1. Take care!

As we have said, eyelashes are very fragile, and require special care to stay strong. When you go out, avoid exposing them to the sun for a long time. Wear glasses so they don’t burn. You can protect them from weather changes with moisturising masks. Take care of stress. Do not overload work. A high amount of pressure can affect your health and cause hair loss.

Now you know that having flashy eyelashes is not an impossible mission. It is a constant work and the care of your rhythm of life. Have you used any of these tricks before? Tell us in the comments section. If you liked this information, share it with your friends. Do not forget to visit there is a lot of content online that you may find peaceful.

However, evaluate these 3 simple reasons that force women to stop using the mascara

The first reason to ignore the mascara by fashion brands is that probably no cosmetic company in history has been able to throw a mask that fulfils all its promises. Do you remember the commercials of the mask? It can’t be that advertising executives really think that the audience naively believes in these clearly false eyelashes!

Second, the mask is a rather complicated and expensive product for the companies themselves. Some brands add it to their line only after the development of a customer base that trust them.

Third, the appearance of false eyelashes and procedures such as eyelash extension / lamination also affected the popularity of the product. Many women are really willing to disburse a significant amount for services of this kind instead of applying paint every morning and treating their eyes with special cleansers every night. In addition, with laminated eyelashes, you can even go to the gym or pool, which cannot be done with the mask.

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